Why your Brand can’t Risk Missing out on Digital Transformation in the 21st Century

Digital transformation is the fundamental transformation of a brand by integrating digital technology into its processes and operations in a bid to leverage the potential and opportunities that digital technologies present to today’s businesses.

It is a cultural change that challenges the status quo and streamlines business processes and customer expectations to meet the present and future shifts in business trends.

Indeed, in this digital age, any company that intends to compete favorably would necessarily inculcate digital transformation in its vision. That said, here are some of the reasons why your businesses terribly needs digital transformation.

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Digital Competition

Digital transformation is helping businesses to focus on their customers' insight to grow their business. With the elimination of geographical barriers and the globalization of commerce, there is increasing competition among brands on a global scale.

Today all you need is an online presence and top-notch business intelligence to be able to transact business with partners who are continents away. Companies that have not aligned with this trend will continue to miss out on this opportunity, while those who have embraced digital transformation reserve the potential for limitless expansion and growth.

If your business has not incorporated digital transformation in its operations, regardless of how long it has been established, you stand the risk of stagnation and losing out to the newer digital start-ups. You could remedy this situation by hiring professionals that render business transformation services to put you back in the front of the pack.

Enhance Business Intelligence

Digitization has increased the level of business intelligence that companies have access to. Artificial intelligence machines effectively analyze big data gathered via digitally enhanced means. The level of analysis is beyond human capacity and provides the kind of insights that allow modern businesses to anticipate and meet the needs of their target market effectively.

Thus, digital transformation is making brands more prominent and better by providing improved business intelligence that plays essential roles in contemporary corporate environment.

Employee Efficiency

More modern businesses now desire enhanced agile hybrid IT services and flexible networking capability. Revolutionary artificial intelligence handles a lot of mundane tasks, thus allowing employees to focus on core business functions. This move away from manual processes and automated processes increases staff efficiency, motivation, and makes them more useful.

To keep your employees motivated and loyal to your company, you need to invest in providing them the best working experience in the organization. Your staff will be better motivated when you make their jobs easier.

This motivation translates to increased productivity and improves your business operations in the long run. Digitally transform your business using top-notch business transformation services and amplify your employee efficiency.

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Improved Customer Experience

Your customers can make or mar your business. Their transactions with you are subject to how well you meet their expectations of a seamless experience across all touch points. That is why you need to take advantage of the potential of digital transformation to create the best possible user-experience for them. Leverage digital means to interact with your customers, sourcing more valuable information about them that you could apply in marketing campaigns.

Unilever, example of Digital Transformation

Traditionally, an enterprises buy customer data from market-research firms, but Unilever chose to build its own database. They built their database using information from customer registrations, store loyalty cards, and third-party sites—all of which eventually exceeded 900 million individual customer records.

Unilever matches the scale of its data with the scale of small teams. “Digital hubs” around the world gather analysts together to study consumer traits, segment the traits into hundreds of categories, and build content to serve them. These teams are made even more agile with the support of an extensive artificial intelligence (AI) system that can help predict upcoming trends.


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