Appriffy - Hire Indian Remote Developers On-Hourly & On-Demand Basis

Appriffy - Hire Indian Remote Developers On-Hourly & On-Demand Basis

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Our lives have become technology-oriented. Every day we use the latest technological gadgets, devices, or platforms to get many tasks done. While we are still glued to our smartphones, Alexa is also fast becoming a part of our lives. Our watches are becoming smart and our home appliances are becoming IoT enabled. Yet another technology that we use in our daily lives is applications or apps which we use for many purposes, from learning to shopping, entertainment, and much more. In this technology-led world, it has become indispensable for every business established or new, to be technologically updated. Again, having a technical team is not feasible for every business.

But, now it is possible to make the best of technical experts work for your business, without spending a fortune. Appriffy is the digital Hub where you can hire candidates on an hourly basis and on-demand basis. Appriffy lets you hire software developers, web developers, PHP developers on an hourly and project basis.

Read to know more about the success story of Appriffy, How Appriffy Started, its business model, founders & team, funding, growth, future plans & more.

Appriffy - Company Highlights

Startup Name Appriffy - Digital IT Hub
Headquarter Bangalore, India
Industry IT
Founder & CEO Muzafar Hussain
Founded 2015
Parent Organization Appriffy - Digital IT Hub Pvt. Ltd.

About & How Appriffy Works?
Developer Industry Details
Founders & Team of Appriffy
How was Appriffy Started?
Business & Revenue Model of Appriffy
User Acquisition of Appriffy
Startup Challenges at Appriffy
Funding & Investors of Appriffy
Achievements of Appriffy
Future Plans of Appriffy
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About & How Appriffy Works?

Appriffy-Digital IT Hub is a digital marketplace where one can hire developers ‘On-Hourly and On-Demand Basis'. Appriffy team helps individuals, startups, and enterprises to build their world-class Tech products. It starts from One hour to Unlimited time. As you shop for clothes and other necessary stuff online, now you can shop developers under the Appriffy umbrella.

The name 'Appriffy' denotes something related to 'app' (application) which is the core service Appriffy provides.

Appriffy basically offers products under two categories- Appriffy Marketplace and Appriffy Labs. In the year, 2019 Mr. Muzafar Hussain moved forward with his partners to launch his much-awaited product called Appriffy Labs, which he explains as India’s Fastest Growing Startup Studio, a Concept Of Part-Cash and Part-Equity Format, Appriffy Labs help in early-stage startup and mid-stage companies with their creative strategy, process, and culture. They work with selected startup founders in Part-Cash and Part-Equity format to help entrepreneurs in terms of technical, office space, legal and financial support, and access to funding through its tied-up Angels, Seed, and Venture Capitalists. Basically, Appriffy is a Startup that is helping in building other startups.

Appriffy Logo

Appriffy has a very simple vision to add value to other people and their products. With this vision, Appriffy is adding value with innovative products like Developers on-Hourly and On-Demand Basis. Appriffy talent pool consists of Graphic Designers, UI/UX Designer & Developers, Android Developer, iOS Developers, PHP Developers, .NET Developers, Chatbot Developers, Python Developers, React Native Developers, React JS Developers, Angular JS Developers, Node JS Developers, Game Developers, AI Developers, ML Developers, Blockchain Developers, Web Developers, ERP Developers, IOT Developers, and JavaScript Developers.

The team at Appriffy has enough exposure to startups and corporates. They have been regularly engaging with clients from India and abroad. After all these years of experience, they all believe in adding value to other people's lives by using their expertise. This belief makes them work with dedication to realize their vision.

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Developer Industry Details

The mobile industry has been growing unprecedentedly. Consequently, the mobile development industry has boomed. The revenue generated by the global mobile apps in the market has skyrocketed and is only to grow in the future.

Again there is a huge demand for developers in India. In its report 'Workforce Report for India', Microsoft owned LinkedIn, confirming that job postings for software engineers were the highest across multiple industries in the first six months of 2018 on its platform.

Appriffy is an IT bases start-up that is doing well. By looking at the growth of Appriffy in the last couple of years then we can confidently say that Appriffy will be a big hit in the next 5 years and it will be a big brand name - says Appriffy's founder Muzafar Hussain.

Founders & Team of Appriffy

Muzafar Hussain - Founder of Appriffy

Muzafar Hussain, Founder & CEO of Appriffy
Muzafar Hussain, Founder & CEO of Appriffy

Muzafar Hussain is the Founder of Appriffy. He started his journey from a small town named Berhampur in Odisha. Things did not come easy for Muzafar. He went to Hyderabad to pursue Graduation, however, even after doing part-time jobs, he could not manage both his studies and his stay in Hyderabad, which made Muzafar move to Visakhapatnam, as the cost of living and education here was affordable as compared to Hyderabad.

