Tinder - No More Of Dreaming, Finding a Partner Is Easier Now!

Purbalee Dutta Purbalee Dutta
Feb 10, 2021 5 min read
Tinder - No More Of Dreaming, Finding a Partner Is Easier Now!

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In the days when the internet was unavailable, couples used to date traditionally, today which is known as offline dating. Nowadays people find it difficult to search for partners. Almost everyone needs the help of the internet to connect with their dear one or find a dear one online.

Tinder is a platform for online dating. It allows users to anonymously like and dislike profiles by swiping. The app showcases people's profiles according to their bio, pictures and similar interests. Once the two users get 'matched' they can exchange messages. Read the Tinder success story below.

Tinder - Company Highlights

Startup Name Tinder
Headquarters West Hollywood, California, United States
Sector Dating and Social Media
Founders Sean Rad, Justin Mateen and Jonathan Badeen
Founded September 2012
Parent Organization SarvaGunAushdhi Pvt. Ltd.
Website tinder.com

Tinder - About
Tinder - Startup Story
Tinder - Founders and Team
Tinder - Tagline, Slogan and Logo
Tinder - Business Model
Tinder - Revenue Model
Tinder - Funding and Investors
Tinder - Growth
Tinder - Competitors
Tinder - Future Plans

Tinder - About

Tinder is an American online dating and geosocial networking application. It is considered to be the world's most famous dating app enabling people to meet new people. It anonymously finds interested people close by who might like each other and helps both to get connected.

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Tinder - Startup Story

Smartphones gave online dating a new life. The founders thought that in the future mobiles will be used more than that of the computers because computers are just working devices which are going extinct soon. So, the founders created an opportunity and soon made a blueprint of a gamified dating app.

Sean and Justin crossed paths when both were at school in Los Angeles, California, USA. But soon after the story began when both met at the University of South California, 1st semester in 2004. Both were doing different jobs after their college got over. Both the friends wanted to do something of their own, something where two people could become friends with common interests. Jonathan, Dinesh and a few others joined and a complete team was created. Tinder came into existence. It was only for iOS users but after seeing the craze of the people android users were able to use it too.

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Tinder - Founders and Team

Sean Rad, Justin Mateen, Jonathan Badeen are the main founders of the company Tinder.

  • Sean Rad is the founder of Tinder. Till 2016 he was the CEO of the company. In 2017 he was fired from the chairman position of the company. Prior to this, he was the President and the Founder of both Orgoo and Adly. He was born in 1986. Currently, he is a man of 34 years old.
  • Justin Mateen is an American entrepreneur. He is the Co-founder and CMO at Tinder. He is also a company advisor and an early-stage investor to a few of the innovative tech companies of the globe.
  • Jonathan Badeen is also a Co-Founder and the Chief Strategy Officer of Tinder. He was born in 1981 and he is currently a man of 39 years old.
Sean Rad, Justin Mateen and Jonathan Badeen (left to right), Founders, Tinder

The tagline of the company is, 'It's like real life, but better'.

Logo, Tinder

Tinder - Business Model

The business model of Tinder is very simple and effective. The founders have created a platform for the common people to date potential partners in an online mode safely and with affordable charges. All a user needs to do is swipe left and right, get matched, flirt and finally date. Here users need to log in with the help of their Facebook accounts.

The app helps the user to find local people with similar interests and eventually it allows the matched users to chat among themselves. Hence, matching is very important.

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Tinder - Revenue Model

The app connects mutually-interested strangers.

Tinder Plus allows users to find unlimited matches.

  • Users >28 = $19.99 per month
  • Users <28 = $9.99 per month

Tinder Gold provides users with a 'Likes You' feature along with all the Tinder Plus features. Prices here depend on various ages and locations.

Boost is a feature which makes the user's profile the top profile of the area for around 30 minutes. It increases the chances of getting a swift match.

Tinder - Funding and Investors

Date Transaction Name Money Raised Lead Investor
October 10, 2017 Funding Round - -
October 28, 2014 Venture Round - Benchmark
April 11, 2014 Secondary Market $50 million IAC

Tinder is funded by 2 investors. Benchmark is the most recent investor.

Tinder - Growth

In 2019, Tinder ended up with around 6 million subscribers from 5.9 million subscribers. In 2020 Tinder saw 28% growth in subscribers and 31% growth in revenue.

Tinder - Competitors

The top competitors of the company are CMB, Zoosk and Badoo.

  • CMB is the top competitor of Tinder. It is headquartered at San Francisco, CA, USA and was founded in 2012. This company also works in the Application Software field.
  • Zoosk is perceived as one of the top competitors of Tinder. It is headquartered at Lehi, Utah and was founded in 2007. This company operates in the Application Software sector.
  • Badoo is also one of the top competitors of Tinder. It is headquartered at London, England and was founded in 2006. It works in the Application Software industry.

Tinder - Future Plans

The plan is to find more suitable partners for the customers. The company wants to help the users to find a better match. Tinder is willing to create more options in the platform so that the couples can spend more time with each other in a lightweight manner rather than simply texting.

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