Suhas Gopinath: Founder & CEO of Globals Incorporation

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Apr 17, 2021 5 min read
Suhas Gopinath: Founder & CEO of Globals Incorporation

Suhas Gopinath is an Indian entrepreneur, who is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Chairman of the multinational IT company, Globals Incorporation. Three years after the launch of the company, he became CEO at the age of 17. At that time, he was the world's youngest CEO of a company. He also serves as the CEO of HappyEMI, which he co-founded in 2017. In 2010, he received Venture Fellow at New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). As of 2020, he holds a net worth of $1 million- $5 million.

Suhas Gopinath- Biography

Name Suhas Gopinath
Born 4 November, 1986
Birthplace Bangalore, India
Age 35 (2021)
Nationality Indian
Education Ramaiah Institute of Technology; Harvard University
Profession Entrepreneur
Position Founder, CEO & Chairman of Globals Incorporation; Co-founder & CEO at HappyEMI
Net worth $1 million- $5 million (2020)

Suhas Gopinath - Personal Life
Suhas Gopinath - Education
Suhas Gopinath - Professional Life
Suhas Gopinath - Success story
Suhas Gopinath - Founder of Globals Inc.
Suhas Gopinath - Co-founder & CEO of HappyEMI
Suhas Gopinath - Honors & Awards
Suhas Gopinath - FAQs

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Suhas Gopinath - Personal Life

Suhas was born in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. His father worked as a defense scientist for the Indian Army and his mother was a homemaker. During his early teens, he learned to make websites through the help of books.

Suhas Gopinath - Education

Suhas completed his formal education from Air force School. He studied Bachelor of Engineering- BE from Ramaiah Institute of Technology.

He further studied Economics, Public Leadership, Policy from Harvard University (2008-2010). He holds a diploma on global leadership and public policy from the John. F. Kennedy School of Government and Harvard University.

Suhas Gopinath - Professional Life

Suhas was recognized the world's youngest web developer as he made his first website, at the age of 14. He incorporated Globals Inc. in the year in 2000. He became the CEO of his company at the age of 17 and was declared for a time, the youngest CEO. Β 

He was a member of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Advisory Board at the World Bank Group for two years (November 2009-2011). He was the National Co-Chairman of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), ICT and Digital Economy.

World Economic Forum recognized him as the Young Global Leader in 2008. Since April 2012, he has been serving as Advisor to the Government of India. He is the member of National Expert Advisory Committee on Innovation, Incubation, Technology & Entrepreneurship (NEAC-IIITE) under DST, Government of India.

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Suhas Gopinath - Success story

Suhas belonged to a era when computers just made its appearance in the Indian market. At that time, it was difficult for him to own a computer, so he made a deal with a cafe owner. He used to look after the cafe during the lunch hours and in return he used the computer to learn programming and web designing.

At age 14, he made his first website, which served the NRIs. Post that, the companies started approaching him for work. He strongly believed that IT is not only a technology but a tool that can solve the problems of the people.

Suhas Gopinath - Founder of Globals Inc.

Globals Inc. Logo

Suhas founded his Bangalore based company Globals Incorporation in August 2000 and serves as its CEO. Globals Inc. oversees planning Strategy and Marketing, managing Finance, Business Development.

Under his leadership, the company has rigorously grown from a small office to a globally recognized multinational firm offering its services in web, e-commerce, and mobile. Today, Globals Inc. owns its offices in the United States, India, Canada, Germany, Italy, and the UK among others.

Suhas Gopinath - Co-founder & CEO of HappyEMI

HappyEMI Logo

In May 2017, Suhas co-founded the Bangalore based company, HappyEMI and serves as its CEO. It is a next generation consumer finance firm that provides shoppers with instant financing at the point of-sale in-stores. The online platform makes it people-less, paperless financing platform. Β 

It is known for its data driven approach that sanctions risk beyond credit score to reach an extensive consumer base through alternative data points. The company basically helps its retail partners to improve sales conversions, uplift basket sizes, and increase customer satisfaction.

The company has signed up with major brands under the categories of mobile, consumer durables, home improvement and car accessories. However, it currently focuses on mobile category. It monetizes by assistance from the manufactures and retailers, and financing charges from consumers.

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Suhas Gopinath - Honors & Awards

  • Suhas received the World's Youngest Entrepreneur award by CNBC and eBusiness.
  • He received the World's Youngest CEO award from Limca, BBC, Washington Times, The Age.
  • He was the youngest CEO among the 175 recipients of Karnataka's Rajyotsava Award in 2005.
  • At the European Parliament Brussels, he was conferred with Young Achiever Award by the European Parliament and International Association for Human Values on 2 December, 2007.
  • He was invited to represent the World Bank's ICT Leadership Roundtable for adopting ICT in Africa and increase employment by fostering ICT skills in students from these countries.
  • For 2008-2009, he was declared the Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, Davo. With this position, he was responsible to show his involvement in development programs across the world.
  • In 2009, Global Social Innovators forum conferred him with the SIP Fellow Award.
  • He was conferred with Make a difference award from Incredible Europe summit held in Vienna.
  • He received the Honorary Fellowship from Gitam University, Visakhapatnam.

Suhas Gopinath - FAQs

What is Suhas Gopinath net worth?

As of 2020, the net worth of Suhas Gopinath is estimated at $1 million- $5 million.

What is Suhas Gopinath age?

As of 2021, his age is 35 yrs.

What are the Suhas Gopinath company names?

The companies Suhas Gopinath founded are Globals Incorporation and Β HappyEMI.

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