Why has Jack Ma not made any Public Appearance

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May 17, 2021 4 min read
Why has Jack Ma not made any Public Appearance

Jack Ma is a Chinese based entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor. He is the co-founder of Alibaba Group. In the Great leaders' list of Forbesโ€™ Worldโ€™s 50 Greatest Leaders, he was ranked 2nd. He is considered to be an influential figure for the community of startups. Jack Ma had not made any public appearance for a quite few months. Letโ€™s look at the reason for it.

Disappearance of Jack Ma
Reason for the Disappearance
Jack Ma's Last Appearance

Disappearance of Jack Ma

Jack Ma had not made any public appearance since October 2020 and later made an appearance through an online video during the month of January 2021. His disappearance had created a fear about his whereabouts.

It was reported that Jack Ma was also missing from the final episode of his own talent show where he provides a chance for African entrepreneurs to compete for USD 1.5 million. The talent show is named as Africaโ€™s Business Heroes.

In the month of January 2021, the disappearance of Jack Ma had made headlines in most of the newspapers.

Reason for the Disappearance

The disappearance of Jack Ma began when he criticized the regulatory system of China in the month of October claiming that it has a pawnshop mentality. He criticized the regulatory system saying that companies like AliPay were unsuitable for financial regulatory structure just like that of Chinaโ€™s.

This had happened days before Ant Group was looking forward to launching one of the worldโ€™s largest IPOs worth USD 37 billion on the Shanghai exchange and the Hong Kong Exchange. Following the criticism, the Chinese authorities had launched an anti-monopoly probe against the company and stopped its IPO application.

Jack Ma Wealth
Jack Ma Wealth

Changes in FDI Norms: Harm to investors from China or to Unicorn Startups Of India?
The government of India brought in a lot of changes in the FDI norms. This wasdone keeping in mind the nationโ€™s condition amidst the global pandemic. The mainaim was to prevent foreign companies from opportunistic take overs of Indianfirms. The recent investments made their point on curbing Chiโ€ฆ

Jack Ma's Last Appearance

Jack Ma had appeared in an online conference where he addressed 100s of teachers. This conference was part of his annual event which Jack Ma hosts in order to recognize the efforts of the rural teachers.

State-affiliated media Global Times had shared a video and tweeted saying Jack Ma has not disappeared, here we go and added the statement that Jack Ma just had a video conference with 100 village teachers in the morning conveying that they would meet up once the Covid situations are better.

Qingqing Chen who is a senior reported added a follow up tweet which said that Jack Ma who used to be an English teacher gave wishes to the English teachers through a video. She added on saying that normally this activity would be held in Sanya in Southern Hainan but this year due to the ongoing pandemic it was done through a video conference.

There was another video that showed Jack Ma taking a tour in a primary school in his hometown of Hangzhou. He had informed the teachers that he would spend more time in Philanthropy.

JackMa Pens down Letter Ahead of Stepping Down
Jack Ma, the executive chairman of Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba is to stepdown in September 2019. With just a year left, JackMa has penned down a letterto his employees, shareholders and customers. He pointed out that a companycannot be forever cradled by its founders and thereโ€™s a need to bโ€ฆ


When was Jack Ma last seen in public?

Jack Ma was last seen on Jan 20 during a live video chat with rural educators.

Is Jack Ma the richest man in China?

Jack Ma is no longer the richest person in china in 2021.

What does Jack Ma do?

Jack Ma is an Entrepreneur, Businessperson, Teacher and a Philanthropist.


Jack Maโ€™s exact whereabouts have not yet been identified by the Chinese authority. However, the anti-monopoly case against the company has been implemented even after the appearance of Jack Ma.

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