Mom's Belief - Empowering Parents of Special Needs Children

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Mom's Belief is a start-up, that empowers parents of special needs children in the absence of accessible and affordable services. Launched in 2017, Mom's Belief has a clinical team of Child Psychologists, speech & occupational therapists & special educators who work together to provide training to parents & professionals who care for Children with Development disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Learning Disabilities, Intellectual disability, global development delay, and Cerebral Palsy. Read this article to know more about the startup.

Mom's Belief - Company Highlights

Startup Name Mom's Belief
Headquarter Gurgaon
Sector Special Needs
Founder Nitin Bindlish
Founded 2015
Parent Organization Rays of Belief Pvt. Ltd.

About Mom's Belief
Founders of Mom's Belief and team
How was Mom's Belief Started?
Mom's Belief - Name, Tagline, and Logo
Mom's Belief - Work Culture
Mom's Belief - Competitors
Mom's Belief - USP and Innovation
Mom's Belief - Business Model and Revenue Model
Mom's Belief - Funding and Investors
Mom's Belief - Startup Challenges
Mom's Belief - Growth
Mom's Belief - Awards
Mom's Belief - Future Plans

About Mom's Belief

Established in 2015, Mom’s Belief launched its programs in early 2018 after three years of research and development. Mr. Nitin Bindlish created the program to empower the parents of special needs children with teaching tools and professional support, motivated by the simple intent to improve the lives of families who know the day-to-day challenges inherent in supporting a special needs child. Mom’s Belief has developed thousands of resources and teaching tools that accommodate the learning styles of children with special needs and has touched 3200+ lives till date.

Mom's Belief assigns a master level child psychologist to each family which connects with parents using video conferencing, phone, email, and instant messaging. The psychologist helps parents to identify goals and create monthly individualized education plans (IEPs) and also get the teaching tools delivered to there home every month. Mom’s Belief also supports schools and therapy centres to enhance the therapies they offer for special needs kids.

Founder of Mom's Belief and team

Mom’s Belief was founded in 2015 by Mr. Nitin Bindlish.

Nitin Bindlish is Founder of Mom's Belief
Nitin Bindlish | Founder of Mom's Belief

Mom’s Belief has a team of child psychologists, speech and occupational therapists and special educators who work together to provide guidance and training to parents and professionals who provide services for children with developmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, Down syndrome, learning disabilities, intellectual disability, global developmental delay, and cerebral palsy. The team also addresses behavioral and mental health issues and is led by senior clinical leaders who are associated with Stanford University and Sir Ganga Ram, Max (Gurgaon), AIIMS and VIMHANS hospitals in the New Delhi area.

How was Mom's Belief Started?

Mom’s Belief was created out of a desire to address the overwhelming need for special needs support in India. Their special needs support services address the struggle that parents of special needs kids face. It’s reported that there are 52 million children who show signs of a developmental disorder such as autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, ADHD, or intellectual disability. But there aren’t enough qualified professionals available to treat them.

Imagine what it must be like to have a 10-year-old child who is non-verbal, a 14-year-old child who struggles to dress him or herself, or a five-year-old child who can’t hold a crayon. Then imagine what it would be like to have no access to a professional who can help you. That is the reality that these parents face every day. Mom’s Belief was created to empower these parents with professional guidance, knowledge, and resources so they can help their child.

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The mom’s belief name was inspired by Founder & CEO Nitin Bindlish’s vision of a company that empowers mothers to transform the lives of their special needs children because they firmly believe that a mother knows her child best and there’s nothing more powerful than her belief in her child.

mom's belief tagline & meaning
mom's belief logo

The logo shows a mother cradling her child that portrays her warmth, love and support for her child.

The company's tagline is Actually You Can! which reassures and reaffirms the belief that parents can play an active and important role in the development of their child with special needs, with the right guidance and support.

Mom's Belief - Work Culture

Employees at Mom’s Belief are encouraged to take initiatives in their work and work on execution instead of waiting for permission to go ahead. Some of the main highlights of Mom’s Belief’s work culture are:

  • Taking initiative: As a company that uses an innovative model to empower parents as co-therapists and support children with special needs all over the world, Mom’s Belief employees are constantly motivated to take up innovative initiatives across various functions.
  • Encouraging transparency and open culture: The leadership team is highly approachable and this encourages employees to take up initiatives.
  • Creative thinking: Being a young organization, Mom’s Belief is ready to push boundaries in the field of health & wellness and is driven to come up with creative solutions to modern health needs.

