The Best Valentine's Day Commercials

Parnas Ghosh Parnas Ghosh
Feb 8, 2020 3 min read
The Best Valentine's Day Commercials

With February’s beginning, it is the season of love, the season of romance and season of Valentine’s. From 7th February to the day of love i.e  14th Feb, valentine’s week is a great week for celebration for the lovers. Valentine’s week is also a great time for the companies to launch their products related to Valentine’s day and promote them by using their best Valentine’s day commercial. Valentine’s commercial is very beautiful and celebrates both love and the business, in the scenario.

Here we are ruling the best Valentine’s day commercial celebrating love and romance:-

Heineken-The Date

Released in 2011,  Heineken, The Date advertisement has 75k views on Youtube. It is an ad where the Heineken legend woos his stunning date on an epic journey which is a glamorous tribute to all magical dates and legendary night outs. The ad was shot in London in the hip atmosphere and is shot very beautiful and magical way. “THE DATE” has a musical score that features the Bollywood 1960s track ‘ Jaan Pehechaan Ho”.It also shows the introduction of a new Heineken legend. The young couple dances in groovy beats and go around and enjoy their dates like no tomorrow is the most beautiful part of the AD.

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Chanel No.5 The Film

In 2004, the popular fashion brand Chanel released their Chanel No.5 The Film, which is one of the most romantic ads of all time. It is directed by the flamboyant Australian filmmaker Baz Luhrman. The film costs around $24 million dollars and features another Australian legend, Nicole Kidman. The ad features Kidman as a celebrity who disappears and runs off with a man who doesn’t know the existence of her so he asks “WHO ARE YOU”? , which she replies with an answer” I’m a dancer”.They have a love affair on the open roof of a NEW YORK building which features a huge Chanel sign and then the star returns back to her red carpet lifestyle. The ad has 3.5 million views and 6.7k likes on Youtube.

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With over 1.3 million views, it has 8.1k likes on Youtube. The I minute 30 seconds ad tells the love story of a young boy and girl, who shares their first kiss down the bottom of the garden and after sharing their moment, the couple then morphs into a young couple and then into an older one with their kiss getting more passionate and finally, the couple grow old together but has no signs of falling out in love., with the ad ending with the line’ GOOD THINGS LAST FOREVER”.

Google Parisian Love

The Google ad was launched in 2009, has  24k views and 1.2k likes on Instagram. The advertisement is for 52 seconds. The story is of an unseen protagonist entering search terms like” impress a French girl”, “long-distance relationship advice”,” directions (from the US to Paris), etc in Google. the texts are further like “churches in Paris”,” how to assemble a crib” which shows the increase in romance, shows the progression in a love story.

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KFC - Love is forever

KFC is known for serving one of the best fried chicken. Likewise, their ad in 2011 is one of the best-romantic ads for valentine’s day. With over

794,93o views and has around 3.3k likes. It starts with a group of kids eating a KFC outside while an old lady walks out on to her balcony and sniffs the air approvingly/ She then returns inside and dances with her husband and as the two of them bob and pirouette, they grow younger and younger before transforming into two children lying on a bed the little says”I’m hungry” before the camera pulls back to weird sticker on the side of a dressing table bearing the face of the “Colonel” and the words” SO GOOD”.

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