While the whole of Mumbai was rebooting, brands didn't miss out to capture this moment as a marketing opportunity

Arbaz Sayed Arbaz Sayed
Oct 12, 2020 3 min read
While the whole of Mumbai was rebooting, brands didn't miss out to capture this moment as a marketing opportunity

A city that never sleeps experienced a widespread power outage. While the whole city was experiencing an outage brands didn't miss out to capture this moment marketing opportunity. Many of the digital marketing teams had their content marketing teams out to communicate in their own flavor.

Twitter and Instagram continues to gain moments during these times. Many people took to twitter to use humor to deal with the situation. Some of the brands found this opportunity as an excellent marketing strategy and handled the situation with a bit of humor.

YouTube India

Tinder India

Amazon Prime India

Bisleri India


Society Tea

Burger King India

Montex India

Business tycoon, Anand Mahindra shared this regarding the Mumbai power cuts.

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Netflix is a player which has always been taking advantage of moment marketing. The OTT platform has been regularly using Twitter as a medium for reaching out to its audiences. In the most recent instance, the OTT platform tweeted about the power outage in Mumbai.

Moment marketing uses offline experience, particularly in TV shows and sporting events, to drive or trigger online interaction. It is also seen as the next big thing in the content marketing strategy.

Interestingly, if we analyze this space, Amul, a dairy brand, has always been the leader when it comes to ‘moment marketing’. The Amul girl has always been topical and spoken to the country on various political and non-political developments in real time. Till date, Amul Girl amuses the Indian audiences with its phenomenal one liners nearly every day.

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