LINQ Stores, Creating 100’s of Micro-Entrepreneurs

Ashwini Ashwini
Jun 9, 2020 2 min read
LINQ Stores, Creating 100’s of Micro-Entrepreneurs

LINQ Stores

Micro-Entrepreneurs are the ones who are independent professionals but entrepreneurs in their mind and soul. They can make or break the economical growth of a country or let’s just say they can scratch a MNC’s back or break them apart. They eke a living and accelerate growth in their own terms which in turn makes them live in serenity. LINQ Stores has a faction of such dynamic and enthusiastic professionals all across India who are insistent to make a mark in their towns. LINQ Stores gives you an opportunity to start a business with the least of investment.

A LinQ store is an offline super bazaar that brings online shopping in the form of physical stores. LinQ does not have wares stacked in the store, it has computers and large screens connected to the internet to browse various e-commerce websites. Consumers are greeted by LinQ store assistants who help them to buy products according to their needs and best price availability. The store also showcases sample products, thereby, enabling a customer to check the quality of the product before purchasing.

A wholesale market is the best example of a capital business where even if the margin is in puny, the volume of sale is the highest. Unruly and yet systematic markets run in unity in due diligence of these Micro-Entrepreneurs. A myth saying, β€œHeaps of monetary value is required to start a business” is being scrapped as with a lot of referrals and a bit of your investment can help you kick off a small business.

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Not everyone can uphold it though. In an economy where the highest percentage of people β€˜make a living to just feed everyone on their table’ lack the possibilities and opportunities which otherwise comes easy to those whose families live and breathe business.

With the 9-5 grind in the corporate life giving you barely any satisfaction, franchising and starting up on your own is the best way out. Franchising is known to be the utmost successful business as the parent business is already set on their path. Best known examples being food chains, salons, apparel stores.

A franchise with the least investment possible with β€˜Zero Inventory Management’ is trending in India. People from every corner are approaching this business type where under one roof, every product thought of, can be acquired. This business model helps customers who are unacquainted with online shopping trends and are lacking digital knowledge. Passionate and motivated for independence in work life micro-entrepreneurs are approaching LINQ Stores to earn and grow with them.

LINQ Stores is a prevalent name in the lower tiered areas of India for its ideology. Retail and E-Commerce Industry are looking out for such start-ups because they can be the last mile to the lower tiered regions. LINQ Stores not only is a branding and marketing partner for Retail and E-Commerce industries but also a solution to their problems relating to supply chain and return policies. LinQ has partnered with an various e-commerce services like retail, travel, health care, insurance, pharmacy, money-transfer, matrimony and others under a single platform.

The team is connecting consumers with Amazon, NetMeds, Gati,, Rubique and Hitachi. It has become a community of success stories with more than 300 offline stores all over India with a revenue projected at 90 Crores in 2017 is surely a trend to look out for.

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