4 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Top Alternatives To Zillow

Souvik Dey Souvik Dey
Oct 21, 2020 6 min read
4 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Top Alternatives To Zillow

Zillow Group, Inc. is an online real estate company founded in 2006. The company operates as a real estate search engine that provides more than 110 million houses in the United States. It offers value estimates, pictures, and compare prices for each home listed on the site. But there is not only one online real estate company in the U.S. There are several other that offers varieties of features.

However, Zillow is awesome but there is something which is not available on Zillow for that this article will be very much helpful so that you can try other alternatives. Below there is a detailed analysis of the top 4 real estate company.


Redfin Website
Redfin Website

Redfin is a large online real estate company that designs the way people buy homes. It offers many benefits which makes it an alternative to Zillow. Redfin is one of the most popular real estate company run in the United States. This platform is run by a traditional brokerage system where buyers and sellers have to pay the least commission for a transaction when done through a real estate agent. It has access to Multiple Listing Services(MLS) and that has more uploaded data than any other online platform.

Redfin connects buyers and sellers with a local agent who listing recommendations based on the needs and market values. Then agents prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for properties in the neighborhood. You sign all the documents online and don’t need to meet up with an agent when every time you want to change.

First, the user interface and site design are very much similar to Zillow’s and Trulia’s which allow a user to search for a property with a map-based function. After a search with city or zip code, Redfin displays information like home value, home appreciation, square footage, year built, homeowner’s association fees, construction components, sewage system specifics, and other home data points that a home buyer wants to know before buying a house.

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Neighborhoodscout Website
Neighborhoodscout Website

Neighborhoodscout provides users with information regarding neighbors in the United States. All a user has to do access to the company’s neighborhood information is search by city or specific address. They provide a lot of information which are not found in Zillow or Trulia. The much information is for the investors which are helpful for them to make decisions about the risk of buying a property in certain locations.

All the information is extensive. Each Neighborhoodscout report contains 640 statistics for any given location. With this report, Β the user can get detailed information on the most vital pieces of real estate information, including name risk, demographic/lifestyle, school rating, home value trends, and forecast data. Neighborhoodscout uses an exclusive model to track regional population growth, income trends, unemployment trends, the stock performance of the region’s industries, housing added, and vacancy trends.

Neighborhoodscout provides Blue Chip Index to rate properties on a scale of 1 to 5. To get that blue-chip property one has to pay for it upfront. Additionally, Neighborhoodscout provides a Rising Star Index for its micro-neighborhoods. And this Rising Star Index is also based on a 1 to 5 scale.

Neighborhoodscout offers an option to License the website’s vast data via API or Bulk File for enterprise use.

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Homesnap website
Homesnap website

Homesnap is a trusted real estate platform for people to explore homes on a website or a mobile platform. The browser function on this site is very much simple and easiest to use, and making it easiest to search with the desired area. Homesnap provides features such as home for sale, open houses, recent sales, and house values for every home listed in the United States. It is easiest to search for timely, and accurate real estate information. The mobile app is very much fully integrated for easy to use. With the app, it is apart from the competition. The app provides real-time information. The mobile app also works for unlisted homes, condo, and apartments. The app is available on iOS and Android.

Homesnap is powered by a specialized home database that combines hundreds of disparate sources of data which is including MLS real estate database representing over 75 % of American’s homes, property tax records, census data geographic boundaries, property information, school information, and mortgage rates and more. Homesnap will connect to an agent if anyone is interested in buying and selling homes. In the app, users can create a custom feed and desired notifications about that property in which the user is interested. In the app users also have the option to share with other users thus makes the simplified search for the new property.

Homesnap pro is an agent-only version of Homesnap which gives real-time MLS data to Android and iOS users on smartphones or tablets. Homesnap pro gives the flexibility to research homes, contact agents, and communicate instantly with their clients from mobile devices. Agents and consumers can use Homesnap pro to seamlessly share real-estate information and communicate directly.

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Realtir.com website
Realtir.com website

Realtor.com is an online real estate company owned by News Corp. It is run by the National Association of Realtors. This website has up to date information listed on it. While the information is current, the site is more basic and does not have robust features like Zillow and Trulia. It is a great place for search as it connects with MLS for that it will have recently-listed homes on the website. One can use Realtor.com to search through the other websites like Homesnap, Redfin, and NeighborhoodScout and quickly get in touch with the agent.

It has a new text option to connect with the real estate professionals and a pricing feature to assess how specific home features, such as a garage, affect cost. They offer updated blogs that provide a lot of information such as housing markets, making the home appealing to buyers, and the selling and buying process in general . They also connect to a lender to start the preapproval process. And none of the information is irrelevant or boring. If anybody has questions or concerns it is very much easy for them to get contact information and responses also.

The website is very detailed and it has all the phone numbers which are easily accessible for customer use. This gives the great knowledge and experience of what the user is looking for. It has ease of setting up the account on the Realtor.com. The easy login menu for agents and makes us use our brain less while accomplishing the same amount of work.

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