How to start your career working remotely

How to start your career working remotely

If before the outbreak of the pandemic, working remotely was a relative rarity, then during the quarantine period, many revised their usual foundations. Most companies have been forced to close offices and send employees to work at home. Some of them decided to switch to remote control completely.

If earlier the concept of “career growth” was associated only with office work, today you can “grow” in a company while sitting at home, receiving appointments, and improving. How to start working remotely, let's figure it out in our guide.

First, don't be afraid

According to Dr. Chamberlain, telecommuters have financial advantages and more comfortable working conditions with the right discipline. They also don't waste time commuting to the office. At the same time, there are difficulties in communicating with colleagues, because some issues are easier to resolve in person. But even here, with the correct alignment of work processes, the remote team wins.

“Be prepared for major changes and experiments in the remote office system. Many companies in 2021 will change their work schedule to a hybrid (partly office and partly remote)”- predicts the doctor.

10 tips for getting started remotely

1. Find a buddy

Many processes for a beginner can seem complex and difficult, leading to stress and lack of efficiency. It is easier to find out all the necessary information in the office and establish communication with colleagues. When starting to work in a company remotely, find yourself a friend to whom you can ask questions and receive intelligible answers. It can be provided by a manager interested in the effectiveness of the team.

2. Ask a lot of questions in the early days of work

Starting work remotely, you should thoroughly learn about all the issues of organizing the work process, about your role in the company, and how you should perform your duties correctly.

The first familiarization week also exists in office work, the situation at a remote location is complicated by the lack of realizing that you are already working. Try to adapt to the new working conditions immediately, then there will be no time for this.

3. Be prepared for questions

Before starting work in the company, find out everything about it: specify the names of the employees of your department and bosses, what the enterprise does in general, what is its motto, and most importantly, be sure of your capabilities as a specialist. During the first meetings, be interested, answer the questions clearly, and don't be afraid to ask them.

4. Make hints

A nice bonus of remote work is the ability to always look into the hint and remind yourself that you forgot. List important dates, names of colleagues, and other information that will help you with your work on a piece of paper.

5. Use time management

In remote work, discipline suffers at first. It's not easy to realize that your “office” is in the next room. To do everything and even more, you should use time management, it will help both in discipline and in achieving productivity. There are several practices, having studied which, you can choose the optimal one.

6. Be punctual

Keep track of the time and do not allow yourself to be late for a minute. The replica “Late, because traffic jams” is not accepted in remote work.

7. Distinguish between work and life

Another challenge in telecommuting is keeping boundaries. Create a plan that covers working hours and how to deal with everyday problems. Try to stick to it so that you can keep up and not lose efficiency. If your work schedule allows for breaks, include “cooking,” “cleaning,” or “sleeping”.

8. Don't make a habit of overworking

While working from home, many do not keep track of time and work without a schedule. If you don't get it right, you will lose your life. Clear planning and time management will also help here.

9. If you lose motivation - think about it.

If you feel that you have lost motivation after a while, think about whether you have chosen the right job. Perhaps you are just doing something wrong: do not rest, spend too much energy, etc. It is enough to reconsider your priorities and motivation will return, or you will have to look for a new job.

10. Protect your confidential information

Working remotely, we often set up an office not only at home but also in cafes or administrative centers, using unsecured Wi-Fi for this. This leads to the risk of compromising data on the computer and leaking information into the hands of intruders. To protect yourself, use a VPN, it offers both privacy and anonymity.

Career growth remotely

According to the research center Pew Research, 20% of employees worked remotely before the pandemic, and by the end of 2020, this number increased to 70%. At the same time, the majority did not just hold on to work but were able to develop in it and go up the career ladder.

According to an online survey of 1,500 specialists working remotely in various fields, about 33% of people have increased their productivity and took a new position in their company. The survey was conducted by the Harvard Business School (HBS).

Use tools

Specialist of Ivory Research claims that to succeed in a career remotely, professional development should be stimulated. Online seminars, courses, books, and other materials that are available on the Internet are fine. Saving time on the way to the office is a great opportunity to devote it to self-development, and personal motivation leads to achieving the goal.


According to a survey by HBS, 81% of professionals agree to continue working remotely or on a hybrid schedule. We have moved to a new stage and remote work has become a part of our society. It is easy to adapt to it and you can get more than in routine office work because comfortable working conditions are one of the main keys to career growth. Use tips on how to start working remotely, be yourself, and constantly improve.,

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