Top Enterprise Recruitment Software to make Bulk Hiring easy

Anish Sharma Anish Sharma
Dec 16, 2022 9 min read
Top Enterprise Recruitment Software to make Bulk Hiring easy

Hiring the best talent in your team who can satisfy your needs and expectations is not an easy job. As soon as you post a job, your mail list will get flooded with job applications. Shortlisting the best candidate from the bunch of applications and then performing the next process will get time-consuming if done without proper software.

Nobody wants to hire the wrong person in their organization, because this will eventually lead to a waste of time and resources.

So, you need a companion who can make this cumbersome process of hiring seamless and hassle-free. Here we are with the list of top Recruitment Software you should consider giving a boost to your recruiting process.

What is recruitment software?

‌‌Recruitment software is a tool to enhance your productivity by simplifying the task of hiring. Shortlisting the skilled and right employee which best suits your needs will become easy using this software. The AI of the tools starts the screening process and gives the list of only those candidates who truly deserve the post.

Top Enterprise Recruitment Software



Rating: 4.4 /5

Zoho, a well-known and trusted software solution provider offers its powerful recruitment tool, Zoho recruit. Zoho Recruit is a full-fledged software to handle the hiring process. The facilities provided by this tool can handle your work from requisition to onboarding a new talent in your team.

A simple and interactive interface with everything well organized makes the hiring experience effortless. Create a job application post from scratch and acquire the details of the applicant in a single interface. Apply varieties of filters to narrow down the job applications. It will screen the candidates and provide the list according to your requirement. Now spend more time on interviewing and less time on shortlisting.

All the job applications which come from a different medium, like the career section of a company or any job posting sites, will automatically sync with the software in one place. Flexibility to choose the desired time for an interview by the candidate from the available time slot.

Features of ZohoRecruit

  • Create a Pipeline and smoothly change the status of the candidate from screening, offered, interview rejected, and hired.
  • Smart filtering to sort the application based on location, industry, skill, and more.
  • Easy scheduling of interviews through a video call or in-person interview.
  • Invite other reviewers and log the interview to share with the client or for future reference.
  • Recruit anytime anywhere with ZohoRecruit mobile application.


Rating: 4.5 /5

From Posting a job to hiring the best talent in your organization, BambooHR is the tool to make this process facile. The thing which differentiates the best tool from the competition is simplicity. BambooHR provides a simple interface with every database well-organized.

Like other recruiting software it won't stop its operation on offer letters, but it also helps to onboard the recruit on the first day of joining. Collaborate with colleagues in the process of recruitment and sync the real-time update on the desktop and mobile app.

As you know, "First impression is the last impression". Make your brand image strong in front of the applicant with seamless and interactive hiring.

Features of Bamboo HR

  • Efficient onboarding to assist the newly hired talent.
  • Identification of hiring issues with reports and analytics and measuring the performance.
  • Integration with famous job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and social media sites LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • E-signed professional offer letter to send to newly hired talent.


Rating: 4.6 /5

RecruiterFlow is a talent acquisition software that is loaded with all the essential features to hire talented and deserving candidates. In this fast-paced world, automation is the key to cope-up with the speed of fast-changing technology. This software is designed to automate your workflow. Whenever any task is triggered, it will perform a certain action assigned by you, like sending an email, text message, alert, task creation, or adding a candidate to the campaign.

Effective dashboard with interactive visuals to analyze every aspect of hiring at a glance. Easy and fun to manage the pipeline with an advanced drag-and-drop interface. Some amazing functionality of this tool is tagging in notes, clicking to call and text, and scorecard.

Send a personalized email to hundreds of candidates in a single click, also it provides the option to choose the desired template that reflects your brand identity. All the sent emails are trackable, which means you can check whether it was opened by a candidate or not.

Features of RecruiterFlow

  • Full control over what you want to show and to whom.
  • Drag and drop feature to prioritize the best talent in the pipeline.
  • Chrome Extension to source the candidate information from job boards or social media sites like LinkedIn in a single click. Everything will automatically sync to RecruiterFlow.
  • 25+ job board options available to post the job recruitment.
  • Parse your resume with an amazing resume-parsing feature and enrich your database to recruit talent.


Rating: 4.4 /5

Yello is a recruitment software that helps you to Nurture the best talent in your team. Fast-forward your sourcing by leveraging the advanced features of Yello. Enrich your database with job applicants from varieties of portals and social sites. Also, Use an in-built screening feature to filter the skilled candidate which satisfies your need and ignore wasting your time on other applications.

Easily create your pipeline and manage the workflow, also use AI to automate the screening process and other things. Enhance the experience of the candidate with automated follow-ups and make the applicant aware.

Since screening the candidate is in autopilot mode based on your selected criteria, you can spend more time in interviewing.

Features of Yello

  • Option to filter the candidate based on location, qualification, gender, etc.
  • Schedule the interview with real-time sync on Outlook 365 or Google Calendar.
  • Option to choose the mode of interview, virtually or in person. Candidates can choose their desired time slot for an interview.
  • Configure the Yello to automated workflow and move candidates to the next stage automatically.
  • Data-driven recruitment decisions with well-organized reports and analytics.


Rating: 4.6 /5

Oorwin is an AI-based talent acquisition software. The use case of AI is in every industry to boost productivity and efficiency. Recruitment software like Oorwin is leveraging AI to pass the benefit to end users. The repetitive and time-consuming task goes into auto-pilot mode and gives you data-driven insights to make better hiring decisions.

