Cisco 300-115 Exam: Reasons to Pass and How to Succeed in it through Using Exam Dumps

Lakshya Singh Lakshya Singh
Dec 2, 2019 5 min read
Cisco 300-115 Exam: Reasons to Pass and How to Succeed in it through Using Exam Dumps


Are you going to take the Cisco 300-115 SWITCH exam in the nearest future? Or just thinking whether it is worth passing? Having an idea of getting a Cisco certification but don’t know how to become a certified professional? Wanting to know about the certification program update?

This article will answer all these questions and equip you with the top material to use in your prep process for 300-115 exam. So, let’s start!

What Should You Know about the Cisco 300-115 Test

Exam 300-115 leads to getting the CCDP and CCNP R&S certifications and targets the candidates who wish to demonstrate and prove their switching knowledge and skills. The test seeks to validate their ability to plan, configure, and verify the execution of advanced switching solutions. These are the solutions that utilize Cisco’s Enterprise Campus Architecture.

To earn the CCNP R&S credential, candidates must already have a CCNA R&S or any CCIE certification and apart from taking 300-115 test and sit for two other assessments, which are 300-101 and 300-135. To achieve the CCDP badge, you must pass 300-101, and 300-120 Cisco tests, along with 300-115 exam. Also, earning this certification needs some prerequisites: a candidate should be previously certified with CCDA and CCNA R&S, or CCDA and CCNP R&S, or any valid Cisco CCIE/CCDE certification.

300-115 Exam Details

The Cisco 300-115 test includes 45-55 questions that you need to complete within two hours. The exam questions will have formats like fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice, simulation, testlet, drag-and-drop, and simlet. You can learn more about these types on the Cisco website. Also, every exam taker should schedule his/her test on the Pearson VUE website and pay a $300 fee.

Reasons to Pass the Cisco 300-115 Exam

Passing any exam brings excitement and a feeling of satisfaction. Still, you never know your result in advance, that’s why it takes hard work and a deliberate focus to prepare for any assessment, and 300-115 exam is not an exception. Besides the excitement and satisfaction, it brings, let’s see some other reasons of taking Cisco CCNP Enterprise SWITCH 300-115 Exam Dumps.

  1. Prepares you for the next phase of your professional life

Professionals take and pass exams to help them achieve certain goals. These are goals like earning a certification and finding a job. After passing the Cisco 300-115 exam, you’ll be moving to the next step of taking the last test of the series and then earn your CCNP R&S or CCDP credential. This is crucial for every professional who wishes to successfully build their IT career by advancing their skills.

  1. You become valuable with a Cisco certification

Passing the Cisco exam 300-115 is one of the critical ways to satisfy the requirements of the professional certifications related to it. With the badge from Cisco you show your future employers that you are a qualified professional in the chosen domain and able to complete your daily tasks efficiently and effectively. In addition, being a certified professional, you enhance your chances of being noticed.

  1. Passing the exam validates your grasp of the tested skills and knowledge

The Cisco SWITCH exam validates your knowledge of specific switching technologies. By passing it, you show that you are a competent worker with proved switching skills. It also proves that you are a hard-working and ambitious employee who devotes his/her time to update the skills and knowledge required in the sphere you are working in and going to build a successful career. Moreover, in your company, you will be a candidate number one for career promotion.

  1. It enhances your chances of securing a good IT job

Cisco is a reputable company in IT and a leader in routing and switching. Since 300-115 exam leads to getting CCNP R&S or CCDP credentials your chances of being picked during such recruitments are increased. You won’t have to struggle to go through job interviews since your skills will speak for you. The positions you can apply for include Cisco Network Engineer, Network Design Engineer, Senior Analyst, etc.

  1. Attractive pay

As a professional in switching technologies, you’ll be better placed to earn a salary that’s attractive. As long as you’ve demonstrated your skills by passing exam 300-115, employers won’t have a problem paying you well. PayScale gives $94,000 as the annual average pay for certified network engineers.

How to Effectively prepare for the Cisco 300-115 test?

Making the best out of your preparation enables you to confidently take and pass your test. This is achievable through exam materials that ensure you take an in-depth look into 300-115 exam topics. You’ll need resources like instructor-led courses, online courses, and study guides to help you master the needed exam concepts.

You’ll also need resources that will ensure your progress in the topics and test readiness is clear to you. This is where the Cisco 300-115 exam dumps come in. These test prep materials available online have been designed to help candidates go through exam prep successfully and pass their exam on their first try. You can download these dumps from ExamSnap website, for instance.

On this online platform, you can download free and updated dumps with questions and answers that have been uploaded at ExamSnap by the recent exam takers. If you want to get even more for your preparation you can buy a Premium Bundle for $39,97, which includes the verified questions and answers as well as study guides and video courses combined in one file.

Since the files are provided in the vce format, you can practice them with the help of the VCE Player. This modern tool gives you the feeling of taking the real exam making you feel confident yourself while tackling the real exam questions. Use this great prep material to ace 300-115 exam on your first trial.

The Details of the Cisco Forthcoming Updates

If you’re planning to sit for the SWITCH exam, you should take and pass it before February 24th, 2020,as after this date it will be retired. The thing is that Cisco is going to update its Certification program to equip candidates with the relevant skills and knowledge needed in the IT market. So, the CCNP R&S and CCDP credentials are going to be replaced by the new CCNP Enterprise certification. Exams will be retired and replaced as well. To know more about the upcoming changes, visit the Cisco official website and note, that you still have time to pass 300-115 exam.


When your test prep is on the right track, you can be sure to pass your exam. Thus, preparing for your 300-115 exam with exam dumps by ExamSnap can be useful to get a trial test, find out your strengths and weaknesses and reduce stress while having a real assessment. This will make you closer to the CCNP R&S or CCDP credential, add you value in professional and personal levels, as well as bring you a number of benefits that you can already enjoy. Wish you success!

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