All You Need to Know About YouTube New Copyright Tool for Creators

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Dec 15, 2021 4 min read
All You Need to Know About YouTube New Copyright Tool for Creators

Every day thousands of crowd-driven videos are being uploaded to the online platforms and particularly on YouTube. Many times they are duplicated and reuploaded. YouTube's recent updates on user's copyright tools is going to blow out your mind.

The changes made by YouTube had to be done because a lot of content is being stolen and is being re-published from different accounts. Content creators at YouTube need not worry about their content being stolen just by enabling the copyright tool.

The copyright management tool can be enabled so that no one can duplicate your content and it will not be reuploaded to the platform. YouTube will immediately notify the owner of that particular content if there is a copyright issue found. The webform can be accessed by the creators on YouTube Studio.

Youtube’s New Copyright Tool - ‘Prevent Copies’ Function
Youtube’s New Copyright Tool - ‘Checks’ Method

Copyright Management on YouTube

The ‘prevent copies’ checkbox can be checked and unchecked to enable and disable the function. YouTube creators can follow the three simple steps given below to enable the 'prevent copies' action.

  • First step include filling out the copyright takedown webform.
  • Then, find the 'removal' option and check the box that says 'prevent copies'.
  • Click on the submit button and YouTube will notify you if there is a copyright issue.

Before this function is enabled, the request of ‘Prevent Copies’ needs to be approved by YouTube. Once it has been approved, YouTube will automatically find duplicate content and prevent them from being reuploaded.

If YouTube finds out users using any unfair means, then the feature can be lost permanently and your account can be terminated.

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YouTube Copyright Tool
vidIQ - YouTube Channel using Copyright Tool

The new tool brought out by YouTube has been named ‘Checks’ that tell the creator that their video contains copyrighted material and that it complies with the advertising guidelines. Before the introduction of ‘Checks’, creators at the platform thought that their content would be uploaded without any hitch but that is not the case after the recent update.

Due to copyright issues, fraudsters would duplicate contents claiming ad revenue which was quite unfair for the owner of the original content. However, the recent update made by YouTube will take necessary actions if such frauds are being committed on the online platform.

The new update or the new system brought out by YouTube is wholly based on the content ID system. In case there is a violation found by YouTube’s copyright identification system, the right holder’s policy would be applied automatically and this could result in the video being blocked permanently.

There will also be a notice sent to the owner of the video via ‘Checks’ so that the owner can remove a part of the video beforehand. In case a copyright issue is found and the creator does not think that he did not commit any fraud issues. Then, in that case YouTube will allow the creator to dispute the claim before the content has been published.

If the dispute finds that the creator did not use any unfair means then the ad revenue is paid out to them. This update from YouTube is only making things easier for creators so that they can create content and publish them on the platform securely.

Creators at YouTube can also be relieved thinking that the company will have their back whenever certain monetization issues are found due to duplicity of content. Before indulging in any kind of unfair practice one should know the consequences of it.

A takedown notice of the content will be done because of two reasons only and they are;

  • Whenever there is a content-ID match.
  • When there is a takedown notice created against the video.

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YouTube is a platform that has become a primary source of income for many. Therefore, it is also necessary to keep the source of income updated and secure by following all the guidelines and accepting the terms and conditions put up by the company.

Even if you post videos on YouTube just for fun and entertainment purposes only then you should not support duplicity or copying content. If someone is copying your content then you should report that account.


Here are the steps to accept YouTube's new copyright tools:

  • First sign in to YouTube Studio
  • There will be a menu on the left, click on ‘Copyright’
  • Then click the tab showing ‘matches’
  • Review the matching videos
  • Check the box next to the video that you want to take action on

Does YouTube detect violent content automatically?

If the content is against the guidelines and is inappropriate then YouTube detects it automatically.

When does a copyrighted content enter the public domain?

A copyrighted content enters the public domain after 75 years past the death of the author.

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