Hupan University - An Elite Business School founded by Jack Ma

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May 29, 2021 4 min read
Hupan University - An Elite Business School founded by Jack Ma

Elite Business Schools have been famous for over a lot of years. Some of the major elite business schools are Harvard, Stanford, Colombia Business school, etc. Jack Ma, the founder of the popular e-commerce site Alibaba has also founded one of the elite business schools, Hupan University. Hupan University has announced that Jack Ma is stepping down as the president. Let’s look into more information about the Elite Business School founded by Jack Ma.

Hupan University – Latest News
Admission requirements for Hupan University
The curricular and Students at Hupan University
Changes after stepping down to Hupan University of Jack Ma

Hupan University – Latest News

Jack Ma has announced that he will step down from the elite business school he had founded back in 2015. This is because of the crackdown on the influence of the billionaire in the Chinese society. The retreat from the academy is because the regulators of China have increased the pressure on Jack Ma.

Jack Ma had disappeared from public view from the day he had given a public speech against the Chinese regulators during the month of October. He had criticized the Chinese regulators and the state-owned banks.

Admission requirements for Hupan University

Hupan University which provides an executive training programme for entrepreneurs is claimed to be as hard to get into the university like Harvard or Stanford University. It was founded by Jack Ma in the year 2015 along with nine business executives.

The admission requirements of the university are very strict and accept only the candidates who have 3 years of experience in running their own business, employing at least 30 people, and have an annual revenue of around USD 4.5 million. They should also obtain 3 recommendations at least one of them which should be chosen by the university.

Aerial view of Hupan University
Aerial view of Hupan University

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The curricular and Students at Hupan University

In the past 5 years, the university has admitted around 254 entrepreneurs and a total of 11,788 applicants have been admitted to the school. Together they employ over 1 million people and the average age of the admitted members is around 38 years and have been doing the business for the past 11 years.

So far, the school has offered 271 classes out of which most of the classes were undertaken by entrepreneurs of various traditional companies as well as internet companies. Unlike a traditional MBA school, Hupan University aims at inspiring the future entrepreneurs with a sense of social and moral responsibility.

Changes to Hupan University after Jack Ma Stepped down

As Jack Ma announced that he would step down from the Presidential position of Hupan University led to restructuring the educational programme of the university and has changed its name. Hupan had changed its name from its website and social media accounts to Hupan Innovation Center.

There were even videos released that showed workers removing the name from a large stone sign in front of the campus. The change of name was because only a licensed educational institution can mention its name as a university and Hupan is not an official university yet.

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However, a person close to the business school has conveyed that Jack Ma would not hold any high profile post in the institution but several people have mentioned that he would remain connected to the school giving lectures in the future.


Where is Hupan University located?

Hupan University is an elite business school located in Yuhu Bay, Xihu Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.

When was Hupan University founded?

Hupan University was founded in 2015 by Jack Ma with nine fellow business executives.

Why did Hupan University changed its name?

Hupan University changed its name to Hupan Innovation Center because only a licensed educational institution can mention its name as a university and Hupan is not an official university yet.

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