Adpump Review: An unheard CPA network

Charudath K Nair Charudath K Nair
Aug 9, 2021 4 min read
Adpump Review: An unheard CPA network

Advertising online is one of the most convenient and cheap ways to attract new customers. Almost everyone has an online presence and advertising in the virtual space is an important step in today’s marketing.

Whether you’re a website owner or an entity looking for more customers, a CPA network is great for business. Adpump is a global CPA network that connects publishers with people who need advertising. Β The service is active gobally operating in several region

As a publisher, you can gain more traffic through their website’s rated listing. Although you may not have heard of it, Adpump used to be a growing CPA network back in 2017 and we'll take a look at its features.

Adpump: Features
Adpump: Pros
Adpump: Cons

Adpump: Features

Just like any other CPA network, Adpump has certain features that make it unique. The network focuses on eliminating scams and fraudulent offers from publishers. Besides this Adpump runs all transactions based on the blockchain making them secure and private. It provides multiple ways to pay and get paid for your traffic.

Features listed on the Adpump website
Features listed on the Adpump website
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Notable features of the network include:

Secure Transactions Between Clients

Adpump differs from other CPA networks because of its extensive fraud detection methods. Scams are common when it comes to online marketing. Adpump provides users with verified publishers and ensures transparency in its services.

Transactions are based on a blockchain, granting secure gateways for payments between publishers and clients. The transactions are done through the use of ADP tokens. This means the publishers also receive their end of the deal subject to Adpump’s terms of service.

Analytics Dashboard

Adpump has a dedicated client dashboard with statistics to keep clients updated. The dashboard provides real-time information about how an ad is performing, site traffic, and turn-ins. These analytics mean that transparency exists between the clients and publishers at all times.

The dashboard also prevents any form of scams as sites can be monitored at any time. Marketing campaigns can be tweaked based on the tracked progress. Having an overview of ads is truly helpful when trying out new strategies.

Rated Publishers

The listed publishers are all websites or blogs with medium to high traffic. The affiliates available are also spanned across several categories including gaming, sports, cooking, etc. This means you are bound to find a perfect website for your ads no matter what.

The offers are sorted on a rating basis so you can always choose the best one. Furthermore, if you happen to be the owner of a website, Adpump keeps the registration process simplistic. There is no interview process, unlike other CPA networks. As long as your website qualifies, you can offer up your website.

Easy monetization

The blockchain-based smart contract ensures that you get paid for your ad hosting. The minimal cashout amount is also low at $10. Adpump provides an easy way for content creators on the web to get some additional revenue. The site also pays for referrals with a 5% commission. As long as the quality of your content and the website’s traffic remain intact you can continue to provide service.

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Adpump Clients
Adpump Clients

To further help you in choosing your next CPA network, here’s a list of the pros and cons of Adpump.

Adpump: Pros

  • Blockchain-based network
  • Secure and transparent
  • Provides an easy user interface

Adpump: Cons

  • The service is slightly outdated
  • Lack of proper customer support
  • Negative reviews over the past few years
  • Lack of new publishers
  • The ADP token value has depleted
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Maintaining integrity and standards is key to ensure long term survival when it comes to a service. It is perhaps here that the CPA network, Adpump has fallen short. Popular networks like Google Adsense dominate now, along with services like CPALead, MyLead, Fireads etc. These services provide similar offers while keeping their systems updated. It's essential to know the service you want to use a little better for the best results.


What is Adpump?

Adpump is a global CPA network that connects publishers with people who need advertising.

What are the features of Adpump?

Adpump offers Quality Assurance, Reliable customer service, and Seamless integration.

What are some alternatives of Adpump?

Trafficake, Affie and Peerfly are some of the alternatives of Adpump.

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