Heard of Wai Wai Noodles? | Wai Wai Noodles Marketing Strategy

Mahenoor Mansuri Mahenoor Mansuri
Sep 6, 2021 5 min read
Heard of Wai Wai Noodles? | Wai Wai Noodles Marketing Strategy

Wai Wai noodles is an Instant noodle brand. It has a completely different fan base for the people in Nepal, India. Here is the reason? The brand has had its presence since the year 1972, starting in Nepal.

Now offers its noodles to 32 different countries. The message the brand gives out is to: Eat it anyway, anywhere, 2.3 billion packets of the Wai Wai noodles are made every year.

Wai Wai noodles are made in India. Which now has a 1000 crores revenue in India and plans to expand its entity by the FY22 to 1500 crores as per its goal, says Varun Chaudhary, the Managing Director of CP Corp Global.

Shifting Consumption patterns of food
The marketing strategy of Wai Wai noodles

Shifting Consumption patterns of food

The pandemic has changed many things. We have shifted from work to office to work from home. Wearing formal, but now comfortably sitting in your PJs. Sitting and working from home is hectic, and you look for snacks that can be cooked or made instantly.

Where Wai Wai noodles come into the picture. The brand has been existing for so long with such a strong fan base in Nepal. How has it managed to get going for a long time?

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The Marketing Strategy of Wai Wai noodles

Inbound marketing

This strategy is based on the three principles i.e., attract, engage, and delight your consumers. It's somewhat similar to digital marketing. The initial stages consist of creating content and experiences that the audience, finds relatable to attract them towards your business. Later, engaging them with different tools to delight them.

Relationship marketing

Wai Wai shares a good relationship with their consumers. They create contests and other fun activities to engage with them on a one-to-one basis, with rewards They also curate fun activities for interacting with their audiences like #NoodleDoodle, #WIC (What's Indian cooking), and #CWWC (Catch Wai Wai cup).

Multicultural marketing

Talking about the fan base that the company has in Nepal. How do you think the company created it? Of course, it is obvious! They planned it long ago as they were looking for a good place with a geographic area that in some ways would be relevant to the product they were launching.

People of Nepal, belonging to the hilly areas of Nepal share a common resemblance of culture with their love for the company's product. The northeast accounts for more than 60% of the market share in India itself.

Global marketing

Wai Wai has a plan and a target ahead. To grow bigger and better in the coming year and plan to set up new manufacturing units to achieve the Organizational goal of becoming an Rs.1500 crore entity by FY22. That also means that it could be visibly catering to audiences beyond India. The business could also work wonders in Singapore, China, or Japan, keeping in mind the cultural factor. It could be a huge success if the brand established its position strategically.

Influencers and Micro-influencers

Including the recipes shared by the fans, Wai Wai has reposted them on their reels. It not only includes fans but also influencers and micro-influencers alike, who have a love for their noodles and are foodies on Instagram to increase their reach. Which includes pages like @sassinmyspoon, @thefoodanddrinkdiaries, and influencers @iamsukhmanibedi, who is a singer, songwriter, and actor.

Buzz marketing

They create content with a message that is clear, concise, and relevant for their growing community. Creating a buzz around their content.

Content marketing and Video marketing

Content marketing plays a major role along with inbound and digital marketing. It can ensure that your audience keeps coming back to you for the content that you create, publish and distribute among them.

Wai Wai has an average of around 600-1000 views on their IGTV videos on Instagram. It actively is involved in giving out recipes for their noodles. It is also using the reels feature to its advantage, smartly using it to wish the audience on the festivals celebrated in India.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing or having an active presence on social media, Having consistency and engaging with your audience on a more personal basis. Wai Wai has been using Instagram, Twitter and Facebook effectively to market its product out there consistently. Not only the brand is promoting and marketing its product. But also entertaining their consumers to engage with them.

Wai Wai on Twitter
Wai Wai on Twitter


Noodles can't just stick to being noodles here. They are innovating creative ideas and sharing them on their social media platforms. This includes Sambariya Stir Fry, Noodle Thepla Wrap, Vegetable Noodle Upma, all traditional Indian recipes with a twist.

They have come up with the #WaiWaiTwist. They also have different flavors for different market segments like Chicken and Masala Atta Noodles, Curry delight, and more. Not only that, they are doing away with ideas of stereotyping, with their creative ad campaigns.

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Want to thrive your business?

Take it from the story of Wai Wai.


Is Wai Wai from Nepal?

Wai Wai noodles is produced by the Thai Preserved Food Factory, Co., Ltd. (TPFF) in Thailand and by the Chaudhary Group in Nepal.

When was Wai Wai founded?

Wai Wai Noodles was founded in 1972 in Thailand.

What is the market share of Wai Wai noodles in India?

Wai Wai noodles has 20 per cent of the instant noodles market in India.

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