Muzafar graduated in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Visakha Institute of Engineering and Technology, Visakhapatnam. In his final academic year, Muzafar launched Appriffy. However, after working for a couple of years on Appriffy, he found that things are not working as expected. This made him move to Bangalore for finding a job. But his dream to start Appriffy was too strong, and he left his job after 6 months to start working on Appriffy all over again and has not looked back since then.

Work Culture of Appriffy

Appriffy has an employee-friendly atmosphere. They have an open work culture and are flexible with employees' needs. They treat everyone equally and believe in the output instead of the traditional way of work.

Appriffy Team
Appriffy Team and Office

How was Appriffy Started?

Muzafar had the urge to do something for his country especially for solving the unemployment problem. He wanted to become an employment generator instead of an employment seeker, and this is what motivated him to start Appriffy. Today, Appriffy is not only generating employment but also saving clients money and time, delivering quality products, and helping startups realize their full potential.

"I worked really hard on building contacts and collaborations. I worked consistently for long hours and created the core Appriffy Team. Once the core team was created we all worked towards the client-side" - Appriffy founder Muzafar Hussain, said explaining the initial stage of the company.

Business & Revenue Model of Appriffy

Appriffy is currently running in a profitable state and the revenue comes in the form of subscriptions, profit margin, commissions, and equity in the startup companies with which Appriffy engages.

As regards the business model, Appriffy as stated above is engaged in two business models. Under the first business model, through 'Appriffy Market Place', Appriffy lets businesses hire developers on-demand and on an hourly basis. Again under the second business model, 'Appriffy Labs', offers support to selected startups in terms of technical support, office space, legal and financial support, and access to funding. Appriffy Labs work in a Part-Cash and Part-Equity Format.

Appriffy pivoted with few funded Startups from India, Israel, and other countries in both the format of business model and its work with them. They have pivoted in 2017 with their first client from Israel, and are now looking out to test out the two business models regarding the feedback, changes in the product, etc. so that they can look out for the analysis part of their two current running business models.

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User Acquisition of Appriffy

In order to get their initial 100 customers, Appriffy used regular marketing strategies and worked on building trust among their clients, forging longevity.

"At the core, Appriffy believes in adding values to people's lives and we have always tried our best to stand by our words. This besides other conventional marketing strategies has helped us build an initial customer network."

Startup Challenges at Appriffy

Due to Appriffy's unique model based on renting software developers on-Hourly and on-Demand basis, they found it difficult to get customers initially; as businesses are addicted to going for the traditional hiring process.

In their second business model which is the part-cash and part-equity model gives the flexibility to founders of the startup to save money during their initial struggle. However, in this concept Founders are required to give some equity to Appriffy so they hesitate during initial meetings, which is a tough situation to overcome. But with their services, Appriffy has successfully built a loyal and happy customer base.

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Funding & Investors of Appriffy

In November 2018, Appriffy raised an undisclosed amount of pre-seed funding from Mr. Abdulla Aldarmaki.

Date Stage Amount Investor
24-11-2018 Angel/Pre-Seed Undisclosed Mr.Abdulla Aldarmaki

A UAE national, Mr. Abdulla Aldarmaki was the first investor of Appriffy and took an exit in July 2021 along with Santosh S.N (Co-founder & CTO) and Apurva Gupta (Co-founder & CEO).

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Achievements of Appriffy

  • Selected by Govt. Of India and IIM Calcutta Innovation Park Under Smart Fifty Solutions for India.
  • Recognized by Govt. Of India and Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion.
  • Recognized by Govt. Of Karnataka as one of the Innovative Technical Service Provider.
  • Selected as One of the Smart 75 Tech Products Developers which is Organized by Govt. Of India and Goa and in collaboration with Govt. Of Armenia.

Future Plans of Appriffy

Appriffy is having its headquarters in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. Appriffy currently has more than 1000 users and is working towards growing the same. Appriffy is also planning to acquire and merge with one startup into Data Analytics Domain.

Appriffy is letting businesses hire remote developers and technical staff on an hourly and project basis, based on one's requirement thus avoiding huge expenses. Appriffy- Digital IT hub is a talent pool of efficient and effective developers who will help your business stay technically sound. Are you an organization or a startup looking for developers to hire? Appriffy provides the platform where you can hire professional developers and technical staff. Use this platform for your business or company and do let us know your experience.

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What is Appriffy?

Appriffy-Digital IT Hub is a digital marketplace where one can hire developers ‘On-Hourly and On-Demand Basis'.

What services does Appriffy provide?

Appriffy team helps individuals, startups, and enterprises to build their world-class Tech products. It starts from One hour to Unlimited time. As you shop for clothes and other necessary stuff online, now you can shop developers under the Appriffy umbrella.

Who is the founder of Appriffy?

Mr. Muzafar Hussain is the founder of Appriffy.

Who is the CEO of Appriffy?

Mr. Muzafar Hussain is the current CEO of Appriffy.

What is Appriffy Business Model?

Appriffy is currently running in a profitable state and the revenue comes in the form of subscriptions, profit margin, commissions, and equity in the startup companies with which Appriffy engages.

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