8 Fastest Declining Jobs of the Decade

Bharath Bharath
Apr 23, 2022 6 min read
8 Fastest Declining Jobs of the Decade

The growth of our world and the evolution of technology have brought many opportunities. But they also resulted in pushing a few jobs to go extinct. Some careers are now on their pathway to extinction. Those jobs that adopted traditional means of working and those that were overtaken by modern technologies are in a downhill phase.

The reason for their fall is either the outcome of the job was no longer needed or they were replaced by technology and modern equipment. Here are some of such down-turning jobs that one should know before choosing a career.

Fastest Declining Jobs

  1. Word Processor and Typist
  2. Nuclear Power Reactor Operator
  3. Data Entry Keyers
  4. Travel Agent
  5. Door-to-door Salesperson
  6. Watch and Clock Repairers
  7. Prepress Technician
  8. Taxi Drivers
Technology replacing jobs

Fastest Declining Jobs

Percentage of Tasks to be automated in various industries
Percentage of Tasks to be automated in various industries

The following is a list of the 8 fastest declining jobs of the decade:

Word Processor and Typist

Typist - Fastest Declining Jobs
Typist - Fastest Declining Jobs

The work of Word Processors and Typists is to use computer systems, word processors or a typewriter to type letters, documents, reports or any other required materials. Some additional clerical duties are also added to their job profiles like answering phone calls, running errands, etc., This job has seen a negative trend in the past decade. And it is expected to continue in the future too.

The cause of its downfall is reasoned after growing automation in this field of work. The modern tools and software make this job quick and simple thus eliminating the need for a typist. Word Processor and Typist profession has seen a decrease in career opportunities by 74% in the past 15 years. They are expected to fall further by 36% in the next decade.

Nuclear Power Reactor Operator

Nuclear Power Reactor Operator’s job is to monitor and control nuclear reactors. They have to inspect the equipment, control its functions and record data in logs. The operator’s work is also to determine any malfunctions or abnormalities in the system and come out with a proper solution to fix the issue.

The Nuclear Power Reactor Operator work is now getting automated and is being replaced by advanced types of equipment. The risk of automation in this field of work stands at 69% in the future. As a result, the job opportunities for nuclear reactor operator is expected to fall by 32% by 2030.

Data Entry Keyers

Data Entry operators - Fastest Declining Jobs
Data Entry operators - Fastest Declining Jobs

Data Entry Keyers are those who are involved in administrative work. Their duties include verifying data, keeping up activity logs, maintaining purchase and sales bills and other related activities. They should also look for mistakes and keep the data error-free. But with the technology and automation, everything has been computerized right from maintaining data to detecting and rectifying errors. This has severely impacted the need for data entry keyers. By 2030, the demand for this job would further decline by 25%.

Travel Agent

Travel agents - Fastest Declining Jobs
Travel agents - Fastest Declining Jobs

Before the boom of the internet and e-travel apps, we needed travel agents to plan our travel and book commutes. They served as the planners of people’s travels, vacations and everything that involved transport. But now, technology has made this process simple and given us the authority to plan our travel by ourselves. The work done by travel agents has been brought into mobile apps, with additional offers and discounts on prices, thus encouraging people to move towards them. This online trend will further affect this occupation and cause a fall of 20% in the next 10 years.

Door-to-door Salesperson

Salesperson - Fastest Declining Jobs
Salesperson - Fastest Declining Jobs

The Door-to-door salesperson is a job that is almost on the verge of extinction. Earlier there used to be several people knocking on our doors trying to sell various products. They used to come up with unique or some less-known products tagged with exciting offers. Now, this job has been endangered with the entry of technology and online shopping. The e-commerce sites have locked people into their apps with every product they could think of. People are updated with every new product launch through these online sites. Thus the need for salespeople is rapidly decreasing and is further expected to fall by 24% in this decade.

Watch and Clock Repairers

Watch Repairing - Fastest Declining Jobs
Watch Repairing - Fastest Declining Jobs

The trend toward wearing watches is slowly declining day by day. Not many people are wearing them these days as mobile phones additionally took up the duties of watches. Nowadays, several advanced innovations are being stuffed into these watches and clocks to boost their sales. The affordable cost of these devices is encouraging people to replace the existing items with new ones instead of repairing them. This has started eliminating the need for watch and clock repairers. It is estimated that the requirement for this job would decline by 25% by the end of this decade.

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Prepress Technician

Prepress Technician was once the most popular and demanding job. The environment of work constitutes printing and press. A prepress technician is supposed to check proofs and ensure the formatting, color, and text of the document before printing. They are also responsible for the functioning and maintenance of the printing press equipment.

Now, with the introduction of technology, most of the prepress technician’s works are automated. The preset programs in computers perform their duty quickly and flawlessly. This has started eradicating the demand for prepress technicians which is further expected to go down by 20% in the forthcoming years.

Taxi Drivers

Taxi Drivers - Fastest Declining Jobs
Taxi Drivers - Fastest Declining Jobs

This may seem to be a shocker but it is going to happen somewhere in the future. Within a decade would be no surprise. Companies are ready to adopt new ways to reduce their operating costs. Like, if you can self-drive, then these companies rent out taxis without drivers thus eliminating the labor cost from the actual charge. Now, the technology is stepping into the business where efforts are made to automate the driver’s job thus completely removing the need for a driver.

If this is successfully incorporated the taxi driver’s job would face a severe hit. With the prototypes already on the run, demand for this job would decline with the success of this system.


The jobs listed above are facing a gradual fall since the boom of the internet and the development of technologies. The works of typists, data entry keyers, and door-to-door salespeople are mostly automated and made handy by technology. Some of the other careers are replaced by modern innovations. So, the need for these jobs is highly anticipated to fall in terms of opportunities and scope and soon might vanish from the career society.


What are the jobs losing their demands over technology?

Some of the jobs that are fastly getting declined and replaced by technology are:

  • Word Processor and Typist
  • Nuclear Power Reactor Operator
  • Data Entry Keyers
  • Travel Agent
  • Door-to-door Salesperson
  • Watch and Clock Repairers
  • Prepress Technician
  • Taxi Drivers

What percentage of jobs has technology replaced?

Around 29% of Jobs are getting replaced by technology.

Will technology reduce human employment opportunities?

AI and robotics are taking over different jobs in most of industries, thereby reducing employment opportunities for humans.

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