Mom's Belief - Competitors

The company have no competitors in India. There is no organization or individual who provides a home-based neuro-developmental program that incorporates training and learning resources for the parents of special needs children.

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Mom's Belief - USP and Innovation

Mom's Belief's has a Iconic Home Program where parents are connected with one of child psychologists, who completes a neuro-developmental profile of the child. The parents and psychologist then create an individualized education plan that is specific to the child’s needs. Once the education plan is in place, the psychologist customizes resources and teaching tools to support the education plan. The library of nearly 1000+ resources enables them to provide a highly tailored program for each individual child.

The resources are delivered to the home and after one month, they collect them, create another education plan, and then send a new set of learning resources. Parents receive training from a child development expert so that over the course of time, they become knowledgeable, skilled and effective therapists for their child. The mandatory training is delivered in weekly, one-hour sessions. Training sessions can be held at the company's R & D center, or via video chat platforms such as Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp video.

Mom's Belief - Business Model and Revenue Model

Mom’s Belief is largely a direct B2C company where a person enrolls in the program for a certain period and pays upfront for the enrollment. The company;s monetization model is highly unique for the industry.

Mom's Belief offers a monthly subscription model that covers an initial assessment, customized resources that are delivered monthly to the home, and ongoing mentoring from an experienced child psychologist. Parents of special needs children are accustomed to paying fees for regular therapy sessions, and for some, the fees are exorbitant. Mom's belief provides ongoing professional support and resources at a cost that is far more manageable.

Mom's Belief - Funding and Investors

Mom’s Belief is a social enterprise and was funded through businesses and private investors with whom they have long-standing relationships. Mom's Belief's home-based program for families is a subscription-based program, and they make the program available at a more affordable price point for families in the EWS category.

Mom's Belief - Startup Challenges

One of the key challenges that Mom's Belief faces is encouraging parents to believe in their capacity to support their child with guided therapy. Parents are still encouraged to believe in the old model in which the therapist or psychologist delivers the therapy while parents stand by passively. Yet it's known how effective parental engagement can be and several studies conducted in the UK have also demonstrated the effectiveness of supported parent engagement for special needs children.

Many parents are held back by the belief that they need special training or knowledge to provide support for their developmentally disabled child. The startup's program provides dedicated hours of training and ongoing mentoring to the parent, which helps them realize that they can have an impact. In fact, the tagline is Actually You Can!

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Mom's Belief - Growth

Over the past 3 years, the team have worked effortlessly to create a model that empowers parents, caregivers, and professionals and also create an ecosystem that fosters the use of tools, resources, training, and expert guidance to work towards a world where no child with special needs is left behind. And to further this cause, they have expanded their services to locations like New York, London, California, UAE, and Kuwait in addition to being India’s largest holistic care provider for children with special needs.

Currently, there are 113+ centres all over the country working with mom’s belief which provide special services like occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, as well as structured learning, and counselling.

"Having touched 3200+ lives is just the tip of the iceberg, as we are continuously working on expanding to new locations around the world and in India, where we aim to have 200+ centres pan-India by the end of the year 2020. We are also focused on leveraging technological developments in the world of innovative healthcare to help us reach and change a million lives in the next few years", says Nitin Bindlish, Founder of Mom's Belief.

Mom's Belief - Awards

Mom’s Belief was awarded as the most innovative project by Zero Project at the UNITED NATIONS, Vienna in 2019, for its innovative model that supports the parents of special needs children and the professionals who work with them.

Also awarded in the fifth edition of the International Business Excellence Awards  2019 in Dubai the brand bagged the prestigious award for contribution in the Wellbeing and Health category. Mom’s Belief has also been awarded the ”Promising Brands” of 2019 by The Economic Times.

Mom's Belief - Future Plans

The mission of Mom’s Belief is to improve the lives of one million children over the next ten years using a network of one million parents and professionals. To achieve this mission, they are expanding their team to increase their reach across India and into other countries where the demand for services is strong.

The UAE, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Vietnam are part of the plans and they are building networks in some of these countries, so they can take these plans forward. Mom's Belief is also working on creating an active community of parents of special needs children in India so that they have a platform to share their struggles as a special needs parent and coping strategies that have worked well for them so that other parents can get the help they need and deserve.

This community will be a space for parents who are willing to ask for help, and to share effective parenting tips with other such parents who are struggling to get their life back, which includes being able to provide the best help and care for their children while at the same time living their life to the fullest, in order to avoid burnout and maintain personal wellness.

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