Sam Ovens: Founder & CEO of

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Sam Ovens: Founder & CEO of

Sam Ovens is a billionaire entrepreneur who founded and serves as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). helps people start and grow their own consulting business. He is also the Founder of a property inspection app for property management businesses company, SnapInspect, which he sold later. He was named Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur with a controversial net worth of $65 million, as of 2017. The Net Worth of Sam Ovens 2021, is much lower comparatively of $10 Million. Moreover, he has also earned Manufacturing and Energy award in 2017.

Sam Ovens- Biography

Name Sam Ovens
Born 10 August, 1989
Birthplace Auckland, New Zealand
Age 32 (2021)
Nationality New Zealander
Profession Entrepreneur
Position Founder & CEO of; Founder of SnapInspect
Net worth $10 million (2021)
Marital Status Married (2017)
Spouse Ashleigh Ovens

Sam Ovens- Personal Life
Sam Ovens- Education
Sam Ovens- Professional Life
Sam Ovens- Startups & failure
Sam Ovens- Success story
Sam Ovens- Founder of SnapInspect
Sam Ovens- Founder & CEO of
Sam Ovens- Business idea

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Sam Ovens- Personal Life

Sam grew up in Auckland, New Zealand to a working-class family. He was taught to live moderately and pursue the cultural path from college to a corporate job. He struggled a lot in order to achieve success as an entrepreneur. Ashleigh Ovens is sam ovens wife after they married in 2017.

Sam Ovens- Education

Sam dropped out of his college to focus on his startup business. While studying, he entered the world of corporate job. However, he had to quit the job in order to work for a full-time in his startup business.

Story of Sam Ovens

Sam Ovens- Professional Life

Sam started working at Vodafone while studying in college, at the age of 21. Once he came across the word "entrepreneur", he then realized that he could be in a position where he could provide jobs to many people out there. He thus dreamt of entrepreneurship as his sole aim after coming across the enchanting word.

He then decided to quit his corporate job to start his own business. He started his business right from his parents' garage in New York and later built a huge consulting business empire called

Sam Ovens- Startups & failure

PromoteYourself was one of the first businesses that he started. The company was basically a platform for job seekers. The company generated $15,000 in 12 months with zero revenue which was why Sam asserted that the business failed miserably.

He then thought of starting a second business, which he named ToTheDesk. The business aimed at delivering meals from local restaurants right to desk of office workers. The business was developed with an idea of providing food to office workers who missed out on their lunch because of the long wait to get the food or the ones who did not want to settle on junk food.

His second business generated $10,000 in 12 months with zero revenue. He failed again but he did not want to lose hope. He dreamt of starting another company but he needed capital for it as he ran out of money and was now in a $30,000 debt.

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Sam Ovens- Success story

After the failure of two of his companies, he hardly had any capital. However, he needed to do something to raise capital in order to start a new business. He was skilled in creating business websites while working for his past startups so this experience helped him in inculcating ideas, through which he made capital for his new venture.

Sam started selling and creating websites for business and capital. This is when he realized the meaning of what entrepreneurship really meant. With every failed business, he learnt a tremendous amount of experience. Post that, he was all ready to establish his third business, SnapInspect. It eventually proved to be the first successful startup launched by him.

Sam Ovens- Founder of SnapInspect

SnapInspect Logo

Sam launched SnapInspect,a property inspection application on 2 March, 2011. He became more strategic while establishing his third startup. He was specific with his startup having sole aim of property management. He focused on his target audience with a much more effective marketing method.

From SnapInspect Sam Ovens was making a real revenue and had a real customer base. Prior to SnapInspect, no buyer wanted to acquire his previous startups. This time, he made sure that his product was in demand by pre-selling it. He contacted the property management businesses and pre-sold its software licenses for $5,000. This is how he figured out the process to find what the market wants in advance and avoided the risk of going into debt altogether.

Sam Ovens- Founder & CEO of Logo Logo

Sam serves as the Founder & CEO of, which is an eponymous e-learning company that claims to have over 10,000 paying customers. The company makes its revenue by licensing training programs with offices situated in Dublin and New York city.

Within three years of the company's establishment, a single course created 25 millionaires and about 3000 students quit their jobs and worked full-time for themselves with nearly 500-six figure earners. It also brought $20 million in revenue, which helped him to move his business to New York with a downtown office.

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Sam Ovens- Business idea

By the time SnapInspect gained profitability, his side business digital marketing consultancy was making more revenue and elevating towards new heights. One fine day, he realized that customer acquisition was a major problem almost everywhere but nobody hardly knew how to fix it.

He thus decided to elevate his business to a consulting firm by helping people evolve and grow in their business. He sold SnapInspect and used the money to scale his digital marketing consultancy with an aim to master the art of customer acquisition.

He then started working on a course that anyone could take online and learn the skills required to build their business, which would be valuable for students without the direct involvement of Sam. This is how Consulting Accelerator training program was formed.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Who is Sam Ovens?

Sam Ovens is a billionaire entrepreneur who founded and SnapInspect.

How old is Sam Ovens?

As of 2021, Sam Ovens is 32 years old.

What is Sam Ovens net worth?

The net worth of Sam Ovens is $1o Million as of 2021.

What is the name of Sam Ovens consulting Firm? is the name of Sam Ovens consulting.

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