The War of Entrepreneurs - My Opinion on Kunal Shah V/S Nithin Kamath "Controversy"

Lakshya Singh Lakshya Singh
Jun 2, 2021 4 min read
The War of Entrepreneurs - My Opinion on Kunal Shah V/S Nithin Kamath "Controversy"

This post is not something we publish on StartupTalky very often.

The purpose of this post is not to get it ranked on Google. Nor are we expecting anyone to give a backlink on this. This article is my random thought about the whole scenario that we can see happening right now.

But let me clarify just one thing, we, at StartupTalky, focus on delivering facts and stats based content instead of digging at controversies and giving our opinions.

But, at some level, we all like controversies. The fights between yours and mine! The fight between right and wrong.

Well, in this st0ry, neither any0ne is right n0r is wr0ng.

If y0u have c0me t0 this p0st, y0u already kn0w what this write up is ab0ut.

Yeah, this article is ab0ut this tweet:

Y0u might be l00king f0r the CREDibility 0f this Tweet.

If y0u are thinking if this is really the salary 0f Kunal Shah, then YES, Kunal Shah's salary is 3LPA.

N0 f0under can lie ab0ut his 0r her salary publicly as they can easily be caught and l0se their CREDibility am0ng their f0ll0wers.

Alth0ugh, 0f c0urse, Kunal Shah is crying this meme 0ut l0ud:

but here is a better view 0n b0th the c0mpanies:

Nithin Kamath t0 Kunal Shah right n0w:

D0 marketing gimmicks and 0ver-the-t0p spending 0n publicity strategies guarantee a c0mpany’s success? Pr0bably n0t. 0n the 0ther hand, if y0u have the right pr0duct-market-fit and deliver tangible results t0 y0ur target audience, y0u are b0und t0 achieve success. Kunal Shah’s CRED is a case in p0int f0r the first claim and the Kamath br0thers’ Zerodha might be an apt example 0f the latter.

Well, its n0t me saying that, its the stats menti0ned ab0ve.

Zerodha: 0ne 0f the Pillars 0f CRED's Valuati0n

Als0 Mr. Shah, I think y0u f0rg0t s0mething.

Zerodha is, if n0t the main reas0n, indeed 0ne 0f the reas0ns CRED is valued at $2.2 Billi0n.

But why did Kunal tweet such a thing?

I admire Kunal Shah's marketing strategies t0 s0me extent.

And, 0f c0urse, Kunal Shah is very v0cal 0n s0cial media. He p0sts whatever he wants t0 p0st. But, at the c0re, he is an entrepreneur like us. And everything we d0, has a tinge 0f intenti0n t0 gr0w 0ur c0mpanies.

And I think, this tweet is actually m0re 0f a marketing step t0 leverage the fame Zerodha is bagging these days.

H0w did Nithin Kamath resp0nd t0 Kunal Shah?

Nithin Kamath has n0t resp0nded directly t0 Kunal Shah yet. H0wever, he tweeted this addressing the media:

Here is the link t0 the tweet

What d0 I think ab0ut this wh0le c0ntr0versy?

TBH, I really have n0 0pin0n 0n wh0 is right and wh0 is wr0ng.

Y0u d0n't need t0 always take sides.

Maybe, I am saying that because, as a media, it has bec0me 0ur habit n0t t0 f0rm 0pini0ns and analyse facts instead.

But, even if I want t0 f0rm an 0pini0n, I cann0t.

Because n0 0ne is wr0ng here.

And that tweet sh0uld n0t have bec0me such big news.

Yeah, I kn0w, I am being a hyp0crite here by writing ab0ut it. But, even if I w0uldn't have written this piece, that tweet was still r0aming ar0und the c0untry.

S0, all I want t0 say is, take the best fr0m any0ne, but leave the rest.

There is a l0t 0f g00d stuff that Kunal Shah has tweeted. Read it. Like it. Share it.

But d0n't make s0me things a c0ntr0versy.

M0re0ver, if y0u are at Shah's place s0meday, d0n't pick up 0n pe0ple with0ut any reas0n.

Additi0nally, my 0pini0n 0n if Nthin deserves this much salary is: He has a private c0mpany. His c0mpany is gr0wing. His team and b0ard members are n0t 0bjecting it directly. If he wants t0 take m0ney, he surely can. My 0pini0n 0r y0urs, d0es n0t really affect his decisi0n.

Featuring great replies t0 Kunal Shah's tweet:

Lastly, take as many 0s as y0u want fr0m this p0st :)

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