Top 12 Successful MNC Companies in India

Dev Gupta Dev Gupta
Jul 25, 2023 15 min read
Top 12 Successful MNC Companies in India

India has been a hub for international businesses for several decades, and the presence of multi-national companies in India has played a crucial role in boosting the country's economy. The Indian market offers a vast consumer base and a skilled workforce, making it an attractive destination for MNCs to set up shop. In recent years, the Indian economy has seen significant growth, and several multinational corporations have contributed to this growth through their success in various sectors.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the top 12 successful multi-national companies in India that have made their mark in the Indian market.(To understand the work culture of various companies we have read the reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed)

Top Multinational Companies In India

Company Name Industry Headquarters
Tata Group Conglomerate Mumbai, India
Aditya Birla Group Conglomerate Mumbai, India
Infosys Information Technology Bangalore, India
HCL Technologies Information Technology Noida, India
Wipro Information Technology Bangalore, India
Google India Technology Bangalore, India
Amazon India Retail/E-commerce Bangalore, India
Apple India Technology Bangalore, India
Microsoft India Technology Hyderabad, India
Nestle India Food and Beverage Mumbai, India
IBM Information Technology, Consumer Hardware Mumbai, India
Coca Cola Consumer Goods Gurgaon, India

1. Tata Group
2. Aditya Birla Group
3. Infosys
4. HCL Technologies
5. Wipro
6. Google India
7. Amazon India
8. Apple India
9. Microsoft India
10. Nestle India
11. IBM
12. Coca Cola

1. Tata Group

Company Name Tata Group
Founder Jamsetji Tata
Founded 1868
Revenue US$128 billion (2022)
Number of Employees 935,000 (FY 2022)
Tata Group -Top MNC company in india
Tata Logo

When it comes to multi-national companies in India, the Tata Group is a name that needs no introduction. Founded in 1868 by Jamsetji Tata, the company has been a symbol of trust and reliability in the Indian market for over a century.

With a presence in 100+ countries across six continents, the Tata Group has established itself as a global player in various sectors, including steel, automotive, hospitality, and more. Their headquarters is in Mumbai, and the group employs over 9,00,000 people worldwide, making it one of the largest employers in India.

These include Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Motors, Tata Steel, Tata Chemicals, Tata Consumer Products, Titan, Tata Capital, Tata Power, Indian Hotels, Tata Communications, Tata Digital, and Tata Electronics.

These subsidiaries operate in various sectors such as IT services, automotive, steel, chemicals, consumer goods, retail, financial services, power, hospitality, telecommunications, and digital technologies. The wide range of businesses under Tata Group has made it one of the largest and most diversified corporate entities in India.

Work Culture:

Talking about the work culture, most of the employees on Indeed and Glassdoor said that their managers respect them. They are able to manage work-life balance easily. The working environment is challenging and new opportunities are given to employees to upscale themselves. Colleagues are supportive and salaries are given on time. Although some employees felt that the decision-making process of the company is a bit slow.

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2. Aditya Birla Group

Company Name Aditya Birla Group
Founder Seth Shiv Narayan Birla
Founded 1857
Revenue US$60 billion (2022)
Number of Employees 140,000 (2022)
Aditya Birla Group - multinational company in india
Aditya Birla Group

Aditya Birla Group is a global conglomerate that operates in 36 countries in North and South America and Africa. Seth Shiv Narayan Birla founded this company in 1857. Over 140,000 employees are a part of this ever-growing company. The company is headquartered in Mumbai.

We all famously know Aditya Birla Group for its subsidiary company UltraTech Cement Limited which is the largest manufacturer of cement in India.

Although the company has spread its footprints across different sectors like chemicals, metals, pulp, financial services, fashion retail, textiles, carbon black, telecom and fibre and renewable energy.

Work Culture:

The working environment is friendly and employees have the freedom to share ideas. The company believes in work-life balance. Employees are also able to learn a lot of new things. Although many of them felt that the work pressure is a bit high. Salaries are not as per industry standards.

