6 Reasons Why You Should Do PeopleSoft To Cloud Migration

Lakshya Singh Lakshya Singh
Jan 15, 2020 4 min read
6 Reasons Why You Should Do PeopleSoft To Cloud Migration

PeopleSoft applications work best nowadays by embracing cloud technology. Cloud migration should be considered for more secure, faster, and more reliable app functioning. The results are very promising for companies wanting to take advantage of the cloud's advanced technology. With the help of cloud migration services, PeopleSoft to cloud migration is a lot easier.

In this article, you'll learn in detail the good reasons why you should migrate your PeopleSoft to the cloud so you can make an informed decision before taking such a step.

What Is Peoplesoft?

PeopleSoft is a collection of software applications used by large companies and organizations. It is an essential aspect of management or HR team, helping in managing human capital, keeping records of employees' responsibilities, jobs, and qualifications, and planning employee career paths.

The apps provide human resource services, which include the following:

  • Human Resource Management System (HRMS): It is used in human resource departments for HR management, payroll, and risk management.
  • Financials And Supply Chain Management (FSCM): This software is used in financial management and supply chain management for processing orders, inventories, and logistics.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): It is used in improving customer experience, as well as learning their buying behaviors in each stage of the sales funnel for sounder decision-making when it comes to creating sales and marketing strategies.
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM): This PeopleSoft software is used in enterprise management. It helps in identifying key strengths and opportunities through business metric analysis and making better strategies to improve performance.

What Is Cloud Technology?

Cloud technology is a type of virtualization technology that stores sensitive data or any info on the Internet or “cloud”. Unlike using a computer's hard drive or external drive to store data, the web is used as data centers for multiple users (multiple tenancies or shared resources). It means that as long as the user has an Internet-capable device, they can run software programs and access data, anytime and anywhere.

6 Reasons Why You Should Do PeopleSoft To Cloud Migration

1. Full Control Of PeopleSoft Environment

PeopleSoft to cloud migration gives you granular control of your PeopleSoft environment while still allowing you to take advantage of using the same software, licenses, and trainings or skills that end-users already have. Choosing the right cloud provider with guaranteed service levels and consistent high performance will make a big difference in the smooth transitioning to the cloud.

A company that highly depends on PeopleSoft in managing human resources, supply chain, finances, and inventory must consider PeopleSoft to cloud migration. However, not all companies are ready to use software as a service or SaaS because of control requirements, deep customization, or integration. By migrating your PeopleSoft apps to cloud infrastructure, you can take advantage of using new capabilities for better management and business operations.

2. A Boost In Overall Business Operational Efficiency

PeopleSoft to cloud deployment helps boost overall business operational efficiency. It improves service levels, streamlining external and internal interactions at a quicker turnaround time. Cloud migration of PeopleSoft promises higher performance capability, which allows you to target performance based on what’s currently in demand and where it is required.

3. Automatic PeopleSoft Upgrades

PeopleSoft to cloud migration embodies the power of automation, significantly simplifying tools and upgrades that are patched up with the Oracle Cloud manager. It has paved the way for automated new releases and software upgrades.

4. Enhanced Data Security Feature

Cloud service providers have robust security measures, solving security problems by encrypting the data using encryption algorithms. You gain peace of mind because your PeopleSoft apps are protected from unauthorized access and unwanted traffic. With enhanced security features, your PeopleSoft applications undergo automatic security system updates, which help prevent vulnerability to security threats.

5. Lower IT Costs

Moving PeopleSoft apps to cloud reduces the costs of maintaining and managing IT systems. It means that you don't have to purchase expensive equipment and systems for your business because you can use the resources of the cloud computing service provider. Also, converting PeopleSoft applications to the cloud helps reduce operating costs.

Check out the other benefits that PeopleSoft to cloud migration provides:

  • Save up with cloud computing services because the costs of new software, hardware, and system upgrades are usually included in the contract.
  • Companies don't need to worry about paying many employees' wages to handle IT.
  • PeopleSoft to cloud migration reduces energy consumption.
  • PeopleSoft to cloud migration avoids time delays. Scaling cloud computing is faster and more cost-effective than purchasing and setting up hardware yourself.

6. Scalable Cloud Solution

Cloud computing your PeopleSoft system data promotes scalability. Scalability refers to the ability to decrease or increase the power and size, such as an IT solution or business. With a scalable cloud, users can sign up and use cloud apps in seconds or just a few minutes, depending on the app and data size.

Scalability of cloud computing means having the capability to add a significant amount of data or number of users, as well as hardware-like assets, such as virtual random access memory or vRAM and virtual central processing unit or vCPUs, in the cloud. Choosing the best cloud storage service provider can help you attain better scalability for your IT system and your business.

Here are the two ways you can scale a PeopleSoft to cloud system up or down:

  • You may contact your cloud provider to request scaling.
  • You can add the resources through an online portal, such as storage to your existing account, easily and quickly, and with minimal downtime.
  • There are cloud solutions that can be automatically scaled. It means that you can set your cloud system up or down automatically depending on certain conditions. One example is providing more room when your PeopleSoft cloud solution runs out of storage space.


PeopleSoft to cloud migration is a great way to bring your business system to the next level. It helps in reducing IT cost, scaling your IT, and gaining full control over your PeopleSoft environment. Also, it helps secure your data through the cloud, thanks to the strict security features set in place, which means that authorized users are the only ones allowed to access your data.

Moreover, deploying your PeopleSoft to the cloud helps boost your enterprise's operational efficiency to attain your business goals without delay. System updates and data generation are automated so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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