8 Ways To Convert GEN Z Leads For eCommerce Store

8 Ways To Convert GEN Z Leads For eCommerce Store

When one looks back in time, one will notice how different the marketing strategies were. But those strategies worked fine for the generation ruling then. However, if you try to apply the same marketing techniques today, they will not give you profitable results. It is because the needs and preferences of the generation leading the market have changed a lot. Therefore, the marketing strategies should also be changed accordingly.

Nowadays, most businesses want to target Generation Z, popularly known as Gen Z. If you also have the same goal, we will help you with some of the best lead generation ways that work for this generation. But before we delve in, you must know what Gen Z means. Simply put, it is the current generation of people born between 1997 and 2012. The oldest people belonging to Gen Z are around 25 years old; some are also married and have kids. This is the generation most brands want to target because they are the present and the future market. Keep reading to know how to convert Gen Z leads for your eCommerce store!

Gen Z Leads For eCommerce Store

What is a Lead in the eCommerce market
The ways to convert Gen Z leads

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What is a Lead in the eCommerce market

Lead In The eCommerce Market
Lead In The eCommerce Market

Some people think that leads are those who buy from you, but that's not true. Those who buy from your store are your customers and leads come before that stage. Leads are those target audiences who have interacted with your brand somehow. It can be by liking one of your social media posts, clicking on your ad, visiting your website, adding your product to their cart, etc. Lead generation is the most important step for any business because these leads are your future potential customers. So higher the lead generation, the more the chances of gaining loyal customers for your eCommerce store will be.

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The ways to convert Gen Z leads

Ways To Convert Gen Z Leads
Ways To Convert Gen Z Leads

Content Marketing

Gen Z people love consuming content of all kinds, be it blogs, vlogs, reels, etc. Not just for entertainment purposes, but they love content also when they want to find out more about a certain product. Hence, if you want to bring in more leads, you need to create more content around your products. For instance, if you are selling blenders, try creating product description blogs where the buyer can learn all about the blender. Besides product descriptions, you can also create other interesting blogs with helpful tips and hyperlink your website within the content.

The more information you provide about the products you sell, the higher your customers' trust in your brand will be. They will be certain about what you are selling and how to use it. Eventually, they will click on the link, visit your website and take action. To gain success via content marketing, make sure you hire people who know how to create the right content for your target audience. Consistent content creation will help you reach potential customers quite easily!

Advertising through Vloggers

GenZ people love watching vlogs (ask those who patiently wait for an entire week just for a vlog from their favorite YouTuber). Getting in touch with vloggers and giving them the paid responsibility of advertising your brand can really help. They will make convertible “aesthetic” videos for your brand to help you advertise your brand to their own followers. Almost all eCommerce brands starting from skincare to clothing are using this advertising method to attract the attention of GenZ customers and so can you!

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Getting the GenZ Attention through Bloggers

Besides vloggers, you can also advertise your brand through bloggers (people who write on their website instead of recording a video). You might think that people don’t read a lot but that’s not true for the GenZ community. They love reading, especially on web! The more they read, the more they get to know about your brand, and the better it sells. So make sure you use the efficiency of creative bloggers at its best!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing For Beginners

Well, you cannot be certain that your visitors will buy from you the very first time they visit your store. In that case, you need to stay in touch with them via email. Every time someone visits your store or clicks on your ad, ask for their email id. Soon you will have a list of contacts you need to mail regularly. Make sure you are not spamming their mailbox because they might unsubscribe from your mailing list. So instead, send them interesting emails that contain helpful information, coupon codes, customer reviews, etc. Limit it to three emails a week because too much of anything can become irritating in no time. You can also use email marketing to remind your leads to buy the product lying in their cart!

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO For Digital Marketing
SEO For Digital Marketing

SEO is the current ruler of the digital marketing globe. Without it, you will have a hard time targeting a specific customer base for your products. There are many SEO strategies, on-page, and off-page, which you need to follow. For instance, when you create content, it should contain enough keywords to get a higher ranking on Google. But that does not mean you need to spam keywords because otherwise, your content will be ranked poorly on any search engine. This is just one example; there are many more SEO technicalities that an SEO strategist can help you with. So if you are launching a new eCommerce store, make sure you hire a reputed SEO specialist to reach your audience without any hassle.

Social Media

This goes without saying that Gen Z people are obsessed with social media. Pick anyone in the crowd, and you will see they are on at least one social media platform. Hence, social media is a powerful tool that every brand uses these days. Your brand must have an account on all the social media platforms where you post regular updates about your products, discounts, etc. You can also use social media ads to promote your brand widely. The most popular ones are Facebook and Instagram ads.

Besides running ads and posting content, you can also collaborate with budding influencers and promote your brand via their page. Social media marketing is evolving with each passing year. Social media platforms are also introducing new and better ways of promoting brands. So use it as the hype of these platforms can help you market your store quicker and better!

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PPC (Pay-per-click) Advertising

PPC For Beginners

Even though SEO marketing works more effectively, in the long run, you can also introduce PPC (pay-per-click) advertising on Google ads for better promotion of your brand. PPC helps you stay ahead of the competition by giving you a range of competitive keywords. That means your ads will show when someone searches for a specific keyword. For example, if you sell women's garments, your ad will show under the search results of 'dresses for women,' 'gowns for women,' and other such keywords. After setting the ad, you need to determine how much you are willing to pay Google for each ad. Google usually shows those ads for which the PPC rate is higher. Hence, you need to find the market average PPC rate and set something close to that.


Benefits Of Customization
Benefits Of Customization

The same ads won't work for all the customers because each audience base is different. Well, that does not mean you need to create thousands of different ads for different customers. Instead, you need to create specific sets of customers and cater to them the ads that relate to their present condition. For example, if you are showing maternity wear ads to someone who isn't even married, then it won't work.

This applies to email marketing as well. Before sending a mail, you should determine whether it will be relevant to the reader. The right approach will be to set their age, income, demographics, and relationship status and learn more about their interests. For example, if a customer is interested in wedding-related content and they are engaged, it might be that their wedding is approaching soon. In that case, showing them ads for wedding products would be a great idea.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

8 Tips For CRO

To find out what works best for lead generation on your eCommerce store, you need to apply the test and trial method. First, you need to test a few website layouts, landing pages, website info, products, etc., and see what is bringing in more leads. This process is known as the conversion rate optimization or CRO process. It helps you make the lead generation process easier by understanding the exact choice of Gen Z people. You can also hire a professional marketer for this job as they know better about what works best for a particular eCommerce niche.

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Free Bait

When creating a Facebook ad, you need to provide free bait that stands out. If your bait is something too common, people will hardly click on your link. Do proper market research to see what kind of baits work the best for your eCommerce niche, and then create something unique for your potential customers. For instance, if you are selling diet products, you can offer a free CD that talks about health and nutrition; make sure it is free of shipping charges as well. This makes unique and attractive bait.


Now that you know the procedures to take, maybe your eCommerce store will receive more Gen Z leads. Keep in mind that finding leads takes a lot of time and patience. Without putting a lot of effort into your market research, you cannot expect to receive quality leads. As managing the lead-generating process alone can become a little tiresome, you might need to engage a team of professionals.

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