How Writing a Dissertation Helps to Find Your First Job

After completing your studies, it is a relief when you get the chance to practice and earn from their career. This is often a wonderful opportunity whereby you get the chance to build your life and do what you have long been preparing for. However, the world has changed and opportunities are not as abundant as they were before.

For you to quickly get into the field of your career, it is required that you write a dissertation, which is the support document submitted alongside your academic qualifications as evidence of your research and findings.

Here are the best ways that show the importance of a thesis and how it helps find your first job.

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A dissertation best defines your skills

In the current competitive job market, employers are seeking the most skilled graduates to work in their institutions to help move their businesses forward. Possession of the required skills and exemplary personal traits will go a long way in helping you get and maintain a good job for a promising future.

However, employers will not know your abilities by looking at you and hence the need for evidence. By completing your dissertation, you present your abilities such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to work independently in your field of specialization to employers.

If you have the skills and still not confident to write a quality dissertation, you should get dissertation help from expert writers online. A request to find free plagiarism checker at EduBirdie will ensure high-quality assignment writing work and delivered on time. The writers are specialists in the subjects they handle and know their job well.

Proves self-confidence

Nothing pleases employers than to find a confident employee who can professionally handle tasks in their field without strain. This will give them the satisfaction that you can deliver as expected as well as solve any arising problems with ease.

A well-researched dissertation will help you find first job opportunities as it tells your employers that you are an expert in your field and that you can work independently and deliver as expected without supervision or you can prepare an essay topics to write about your stury. This will be a perfect opportunity to prove your self-confidence which will help get a good job for you.

It boosts your networking skills

Whether you're talking about the dissertation you've written in your classroom or in front of a panel, this provides you with a way to practice your public speaking skills. You can use such experiences to pursue a career as a trainer, an educator or similar jobs that require suck a skill. Furthermore, public speaking also allows you to become more effective at networking - a very important aspect of employment.

When you write your dissertation, this includes the development of other skills that you can use to gain a competitive edge in the job market. If you can remember the dissertation that you enjoyed writing the most, you can analyze it and see how it can help you with your networking and with your career.

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An opportunity to standout

Currently, most fields are flooded with graduates who are seeking jobs. Unfortunately, the opportunities available in the job market are less compared to the workforce available. This could pose a challenge to you due to the high competition and a well-written dissertation will help you beat the completion, is to stand out among the rest.

The research involved in the writing of a dissertation clearly shows your abilities to work, research and expresses your extent of knowledge in the field of your career.

This serves as an added advantage to your academic qualifications while preparing for the job interview as a student. The employers seek candidates with sound knowledge in their field and their ability to apply this knowledge in real life.

A silent communication of your limits

It is important to know that it is likely that those assessing your dissertation have adequate knowledge in your field of specialization. The quality of your dissertation will tell your employers the time you took to piece it together.

Therefore, it proves to them that you not only possess the endurance to withstand long working hours, but you can also work under pressure to make sure that your tasks are completed on time.

A well-researched dissertation shows employers that you have the commitment, self-motivation, perseverance, and critical thinking skills. All of these are important elements that establish your competence as a viable applicant for any job. Without talking, your written work showcases your skills and abilities to the people you want to impress.


Currently, employers are not only looking for degree holders but masters of their fields of specialization. Presenting a well-written dissertation alongside your academic papers will make you stand out from the crowd and elevate your chances of landing an interview.

Writing a dissertation is a tedious task but it’s worth it, for it is the key that will open great opportunities for your future. So be encouraged to do your best in delivering a quality well-written dissertation for with it you will be at better grounds to show your potential employers your abilities, your worth to their business and add to your experience for the future.

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