RHA Technologies - IT consulting & Technology Partner [Exclusive Interview]

RHA Technologies - IT consulting & Technology Partner [Exclusive Interview]

RHA Technologies is India’s unique IT consulting and technology partner to SMEs, and startups. RHA Technologies provides empathetic and synergistic technology solutions and services to help organizations to realize and strengthen their innovation, differentiation, valuation, and market offering by designing, developing, and implementing successful digital transformation and adoption journey.

RHA Technologies built deep tech SaaS products and platforms by combining technical and vertical domain expertise to help businesses accelerate and leverage both core and disruptive technologies like analytics and cloud (SMAC), blockchain, AI/ML, IoT, to deliver end to end smart solutions and services to businesses across industries.

StartupTalky interviewed Mr. Arun Meena (Founder & CEO of RHA Technologies), a stalwart from the field of deep expertise in the tech services industry.

RHA Technologies - Company Highlights

Company Name RHA Technologies
Founder and CEO Arun Meena
Headquarters Delhi
Industry IT, Consulting

Let's see what Mr. Arun has got to say about the IT Industry in general and RHA technologies in particular.

  1. Backdrop of RHA Technologies - Operations, Growth Hacks, Business & Revenue Model
  2. Financial Metrics of RHA Technologies
  3. How RHA Technologies help organizations in implementing a successful digital transformation and adoption journey?
  4. RHA Technologies Industry Details and Advice to the start-ups in the field of analytics/blockchain/AI/ML/IoT
  5. Marketing strategies and Partnerships of RHA Technologies
  6. How RHA Techologies keep up with the pace of technological advancement?
  7. Major competitor and USP of RHA Technologies
  8. Career perspectives and Hiring Culture at RHA Technologies
  9. Future Plans of RHA Technologies

1. Do give us an insight into the backdrop of a startup - like its operations, business model, revenue model & growth hacks. Also, highlight these metrics about RHA Technologies

An HBR study showed that companies that are equipped with both business and technical skills are disproportionately more likely to introduce new-to-the market innovations than firms that have only one of these skills. Thus, Tech Co-founder is one of the most critical and difficult elements to integrate in the founding structure of Start-ups. They provide a unique set of commitment, experience, vision, relationship, and skills inputs that cannot be trusted or expected from a CTO. Many of the technology competitive issues that non-tech founders struggle with, become springboards with the presence of a trusted and qualified tech co-founder. The result is better valuation, easier funding, and faster business success. RHA Technologies brings this advantage to all start-ups and SMEs.

RHA Technologies thus for the first time in India enables the unique trust dependent outsourced tech co-founder offering for Start-ups and SMEs. In addition, the organisation also offers the traditional model of outsourced product development to MNCs and start-ups.

Our technology consulting, digital transformation, and technology services and solutions for the founders of start-ups and SMEs are rooted in empathy and synergy. This enables the client organisations to realize and strengthen their innovation, differentiation, valuation, and market offering and is the unique edge provided by RHA Technologies.

Our customer centricity and domain expertise enabled us to secure an MNC client along with two start-ups as outsourced tech cofounder / CTO in the first 3 months itself. The organisation has since created rapid momentum despite the pandemic. The initial small team of passionate technologists, has within a year, transformed itself in to seventy strong professionals with expertise across wide spectrum of technologies. The organizational value system has enabled a larger client base and more importantly further strengthened our customer centricity in our phase of rapid expansion.

RHA Technologies Logo

2. We would love to know about the financial numbers of RHA Technologies including revenue, YoY growth, profit, valuation, funding, net worth etc.,

Let’s Build Together! Defines how we at RHA Technologies approach business, clients, employees, and partners.

Our financial numbers is something, which we can’t disclose, but our overall numbers are very healthy. Our goal is to remain sustainable without any dependency on any external funding. For the coming year, we see a good overall YoY growth without hampering our profits.

3. How does RHA Technologies help organizations in implementing a successful digital transformation and adoption journey?

Innovate, Transform, Accelerate, process of RHA Technologies helps create a holistic agile IT strategy that optimizes the client’s business through technology and digital transformation. Digital transformation is more than implementing technology in the organisation. We use solutions around AI/ML, Cloud, IoT, Mobile, Automation, Data, and Blockchain to transform organizations across processes, business models, customer experience, and products and services. RHA Technologies team’s experience with multiple organisations including MNC clients in Education, Real Estate, BFSI, Media & Entertainment, Social Media and new age businesses, brings an unparalleled expertise to client founders.