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3. Infosys

Company Name Infosys
Founder N.R Narayan Murthy, Nandan M. Nilekani, S. Gopalakrishnan, S.D. Shibulal, K. Dinesh, N.S. Raghavan, Ashok Arora
Founded 1981
Revenue US$16 billion (2022)
Number of Employees 335,186 (2022)
Infosys Logo- top mnc company in india

Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational information technology company that provides a wide variety of services like business consulting, innovative IT solutions and outsourcing services. It is the 2nd largest IT company which was founded in 1981.

In 2021, it became the 4th Indian company to cross $100 billion in market capitalization. The main headquarters is in Bangalore. It operates in 50+ countries and has 3 lakhs employees working for them.

Work Culture:

The company provides all the needed infrastructure to its employees. The management also understands their employees. Overall the working environment is friendly. Although the major con is that the company offers low salaries and the appraisal system is also not good.  The working hours are also a major concern for many people. The learning opportunities depend upon the kind of project you get.

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4. HCL Technologies

Company Name HCL Technologies
Founder Shiv Nadar, Arjun Malhotra
Founded 1991
Revenue US$11 billion (2022)
Number of Employees 210,966 (2022)
HCL Technologies - multi national company in india
HCL Technologies

India has seen the rise of several successful multi-national companies over the years, and HCL Technologies is undoubtedly one of them. Founded in 1991 by Shiv Nadar and Arjun Malhotra, HCL Technologies (Hindustan Computers Limited) is an Indian multinational company that has made its mark in the global market. The company focuses on IT and Business Services (ITBS), Engineering and R&D Services (ERS) and Products and Platforms (P&P).

The main aim of HCL Technologies is to help companies thrive in the digital age. The company is headquartered in Noida and operates in 52 countries. 2,10,966 employees are a part of this innovative organization.

Work Culture:

The working culture is good and employees get opportunities to meet skilled people. Colleagues are also supportive. Learning opportunities are ample and transparency across projects is also there.

Management is professional and salaries are paid on time. The major con is that a hike in salary is not good. Many employees said that their salary is very less.

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5. Wipro

Company Name Wipro
Founder M.H. Hasham Premji
Founded 1945
Revenue US$10 billion (2022)
Number of Employees 240,000 (2022)
Wipro - top mnc company in india

Wipro is an Indian multinational company that is globally known for its IT services. The company provides an array of services like robotics, cloud, cognitive computing, hyper-automation, and analytics. Wipro also focuses on consulting and outsourcing. The headquarters of Wipro is in Bengaluru.

The company aims to help its clients adapt to the digital world. Muhammed Hasham Premji founded this company in 1945. 230,000+ employees are working in 67 countries.

Work Culture:

The company is excellent for freshers. Employees get a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. The infrastructure facilities are up to the mark and the working environment is friendly. Job security is also there. Salaries are paid on time.

Talking about the con many employees said that there is no work-life balance. Salary is also less when compared to other competitors. Unfortunately, salary is also not increased easily.

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6. Google India

Company Name Google India
Founder Larry Page, Sergey Brin
Founded 1998
Revenue US$94 billion (2022)
Number of Employees 139,995 (2021)
Google -top mnc in india

Google needs no introduction. Google India Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of Google Inc. which was founded in 2003. More than 1 lakh employees are working for this company.

The company has four offices in India: Hyderabad, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Mumbai. Google has expertise in search engines, cloud computing, web applications, machine learning, AI and online advertising.

Work Culture:

Managers are friendly and supportive. You will get a chance to meet talented people and there are ample opportunities to grow. The company provides good quality healthy food. Work-life balance is also there but, you need to be on your toes and give your best every day. Salaries are given on time and fun activities are also arranged for the employees.

