Say Namaste- An Indian Alternative Conferencing Platform for the Apps like โ€˜Zoomโ€™

Yash Gupta Yash Gupta
Apr 26, 2020 4 min read
Say Namaste- An Indian Alternative Conferencing Platform for the Apps like โ€˜Zoomโ€™

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a big problem for all the people of the world. This has led to the situation that people are not able to go outside not even for earning money for their basic livelihood due to complete global lockdown. The govt. has asked the people to work from home. In order to work in this lockdown situation, the people are using different online conference platforms, which are able to connect all the employees together at their respective houses.

One of the successful app in this lockdown situation is the โ€˜Zoom appโ€™, which is used by the people, the most in this stressful situation. But due to many privacy problems, the app is able to create problems for itself by just creating many alternative for itself. One of such platform, which have gained popularity because of this Zoom problems is the 'Say Namaste' conferencing platform. Let us discuss in detail about it.

Working USP of Say Namaste Platform

Say Namaste- An alternative of Zoom app.
Say Namaste- An alternative of Zoom app.

'Say Namaste' is not actually an app, whereas it is an online tool or in other words an online platform which can be easily accessible through your trusted web browser. This conferencing platform is provided by a ย private company based Mumbai named โ€˜Inscriptsโ€™ who has introduced 'Say Namaste' video conferencing platform who got this opportunity after looking at cyber vulnerability in the very popular video conferencing app- Zoom app. 'Say Namaste' is using open source techniques. These include making availability of end-to-end encryption like WhatsApp which works best with this service without affecting performance and any privacy concerns.

Best Alternatives to Zoom App while Working Remotely
The COVID-19 pandemic [] has madegovernments across the world to take measures to contain the spread ofcoronavirus. Many governments have implemented lockdown. So almost all thecompanies are asking their employees to stay home and work remotely as much asโ€ฆ
Say Namaste- An alternative of Zoom app.

The 'Say Namaste' platform is also backed by the Indian Government cautioned also cautioned the cyber and privacy problems against the use of the popular video calling app Zoom. The video conferencing platform- 'Say Namaste' is currently available in Beta mode and is going under all the test to make the platform more secure to use without any tension of any privacy and other cyber problems.

Key Differentiating Points of Say Namaste Platform

Say Namaste- A Privacy Protected Platform
Say Namaste- A Privacy Protected Platform

On giving interview to a channel, the CEO of the company says that he doesnโ€™t wants to work like โ€œan all-purpose communications suiteโ€ but focus on highly interactive and easy to use interface who can be easily used by their customers.

The use of 'Say Namaste' platform is highly easily as any user for now, just needs to create a meeting link using a randomly generated 10-digit ID and four-digit password and other users can join the session without any problem with the help of meeting link. Like the feature in Zoom, there is no โ€˜waiting roomโ€™ and on a single moment of time only one person can joins the meeting one by one.

Try these Zoom Settings to Protect Your Privacy and Avoid Zoombombing Trolls
Zoom, a cloud-based meeting platform, is making into headlines almost everyday.The video-conferencing software[] has been gainingattention from researchers and journalists lately for a number of potentialprivacy and security issues. The use oโ€ฆ
Say Namaste- A Privacy Protected Platform

At the present moment, 'Say Namaste' can support 25 callers at once but the companyโ€™s aim is to reach 100 callers limit per session. Besides video-calling, the platform also supports screen sharing, file sharing and text chats i.e. all the features which are supported by all the well-known conferencing apps for making an all-in-one multi-utility app. Anuj Garg, the co-founder and the CEO of Inscripts says that 'Say Namaste' app is still under ta testing and has garnered over 500,000 users within a few days and they will be able to provide the stable version within a upcoming small portion of time.

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