MarketMuse Review - Features, Pricing, & Everything You Should Know Before Buying

Dev Kumar Padhy Dev Kumar Padhy
Mar 18, 2021 6 min read
MarketMuse Review - Features, Pricing, & Everything You Should Know Before Buying

Are you looking for a powerful SEO and content marketing tool that helps you create quality content in no time?

MarketMuse is one such application that takes care of SEO, keyword research, topic suggestions, and much more.

Lets see if MarketMuse fits your needs to create the best content for your site.

What is MarketMuse?
MarketMuse - Features
How to use MarketMuse
MarketMuse - Pricing
MarketMuse - FAQ’s

What is MarketMuse?

MarketMuse is an AI-powered keyword planner and content marketing tool created by Jeff Coyle and Aki Balogh in 2013. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide topic suggestions, analyze content and develop briefs for brands and help you create quality content.

MaketMuse dashboard
MaketMuse dashboard

It is a definite recommendation for SEO writers that work for medium to large agencies. MarketMuse will help you build strong content marketing strategies that align with your brand goals.

Hence, it is no wonder that MarketMuse has collected a variety of industry awards from the Content Marketing Institute, G2 Crowd, Red Herring, and US Search Awards.

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MarketMuse - Features

MarketMuse has two main features:

  • Inventory - Tracks all the content and reports on the current content on your website.
  • Applications tools - You can use it to research and plan your content
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Inventory includes:

  • Pages: Stores content on your website and provides insights to improve the content.
  • Topics: Stores the most common topics of your websites, including topics or areas which can be improved.
  • Plans: For content planning strategies.
  • Reports: This allows you to filter and sort data for your content.

Applications include:

Type in a topic and MarketMuse will give you a complete list of words to include in you content and also the number of times these words or phrases must be covered in an article.

What content are you competing against? MarketMuse shows you all the top-ranking content so you can collect important keywords and highlights content gaps that you can bridge.

MarketMuse's Compete dashboard
MarketMuse's Compete dashboard

This application helps when you are looking to rank voice searches and related topics. Questions provide a lot of queries users are searching for in relation to your keyword. These are similar to Google’s “people also ask” questions, but the list is far more dynamic. Not all questions are relevant so the sorting is up to you.

If you are using MarketMuse for your websites, it will suggest internal links to help connect the content you are currently working on to the content you’ve already published.

One of MarketMuse’s best features, simply to drop your content in the dashboard and MarketMuse ranks it against your competitors, It creates a content score that lets you know how your content fares and also suggests additional topics for you to cover.

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How to use MarketMuse?

The first thing you’ll notice when you sign into MarketMuse is that it provides a lot of options in the dashboard, which can get a bit overwhelming.

However, the app is fairly simple to use. Follow these steps to create the best content you can publish-

Step 1: Before writing anything, head over to the Research application and type in the term you are planning to use as a topic. MarketMuse will return a list of about 50 terms and topics related to the keyword you provided.

Step 2: Next, head over to the Compete tab and type in your keyword again. This will give you a list of the top 20 articles that your content will be competing against - as well as keywords and topics your competitors aren’t targeting.

The boxes in red are topics that aren’t being targeted so you can include those to create a more in-depth piece.

Step 3: Use the Questions tab and look for popular topics and questions. You can add these questions and topics to the list of main keywords once you’ve sorted out the relevant terms. You can then use these keywords in your article for maximum impact.

Step 4: Once you’ve written the piece, you can use the Optimize application to see how your content does against your competition. If your content is below average then you can add more topics that you’ve been suggested and look for areas that you can make more useful.

MarketMuse - Pricing

MarketMuse provides four pricing plans:

Premium Plan - $1499
Pro Plan - $499
Plus Plan - $179
Optimize Plan - $79

MarketMuse Pricing
MarketMuse Pricing
MarketMuse Click Here to Buy MarketMuse

MarketMuse - FAQ’s

What is credit in MarketMuse?

Use credits for AI-powered Content Briefs and First Drafts.

A Content Brief is an outline that sets the direction of how an article covers a specific topic.

First Draft is the raw output of MarketMuse AI-generated content, built on the shoulders of a MarketMuse Content Brief. The brief is a competitive deep dive into a specific topic, revealing what’s required to fully optimize a page for that subject.

MarketMuse builds AI content addressing the subheadings and corresponding subtopics of the associated content brief. Analyzing vast amounts of content on the web for each subheading, it then matches it to our subtopics list. Its plagiarism detection algorithm ensures that the AI content construct is always unique.

Use credits to jump-start your content creation process, saving you hours and days of comprehensive research on any given topic.

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What is a query in MarketMuse?

A query occurs any time you enter a topic in an application (and optionally a URL) and press RUN. For example, if you search for competitive gaps for “what is content intelligence” In Compete, that counts as 1 query.

What are MarketMuse's applications?

  • Optimize is a real-time editor that scores your content as you write, helping you to improve the depth and breadth of your article before you publish.
  • Research analyzes the distribution of related topics on your page to ensure the right depth and comprehensiveness. This is also a great way to find new content to create.
  • Compete shows the top-ranking pages on a topic and helps you visualize gaps in a competitive heatmap.
  • Questions help you ensure your content answers the important questions asked by your audience and avoid intent mismatch.
  • Connect provides internal and external linking recommendations.
  • Inventory and dashboards will be available to purchase within the platform (pricing information coming soon). These give you personalized insights, shows you Rockstar pages, where your content is too thin, gaps in titles, and more.

What’s the best way to get started with MarketMuse?

You can find their knowledge base with technical information and how to get started, educational blog posts and webinars, and a crash course to jump-start your strategy.


MarketMuse lets writers and marketers focus on creativity and business growth rather than wasting time trying out different keyword planner tools.

When it comes to getting the most out of content marketing, MarketMuse is truly worth it. If you have a fast-growing website or run an agency, MarketMuse is an ideal tool to add to your content marketing kit.

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