7. Amazon India

Company Name Amazon India
Founder Jeff Bezos
Founded 1994
Revenue US$513.98 billion (2022)
Number of Employees 5,41,000 (2022)
Amazon - top mnc company in india

Another company where a lot of people want to work is Amazon India Pvt Ltd. The aim of this company is to make the experience of buying online smoother and faster.

The company is thinking from the perspective of the Indian audience and solving unique problems like providing opportunities to small retailers to sell online, regional discovery, fast delivery in small towns, reliable payment options and much more.  Apart from e-commerce the company also focuses on digital streaming, cloud computing, machine learning and AI.

Amazon has five offices in India: Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Gurugram. The head office is in Bangalore. According to the 2021 statistics, Amazon India has 65,000 employees and 1,00,000 delivery partners. Although these numbers would have surely skyrocketed in 2022.

Work Culture:

The working environment is innovative and friendly. Timely salaries and teammates are supportive as well. You will get a chance to work with global engineers. Every project is unique in its own way and you will get a lot of exposure. Work-life balance is also there.

Although if you get multiple projects your working hours might increase. Since it is a big organization the competition level is high and you might feel a bit lost.  

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8. Apple India

Company Name Apple India
Founder Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne
Founded 1976
Revenue US394.33 billion (2022)
Number of Employees 164,000 (2022)
Apple - top mnc company in india

The influence of multi-national companies in India can be seen in various sectors, including technology. One such company that has made a mark in the Indian market is Apple India, a subsidiary of the global tech giant Apple Inc. Incorporated in 1996, Apple India has been a prominent player in the Indian smartphone and computer market.

Their headquarters is in Bangalore. As we all know the company sells a variety of electronic products like mobile phones, laptops, watches and desktops and also focuses on its streaming platform: Apple TV. It is one of the biggest MNCs in India.

Work Culture:

The working environment is friendly and colleagues are chilled. You will get ample learning opportunities and a chance to use Apple products. You will meet a lot of experienced people that will teach you a lot of things. Salaries are paid on time.

Although sometimes your work-life balance is affected. Promotions take a lot of time and competition is also high.

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9. Microsoft India

Company Name Microsoft India
Founder Bill Gates, Paul Allen
Founded 1975
Revenue US$204.09 billion (2022)
Number of Employees over 18,000 (2022)
Microsoft Logo-top mnc companies in india
Microsoft Logo

Microsoft India Pvt Ltd subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation that was incorporated in 1990. The head office of the company is in Hyderabad. Microsoft India has 10 offices in different cities of India: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and Pune. 8,000 employees are a part of this company.

The company operates through six business units in India, each serving a different purpose. These units are Microsoft India (R&D) Private Limited, which focuses on research and development activities; Microsoft Research India (MSR India), which is dedicated to conducting scientific research; Microsoft Services Global Delivery (MSGD), which provides global delivery services; Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. (MCIPL), which operates as the main business entity of Microsoft in India; Microsoft IT India (MSIT India), which manages the company's IT operations in India; and Microsoft India Global Technical Support Center (IGTSC), which offers technical support to customers worldwide. Each unit contributes to Microsoft's operations in India, and together they help the company serve its customers and expand its presence in the region.

Work Culture:

Managers are supportive and you will find work-life balance. Management takes special care of employees' physical and mental health. The environment is challenging and market standards salary is given. You will get a chance to meet talented people. Although the compensation is poor and there are too many policies. If you are in a technical role then you may find the work monotonous.

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10. Nestle India

Company Name Nestle India
Founder Henri Nestl
Founded 1866
Revenue US$102.59 billion (2022)
Number of Employees 275,000 (2022)
Nestle Logo-top mnc companies in india
Nestle Logo

Nestlé India Limited is the subsidiary of the Swiss multinational company, Nestlé. It is the world's largest food and beverage company.

Nestlé India Limited, is involved in the production and marketing of various food and beverage products. Some of the popular brands offered by Nestlé in India include Maggi, Nescafé, KitKat, Munch, Milkybar, Nestlé Milk, and more.