You can't take the risk to lose a talented candidate in this fast-paced world just because of a slow hiring process. Oorwin offers best-in-class features which not only boost the speed of your hiring process but also increase the efficiency to hire the best.

Features of Oorwin

  • Branded and interactive career portal which engages the candidate from start to end.
  • AI-based screening that nurtures the best and most worthy candidate.
  • Simple and advanced interface backed with technology that gives a quick insight into open positions.
  • Drastically decrease the time to hire from requisition to onboarding with automated workflow.


Rating: 4/5

Wisestep is a recruiting software focused to streamline and accelerate the hiring process. For recruiting agencies or companies looking for talent acquisition software, then the wise step is a great option to consider. It is loaded with features like creating a job campaign, screening the candidate, and scheduling an interview to onboard.

The resume parsing bot is the unique feature of wise step. Set up your harvest bot by applying criteria and rules, this bot will source the candidate from your desired job board based on the criteria you set. Configure the frequency and timing to run the bot and notify yourself via email, notification, or SMS.

Features of Wisestep

  • Availability of 100+ job boards to post your recruitment.
  • Chrome extension to nurture the talent from different job and social media sites.
  • See all the databases acquired from different portals in one place and manage the further proceedings.
  • Leverage the benefit of a resume-parsing feature and enrich your database by extracting the information from the resume.
  • Smart analytics to analyze the data and make smart decisions, and also use access control to manage the data viewed by your team.


Rating: 4.2 /5

The Lever is a robust applicant tracking system that helps to extract the right candidate by sourcing, screening, interviewing, and onboarding. Trusted by more than 5000 customers worldwide including well-known brands like Spotify and Netflix.

Data is a new age fuel, any recruitment decision a recruiter makes is data-driven. This software provides the data in an organized format to visualize it effectively. Each data gives meaningful insight to find out bottlenecks in your hiring process.

The primary motto of a recruiter is to hire the best talent in their organization, hence from job post creation to hire, everything should be streamlined. There is a sequence of processes to follow with insightful metrics like time to fill, time to hire, days in stages, offer sent, and acceptance rate.

Features of lever

  • Personalized email outreach to every candidate to make them feel unique.
  • Track your pipeline at a different stage of the recruitment process with advanced analytics and reporting.
  • Easy collaboration with the hiring team regardless of their location.
  • Efficient in collecting and analyzing DEI data to prevent your organization from biased hiring.


Rating: 4.4 /5

Greenhouse is a recruiting and applicant tracking system that renders services to help businesses hire the best talent in less time and effort. Sourcing is the first step toward hiring and Greenhouse acts as a single platform to fulfill your need from sourcing to hiring. Easy to use interface makes the sourcing part more convenient and smooth.

Data to keep you updated on your campaign success with the metrics like open rate, response rate, ongoing, and much more. Optimizing this data will significantly increase the quality of your hiring. One can easily create a job post to advertise on different platforms and engage the candidate throughout the process.

Greenhouse is one of the easiest and with a rich user interface recruitment platforms to consider.

Features of Greenhouse

  • Personalized and automated email outreach campaign to engage the candidate throughout the process.
  • Automated sourcing accurately fills the missing data so that there is no error, at the same time it will sync all the data across the platform.
  • Chrome extension which accurately finds the prospect from different sites and merges them into software for further proceedings.
  • After hiring, Onboarding the candidate into the organization with Greenhouse is extremely easy and convenient.


Rating: 4.3 /5

Achieve your recruitment goal faster and more targeted by leveraging the benefits of JazzHR. Find potential candidates by creating a post and sharing it on various job boards and social media. It will save you time by screening the resume and identifying the best candidate at a glance. Also, attract the candidate by showcasing the best of your company and work culture.

Email automation to notify the candidate of every aspect of hiring with customized email templates. Whenever you approve any candidate for an interview it will automatically notify the candidate with a personalized email.

Not just an email but a well-drafted text also has the potential to scale up your applicant list. JazzHR streamlines text messages directly through the platform.

Features of JazzHR

  • 100% customization that helps to show your brand identity in every job posting.
  • Collaborate with the team to make hiring decisions, it will allow your team to approve the candidate to move them forward in the hiring pipeline.
  • It provides a customized guide to help the hiring team to perform the interview efficiently.
  • Candidate categorization helps to organize the candidate list based on your requirement and criteria.


Rating: 4.3 /5

TalentRecruit is dedicated to empowering recruiters with its powerful and robust recruiting platform. This software comes with all the basic plus advanced automation features to smoothen the process at every step. ERIKA, an AI-based algorithm is like a virtual assistant for you that makes hiring simple.

WhatsApp is the most commonly used messaging app worldwide, this software established healthy communication between candidates and recruiters with WhatsApp integration. ERIKA automatically changes the status of a candidate based on their worthiness for the post.

Features of TalentRecruit

  • ERIKA, a machine learning algorithm to analyze the hiring pattern of recruiters and screen the candidates accordingly. It also helps to discover the best candidate for you.
  • In-built online candidate examination and interview management platform to assess the candidate in the best possible way.
  • Once you finalized the candidate, provide them with an amazing modern offer letter and monitor the accepted and rejected letters.‌‌
  • Smart onboarding that makes the experience of new joinee exciting and interactive.


Now it's time to Supercharge your productivity by selecting the best tools from our list of top recruiting software. Take your time and compare each tool and select the best one which suits your requirements.

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