How To Make More Money Using Facebook By Doing Less

You may not consider Facebook as new and advantageous anymore. But you can’t deny the fact that it is popular. There are almost 2 billion-plus active users.

This is not surprising that many people are trying to earn money using Facebook. With this much potential audience, it makes good sense. However, this can be tough to stand out from crows and make money on Facebook.

Facebook works using 4 steps which decides which posts the person will see:

  1. Inventory - it examines all the recent shared things and the pages following.
  2. Signals - it looks at the whole range of signals depending on the user’s past behavior.
  3. Predictions - the signal specifies about users’ reactions towards a particular story. Will it be shared or ignored?
  4. Score - the algorithm creates a relevant score for each of the posts considering the signals and predictions.

Whenever Facebook assembles a user’s feed. It only will show the posts having the highest relevance scores.

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Build Your Audience

The only reason why Influencers are successful on Facebook. They already have followed the process for building a large following. You need to build up your proficiency by sharing a string of excellent posts. That includes interesting links, images, and updates.

To get the success you need to build up an area of your interest. Where you will be recognized. While businesses choose to use influencers to market for them. They will also want to have their presence on Facebook.

How To build audience

The main goal of your Facebook page should be to offer a place. Where people will get to know you. If they liked your content, they will automatically respect you. This will result in gaining trust from them. And lastly, your followers will be happy to but something that you offer.

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1. You Can Earn Money Through a Facebook Page

Facebook has this much potential that it can earn up to billion. The Indian startup was first started on a Facebook page. This later become the startup sharing news article in 60 words.

To get started to earn money from Facebook. You need to create a page. And follow this further guide.

Step 1 - Find a niche

You need to be clear that you want to make money from the Facebook page. And for that, you must know the importance of a niche. This will decide your interest in the topic.

Such as an affiliate marketing page will create a reasonable earning from websites like Flipkart.

Earning using a Facebook page is not a short period of work. It is a must, you have a basic idea about this field. This way you can create content for your followers and inspire others.

Step 2 - publish fresh content on your Facebook page

You should start sharing new content. The content should be something that people like to see. It is said that Facebook pages have low organic reach. People will often forget if you are constantly active.

You must be ready with pre-written content. You need to schedule your posts. This way if any chance you are busy, you can still run your page. You can schedule social media posts with apps like Buffer.

Step 3 - Try to make a relationship

In any field building relationships is essential. You will get your first money through collaborative promotions or sponsored posts. Also, you can earn money by posting links to different brands.

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2. Earn Money By Selling Products On Facebook

You can put the product links in the link box. Also, offer some kind of discount on the product. You can also use the affiliate link of any eCommerce site. Attach a coupon code (not necessarily).

Facebook monthly users stats

Your followers will buy the products from the link. And you will get money through this process. You can use the paid links on Facebook from any of the sites. Such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Any of then providing commission on their earning. You can also involve any influential page to promote your page and that offer.

3. Earn While Being a Freelance Facebook Marketer

You can earn up to $50 per hour by being a freelance marketer at Facebook.

  • Analyze Facebook statistics. You need to predict the data analysis. That is which type of posts would work on which day.
  • You can only be successful as a marketer when you will be able to measure the statistics. Like any other apps, Facebook has also its analytics for pages.
  • You should have the ability to create marketing strategies and decisions. A successful marketer will know the results of a particular campaign at the end of the month.
  • You should have the ability to create Facebook-friendly content. You must know the type of content that will work in a situation.
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4. Earn While Being An Influencer

You can also earn while being an Influencer with a normal profile. If your posts get decent likes and comments. Then becoming an influencer can get you money from Facebook.

Also if you have a large amount of following. And you love to interact with them. Then you will just start earning money by signing up. Through an influencer account on or any other tool.

Become Facebook influencer

After signing up, you will have to fill a form where you will have to enter the profile info. You can choose the price as an influencer.

5. Earn Through Facebook Apps

You can also earn money by developing Facebook apps. You can develop a Facebook app. In your particular app, you can earn money by applying for banner ads. You can sell your services or products. And also for other gaming companies such as Zynga, PopCap, etc.

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6. Earn Through Account Selling

You can also earn by selling old Facebook accounts. At very first, it became a trend to make more than one account. But today marketers are buying these accounts for their promotions. Facebook considers more to old accounts. However, you can sell the old Facebook group or page. That has a good number of people following.

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7. Earn Through Facebook Groups

You can create a Facebook group. Try to create a group with 10k+ members. And also a good engagement in the whole group between members. You have to keep the members engaged with relevant questions, blogs, posts, polls, etc.

You can also earn using paid surveys, sponsored content, selling your product, or service. Or you can try affiliate marketing.

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Over To You

Earning money from Facebook is a little sensitive. Facebook does now offers an organic promotion to larger followers. But the solution is if you keep your followers engaged through your content or service. Then you can get the organic reach to a larger extent.

Happy earning!!

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