We help our clients realize the potential of digital transformation as both a business growth enabler and a means to save costs. Our digital transformation process thus helps clients in a) access to a broader market b) improve customer services c) improve supply chain efficiencies and d) reduce time or cost intensive manual work.

Clients are able to work with SMAC (Social, mobile, analytics, and cloud) and IoT to ensure constant innovation for market edge. Digital transformation provides them insights about every area of their business be it cost, best customers, seasonality, bundling, discounts, wasted discounts, supplier efficiency, supplier quality/cost, logistics costs, etc. which accelerates innovations in services / products and thus revenues and profitability.

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4. What changes you witnessed in the industry in the pre & post Covid era. What trends did you observe? What does the future like? In addition, advice to the start-ups in the field of analytics/blockchain/AI/ML/IoT will be much appreciated.

I launched RHA Technologies during the pandemic in May 2020; and the client response and organisation growth has kept pace with my expectations for the first year of operations. For us it was about fulfilling an acute market need, and the pandemic despite its widespread impact on the human morale and economy, did no deter us from our mission.

Many clients observed a slowdown in their business. However, what is noteworthy is their focus on the future. They have seen the acceleration of digital forces globally and the success of digitally nimble in quickly recovering business growth at the expense of others. Thus, clients are committing strongly to digital transformation albeit with focus on practicality, value for money along with return on investment, and tangible business benefits in the short and medium term.

The key areas of digital transformation that are firmly in the radar of clients are:

  1. Big Data, Advanced Analytics, and Decision Intelligence - According to Gartner by 2023, more than 33% of large organizations will have analysts practicing decision intelligence, including decision modelling.
  2. Block chain beyond crypto - we have started seeing real use cases for block chain technology beyond payments in supply chain, contract management, medical records, claim processing, property records, etc. Block chain has a lot of potential to redefine business processes across industries.
  3. Robotic Process Automation - Robotic Process Automation is the process creating software ‘robots’ that can execute the repetitive day-to-day tasks and help organisations decrease costs and free employees’ valuable time.
  4. IoT - Internet of Things has been growing in relevance and usage in the past decade and continues to be one of the hottest digital transformation trends.
  5. Conversational AI - one of the most visible forms of AI and ML experience is in the form of Conversational AI. Conversational artificial intelligence is designed to understand, process, and respond to human voice while delivering an increasingly natural experience-managing context and sentiment.

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5. What marketing strategies did you employ? How does it target the right segment of customers? Does RHA Technologies have any partnerships in place?

For us at RHA Technologies marketing has been about creating the positive word of mouth where new clients feel confident in collaborating us. Therefore, our people and their value system of “Let’s Build Together” has been the biggest element of marketing. In addition, we have leveraged market communication to communicate our offerings and domain expertise. Contrary to conventional practice, we have not been aggressive on social media in this phase

This strategy has given us the market respect and clients that has enabled us to rapidly expand our business and the talent base.

6. With the growing technological advancement, how do you keep up with the pace? A piece of advice on this matter will be much appreciated.

Keeping pace with technological advancement around us is a major element of our competency where we help clients compete with the best. Our mantra for this has been to hire talent that has an innate curiosity, desire to continually learn and upgrade, along with the work ethic to act on the learnings.

7. Who do you see as the major competitor of RHA Technologies? How do you look to stand out from them with the relative market share you own? Do highlight the USP of the company.

We are in a Blue Ocean with our Tech Co-founder offering and therefore we ourselves are our biggest competitors. For our traditional model of outsourced product development business, the competition is widespread. It is our value system and the attitude of “Let’s Build Together” that gives us the edge. We work alongside our clients as trusted advisors to deliver value at every stage.

We provide seamless technology solutions and services to help organizations innovate and realize their business goals. Clients become more innovative, competitive, and differentiated by leveraging our digital transformation and adoption journey.

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8. Right People. Right Place’ - What are the career perspectives at RHA Technologies for freshers? What is the company’s hiring process and culture?

Talent is the core of our value proposition, and we hire people who have innate curiosity, desire to continually learn and upgrade along with the work ethic to act on the learnings.

We have a lot opening for both freshers and people with experiences. Now a days technology are getting redundant in a shorter timeframe therefore when we hire people our focus is hire people with good analytical skills and willingness to learn.

9. Where do you see RHA Technologies in the next 5 years? Any business expansion plans.

Five years is a long time in this digital age. In line with our Let’s Build Together! approach we will strive to develop into a family of clients, employees, and partners that have grown together. This is the approach that has helped us to grow to a team of 70 from the founding set in a year’s time with corresponding number of clients. We will continue to build on this momentum for the future towards being an industry benchmark for collaborative, innovative, value driven organisation.

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