5 Simple Steps to Evaluate a Company's culture during Remote hiring

Alan Joseph Alan Joseph
Apr 11, 2021 5 min read
5 Simple Steps to Evaluate a Company's culture during Remote hiring

There are a lot of generic expectations from a job you would look for. It can be a good salary, work timings, the manager you are going to work with and many others. But more than all these the company’s culture plays an important role in you getting satisfied with the Job.

Analyzing the Company’s culture especially through remote hiring or for a remote job is considered to be a tough process. Here are certain steps you can follow to understand and analyze the company’s work culture during the remote hiring process.

Know your Expectations
Research about the Company
Get in touch with Employees of the company
Ask questions
Try to Observe Everything

Know your Expectations

You would obviously have certain expectations regarding your job. Even if it is a remote job or a normal office going job, you will have certain must-haves in your mind. The first step is to get a clarification on it.

You should try to analyze what you are expecting from the company other than the remuneration and the benefits. You should be sure about the work-life balance you require and especially if you are working from home you will have to maintain certain boundaries.

Maybe you would be looking for a highly collaborative work environment. It can be anything but you should first realize and understand what you are expecting from the company.

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Research about the Company

After setting your expectations you should start researching about the company to understand whether this is the best company according to your expectations. You may feel that remote hiring is a disadvantage to understand all these.

But that’s not the case you have all the information you require at your fingertips. You can always try to dig into the online resources to understand more about the company such as


You can invest some time to go through the company’s website. This will give you a brief idea about how the company shows its work culture to the outside world. This can be considered as a starting point of your research activity.

You can invest more time in the company’s about and career page. This will provide you with more information about how the company’s culture would be.

Social Media:

You can always check the social media profiles or pages of the company. You can check the company’s activities, their social media posts, the content they interact with, etc. This can provide you with some insights into the culture of the company.


Blogs can be a valuable source of information. You can look into the company’s blogs if the company has one. They may list all the activities happening in the company. You may also find some information about the remote working culture of the company.

Employee Reviews:

You can check certain platforms where the employees leave a review about the company. While going through it you can get an understanding of the company’s culture and information regarding the company which you wouldn’t have known.

But never judge the company with just a single review always go through multiple reviews and then come to a conclusion.

Learning opportunities
Learning opportunities

Get in touch with Employees of the company

You can try getting into contact with current or former employees of the company. Nowadays you have various sources through which you can easily connect with them. LinkedIn is one of the sources which lets you connect easily with professional people.

You can get in contact with the employees and ask them various doubts you have in your mind. You can have a conversation with them and understand whether this company matches your expectations. This will give you a proper idea about the work culture of the company.

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Ask questions

At the end of the interview, you will always get a chance to ask questions to the hiring managers. This is a chance provided by the company to answer your queries regarding the company.

You should always take this opportunity and ask the hiring managers politely. Try not to ask them in a generic way such as Tell me about your company’s culture. Instead, try making it as a conversation and putting things in a nice way.

It should look like you’re having a conversation and not shooting questions at the manager. You should use this opportunity to get all the information regarding the company.

 Questions during Interview
 Questions during Interview

Try to Observe Everything

You should always try to observe everything you can during the interview. Pay attention to even the minute detail. You should know the importance of attention to detail.

Particularly when you are having a remote interview you should try to grab all the information you can possibly find and take in all the clues. When you are being interviewed by the hiring managers always observe how happy they are with the job.

You can always observe keeping these questions in your mind, Are they excited about bringing someone new to the team? Or are they exhausted at the need to onboard people and train them?. You can also observe whether they are providing relevant answers and trying to solve your doubts or just rushing through them.


What are the best jobs to work remotely?

The best jobs to work remotely are Graphic designer, Travel agent, Tutor, Freelance writer, Accountant, Freelance translator, Digital marketer, and Operations manager.

How do I hire someone remotely?

The three main steps to look when hiring someone remotely is Use hiring tools to help create a cohesive recruiting experience, Invite top candidates to a video call interview, and Put top candidates to the test with a project.

Why do companies hire remote workers?

Hiring remote workers can result in huge business savings It also reduces office costs.


All these would give you a basic understanding of the happiness of the employees in the company. The above points should be kept in mind before you accept a job offer through remote hiring or for a remote job.

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