How is Facebook Using AI to Enhance Its Shopping Features?

Sushree Sangeeta Behera Sushree Sangeeta Behera
Jul 14, 2021 6 min read
How is Facebook Using AI to Enhance Its Shopping Features?

In this growing modern world, technology has taken a huge leap. And in today's world AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the new face of modern technology. In terms of Computer Science, AI or Artificial Intelligence refers to human-like Intelligence exhibited in a computer.

Now after years of being devoted and researching science-fiction, today AI is a part of our daily lives. And the advancement in AI technology has made our lives more functional and comfortable than before. AI is completing our words as we type them, providing us directions in the form of tutorials and other functions in other ways too.

Facebook, one of the largest social media platforms by Mark Zuckerberg, has now announced the same. Quoting that, for the improvement in the experience of shopping across its various ventures, a new way has been made for the existing and future businesses to set up a single online store for customers to access on Facebook.

The company has already characterized all the new products powered by AI. Also, the machine learning system has a surge in its vision for an all-in-one AI assistant that can search, categorize, and can stimulate products. While at the same time it can personalize its recommendations to the individual persons as per their choice preferences.

Facebook - AI Features
Facebook - AI To Automate Marketing
Facebook - AI Making Small Scale Business Possible
Facebook - AI Product Recognition
Facebook - AI for Identifying many unseen objects and other attributes
Facebook - AI Stepping Footprints for the Next Age Shopping

Facebook - AI Features

Before digging deep into the matter, let's understand what are the key AI features Facebook is using to improve its shopping experience. So they are:

1. To automae the Marketing
2. Making Small Scale Business Possible
3. Product Recognition
4. Identifying many unseen objects and other attributes
5. Stepping Footprints for the Next Age Shopping.

Now letโ€™s discuss them one by one.

Facebook - AI To Automate Marketing

Many E-Commerce businesses just as Facebook Marketplace depend on Artificial Intelligence. They depend on automating a host to stimulate the job being behind the stage. It starts from learning choice preferences and body types to look into and understand the possible factors that may influence the buyer. It may also influence the purchase decision of an individual or a group of purchasers.

McKinsey and Company known as a trusted advisor and counsellor to many of the world's most influential businesses and institutions estimate that Amazon, which recently used AI to handle that what the shopper inquiries. And this in return generated 35% from its product recommendation engine.

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Facebook - AI Making Small Scale Business Possible

Facebook marketplace
Facebook marketplace

โ€œWe are seeing a lot of small businesses making their presence for the first time on this online platform, (as a result of the ongoing pandemic) whom we never saw before,โ€ said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during an online Livestream event conducted. He also disclosed that small-scale businesses around the globe used the platform's services.

โ€œThis can help to endure some of the loss made due to this pandemic to their lost businesses. Facebook is distinctively positioned to be a winner for small-scale businesses. It is helping them to grow and create a healthy environment for their successful business."

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Facebook - AI Product Recognition

AI transforms Facebook shopping
AI transforms Facebook shopping

Facebook remarked that its AI shopping systems segments detect and make classification of images to know of that. They also make a decision, where the products should appear and deliver shopping suggestions.

One of the systems that Artificial Intelligence uses is known as GrokNet. It was trained on seven sets of data. It contains images of the products that many as in millions of users post, purchase, and sell in a bulk or dozens of categories.

Facebook - AI for Identifying many unseen objects and other attributes

To help the buyers or the respective shoppers find accurately what they are searching for, the product recognition systems must shine at recognizing specific product characteristics. They are also known as attributes. But there lie thousands of other possibilities. Each one of them can be applied to a range of other categories. For example, a person can have blue jeans, blue shirts, blue pants, or even a blue car.

Mainly, several state-of-the-art classification models have taken the superintendent approach. But the thing is that, with near-infinite possibilities, this is not much ascendable.

Facebook - AI Stepping Footprints for the Next Age Shopping

Today, Artificial Intelligence shopping is walking its infant steps. From machines to photos of different products are still just collections of pixels. Just like โ€œfull sleevesโ€, others are more objective like โ€œcasual wearโ€ Or โ€œcold weatherโ€. So basically training these AI models which can flexibly make the use of the precise and right information provided in each situation. Because each situation requires solving scientific and engineering challenges.

With each year Artificial Technology systems are being built smarter. Due to this training, they are finely tuned to understand all the shopping-related photos and text with the state of the art being exact.

And on a good note, thereโ€™s a long way to go for such futuristic innovations. Personalized shopping is very difficult as everyone's choice preferences are becoming distinctive and are constantly evolving with time. So they need to keep on building on their fundamental Artificial Intelligence. This may also include enhancement for even deeper AI understanding for not only just products and fashion. But also dynamic context and vivid knowledge of relationships should be kept in mind with the items. Thus making us one more step closer to the next age of shopping.

Hence, there are advantages as well as disadvantages of Facebook's AI on shopping that the buyers or the sellers will face. They are:

1. Requirement for selling through the Facebook marketplace.
2. Allotment of selling Fee
3. Unable to include extra additional or enhanced features
4. Excluding buyers, purchasers, or customers who are not on Facebook


Although these are the advantageous aspects that Facebook AI is having for Next-generation shopping. Yet it is also easy to forecast the disadvantages that will come along with it. But as this system came into force due to the pandemic going on, itโ€™s not certain how it will perform in the future once the pandemic is lifted. So now all the small-scale businesses should incur some profits from the losses they endured.

So itโ€™s a major plan set up by Facebook for the coming age. But the generation will decide its operation. Keeping in view its pros and cons, itโ€™s the upcoming generation who'll take charge of its fluent operation.

But whatever it may bring tomorrow, it surely had its impact now bringing success to many. Successful results say that not only in Facebook but everywhere else Artificial Intelligence is the new face for the rising tomorrow. Hence itโ€™s a great initiative led by Facebook to help many small-scale businesses come out of their losses to start freshly. However, disadvantages may show up at any possible time. Hence, Time is the only condition evident of the fact that what will be the new aspect of Artificial Intelligence.


How AI is transforming the way people shop?

AI system automatically scans through the product catalog and identify the exact product and makes it more convenient to give better shopping experience to the customers.

Does Facebook use AI for advertising?

Facebook uses AI to advertise the relevant content to users through text, photos and videos.

How is AI used in marketing?

AI tools use data and customer profiles and find best way to communicate with customers. They communicate though relevant tailored messages at the right time without any intervention from marketing team members.

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