Social CRM Tips For Successful Results

Individuals and businesses today are living in a hyper-social world. In simpler terms, this means that everyone is on social media. When these platforms first came out, they were only used to connect people around the world for communication purposes. Today, it goes beyond that. Businesses, in particular, are taking advantage of social media sites for them to engage with their customers.

It's safe to say, therefore, that social media and customer service are now closely related to each other. This fact highlights the importance of customer relationship management (CRM) for social media, which can benefit businesses. But this doesn’t mean that you can jump right into implementing social media CRM without putting much thought into its effectiveness and accuracy.

To ensure that you gain successful results, try to apply the following tips:

1. Enable Easy Importation Of Data

For businesses to be able to run more efficiently, it's imperative that they also apply online marketing tools, as well as tips and tricks for better and easier importation of data. That way, it's less of an effort to put everything together in your business. Rather than the traditional means of having to transport data manually and individually by hand, you can now go for more automated means.

Here are tips on how to maximize your social CRM for better importation of data:

  • Invest in the right social tool.
  • Monitor all interactions, comments, mentions, and messages.
  • Target the relevant social media networks pertaining to the specific information that you'd like to import.
  • Improve your analytics.
  • Group your customers into different target audiences.

Your employees can better manage your social media sites with the objective of improving customer service through a central app. This way, you can easily transfer and disseminate relevant information across all of your social media sites, Lesser errors are committed, and less time is also wasted.

2. Communicate Better With Customers

Customer Relationship Management involves actively engaging with your customers. In the case of social media sites, this refers to your followers. With a social CRM system for your business, it's easier for you to communicate across your different social media sites. You won't miss out on any comment regardless of whether they're good or bad ones.

Here's how social CRM fosters better communication with customers:

  • Whenever communication is made through a comment or a message, you're immediately notified of this regardless of the social media account you're currently on.
  • If your followers/clients have any sentiment or feedback that needs action, you're able to address this immediately.
  • Customers and followers feel more valued when they're given the proper attention that they need.

3. Grows Your Business

Businesses need to grow within the online sphere. With more and more people becoming active on the Internet and social media sites, this is a market you shouldn’t miss out on, or else you cease to be competitive. You're going to drown lower in the competition. With social CRM, this problem is solved.

Social CRM strengthens your business's potential to grow. This growth stems from the fact that your ability to reach a higher following of customers is now increased. Not only is this limited to reaching customers, but it also applies to the enhanced ability of improving customer relationship management.

4. Meets The Rising Needs And Demands Of Customers

Customers' expectations today are rising. One of the challenges involving technology has to do with the fact that communication from customers to businesses are changing across different channels. As a business entity, it's your job to be able to adapt through these various channels effectively. Otherwise, you'll fail to meet the rising communication needs and demands of your customers.

With the use of the best CRM for small business companies, your business meets the rising needs and demands of your customers. For instance, with phone CRM systems, you can better track and monitor inquiries and phone calls. The same holds true for social CRM. Having this system in place makes it easier for you to track correspondence across different social media channels, thereby meeting the rising demand for more effective communication.

5. Clearly Identify Your Problems And Goals

No matter what strategies you'll have in place, you'll never be able to use social CRM to your advantage if you don't spend time identifying your problems and goals clearly. As you begin to plan your social CRM strategies, it's imperative for you to also identify the existing issues. That way, you can make the necessary changes that will utilize your social CRM to your advantage.

Here are pointers to take note of as you identify your problems and goals:

  • Understand the challenges that are faced by your existing customers
  • Take heed of factors that might be missing in your business through the perspective of your customers

When these are addressed, you're also better able to engage in more convenient and relevant conversations with your customers.

6. Find And Reward Brand Advocates

Brand advocates refer to the influencers that are present all over social media sites today. These are often bloggers or even ordinary citizens that brands and companies pay every time they make a post about products and services. In essence, it's safe to say that these are the celebrities of social media sites.

For your business to stay on top of social CRM, it's also worth considering finding and rewarding brand advocates. These influencers can significantly help your business connect with your target customers. Apart from just advertising per se, they may even go as far as to help you answer the concerns and frequently asked questions of your clients. With minimal effort on your part, your customer service improves.


As you may have learned from the benefits enumerated above, it's now easy to define social media CRM as the integration of different social media sites in customer relationship management. Businesses that utilize this strategy can balance out the use of new social media sites with other traditional forms of CRM, resulting in all these benefits and so much more. If you're slacking behind your strategies, you may want to start applying social CRM to your business.

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