How To Choose The Best Oracle Certification Based On Your Needs?

Neeraj Singh Shekhawat Neeraj Singh Shekhawat
Dec 1, 2021 3 min read
How To Choose The Best Oracle Certification Based On Your Needs?

The Oracle Certification validates the candidate that they possess technical skills and knowledge of Oracle products and services.

What is an Oracle Certification Program?

Oracle certifications provide the candidate with expertise and experience on Oracle products and technologies.

Oracle certified professional is a professional that has completed the program offered by Oracle. Certificates are given to the professionals after they pass the exam and assignments.

Six Levels of Oracle Certification:

● Oracle Certified Junior Associate (OCJA),

● Oracle Certified Specialist (OCS)

● Oracle Certified Professional (OCP),

● Oracle Certified Master (OCM),

● Oracle Certified Associate (OCA),

● Oracle Certified Expert (OCE).

A Few Reasons to Invest in Oracle Certification

Oracle Certification can open many opportunities for you. By obtaining oracle cloud training, you can have formal recognition of your skills.

  • Enhance Employment and Career Opportunities
  • Gain Recognition
  • Stay Updated

Eligibility for Oracle Certification

To become an Oracle Certified Associate, you need to clear the Oracle Database Administration exam. This exam clearance is necessary to proceed with the Oracle Certified Associate Exam.

To become an Oracle Certified Professional, you need to be trained in an approved course listed on Oracle’s official website under Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professional. After the training, you can appear for the Oracle Database Administration exam to become Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professional.

How to Choose the Best Oracle Certification?

Oracle Certification offers a precise measure of your technical skills and knowledge. It also gives you a competitive edge for the position you desire to achieve.

Associate Certification

You need to clear two exams to become Oracle Certified Associate.

You need to pass one of the three exams mentioned below and the Oracle Database Administration Exam.

  1. Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals 1Z0-061 will test your ability to create, maintain, retrieve, and edit data in the database. It will also analyse your SQL programming skills.
  2. Oracle Database SQL Expert 1Z0-047 will test your proficiency and understanding of control privileges, system-level queries, and database objects. This test will also require you to have an understanding of SQL concepts.
  3. Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I 1Z0-051 is an advanced test that includes set and conditional that is not present in the older version.

Oracle Database Administration I Exam

This exam will test your ability to set up a database environment and secure Oracle instances in any given network. You also need to understand database backup and recovery, Oracle Database Architecture, and the configuration of security instances to clear this exam.

Professional Certification

This certification will validate your skills in managing large databases and developing large database applications.

It is essential to clear the Oracle Certified Associate exam to become an Oracle Certified Professional. The next step is to choose a course from 50 available options and appear for an exam. You will not be able to clear this exam through self-study. Instructor-led training or virtual classes are suggested. You have to also submit the previously completed courses on the official channel of Oracle.

Oracle Database Administration II Exam is the final exam to obtain the OCP certificate. After clearing this exam, you have to make the final course submission.

Master Certification

This is the highest Oracle Certification a professional can obtain. This certification will allow you to get hired by IT companies at the senior level to manage sensitive issues of databases. It is mandatory to have OCP appear for this certification.

The next step in master certification is completing two courses from a list of over 30 courses. In this certification, you also need to submit the courses on the Oracle website.

Oracle Database Certified Master Exam is the final exam to obtain the OCM certificate. After clearing this exam, you have to make the final course submission.

Top Ten Oracle Certifications:

  • Oracle Cloud certification Infrastructure Foundations Certified Associate
  • Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Certified Specialist
  • Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud Certified Implementation Specialist
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect Associate
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect Professional
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer Certified Associate
  • Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate (Oracle SQL certification)
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Cloud Operations Associate
  • Oracle Certified Professional: Oracle Java Certification SE Programmer
  • Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional

Job and Career Opportunities

Every business that uses Oracle Database, Oracle Cloud, Oracle Linux, or Oracle Solaris requires qualified administrators to set up, maintain, monitor, and debug these systems. These firms require architects to plan and build solutions that fulfil business requirements and are suitable for the settings in which they are implemented, demonstrating that career progression prospects in Oracle technology are plentiful.

As an Oracle Certified Professional, you can easily convince potential employers and clients based on your capabilities. Oracle certification will also provide you with a high return of investment you have done on your certification.

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