It was incorporated in 1959 and its headquarters is in Gurgaon, Haryana. Nestlé India operates in four cities across India: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

Work Culture:

The working environment is good and the projects allow you to learn a lot of new things. Salary is according to the market standards and transparent HR policies give you a clear idea regarding your job responsibilities.

Although the hierarchical system leads to slow growth of the employees and working hours are very long which leads to poor work-life balance.

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11. IBM

Company Name IBM
Founder Herman Hollerith, Thomas J. Watson, Charles Ranlett Flint
Founded 1911
Revenue US$60.53 billion (2022)
Number of Employees 288,000 (2022)
IBM - multinational company in india

IBM, short for International Business Machines Corporation, is a globally renowned multinational technology company. Established on June 16, 1911, IBM has a rich history of innovation and leadership in the technology industry. Over the years, it has evolved into a prominent provider of advanced information technology, software, hardware, and consulting services worldwide.

IBM has a strong focus on research and development, with multiple research centers worldwide. It actively pursues cutting-edge technologies, such as quantum computing, blockchain, and nanotechnology, to address emerging challenges and shape the future of technology.

Work Culture:

IBM's work culture is characterized by its emphasis on diversity, innovation, and collaboration. With a strong commitment to employee development, the company encourages continuous learning and provides ample opportunities for skill enhancement. IBM's agile work environment enables teams to work collaboratively across borders, fostering a sense of global unity. Ethical business practices and a focus on corporate social responsibility underline the company's commitment to making a positive impact on society.

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12. Coca Cola

Company Name Coca Cola
Founder Asa Griggs Candler
Founded 1892
Revenue US$43 billion (2022)
Number of Employees 82,500 (2022)
Coca Cola - multinational company in india

Coca-Cola is one of the world's largest beverage companies, and it operates in various countries, including India. The company has a long history in India and has been a prominent player in the Indian non-alcoholic beverage market.

Coca-Cola India offers a diverse portfolio of products, including its iconic carbonated soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, and Thums Up, along with a range of non-carbonated beverages like Minute Maid juices, Maaza, and Kinley packaged drinking water. The brand's popularity and widespread distribution network have made it a significant player in the Indian beverage market.

Work Culture:

Coca-Cola fosters a diverse and collaborative work culture. Innovation and employee development are prioritized, encouraging continuous learning. The company values ethical conduct and social responsibility, creating a supportive and inclusive environment for its workforce.

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In conclusion, the presence of multi-national companies in India has been a significant contributor to the country's economic growth. The Indian market offers vast potential for international businesses, and several companies have leveraged this opportunity to establish themselves as global players.

In this article, we have looked at the top 12 successful multi-national companies in India that have made their mark in various sectors, including technology, hospitality, and more. These companies have not only brought in foreign investment but have also created job opportunities for millions of people across the country. With the Indian economy poised for further growth, it will be interesting to see how these companies evolve and contribute to India's development in the years to come.

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What are MNCs?

MNCs, or Multinational Companies, are enterprises that operate in multiple countries, including India.

Which is the top MNC in India?

Tata, Wipro, Nestle India, Aditya Birla, and Infosys are some of the top MNCs in India.

How are the top MNCs in India determined?

The ranking of top MNCs in India is usually based on various factors, including revenue, market share, brand reputation, growth rate, and social impact.

How many MNCs are there in India?

There are over 290,000 MNCs in India.

How do MNCs contribute to the Indian economy?

MNCs play a crucial role in the Indian economy by bringing in foreign direct investment, creating job opportunities, introducing new technologies, enhancing skill development, and contributing to the country's export and tax revenues.

Are there any challenges that MNCs face while operating in India?

MNCs in India may encounter challenges such as regulatory complexities, cultural differences, competition from local players, and managing diverse markets across different states and regions. However, successful companies adapt and navigate these challenges to thrive in the Indian market.

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