Gojek Marketing Strategies - How It Succeeded to Target Market in Indonesia?

Abinaya Arangarajan Abinaya Arangarajan
May 11, 2022 6 min read
Gojek Marketing Strategies - How It Succeeded to Target Market in Indonesia?

It would be stupendous when a single application bestows multi-services to its users from delivering solicit requisite assistance and accessing the digital payment for acquiring products. Epiphany Gojek is considered beyond an app and so-called ‘SuperApp’ that functions in providing abundance services from transport & Logistic Brands, digital payment, food & shopping, Business, Daily needs and Entertainment (Booking Tickets).

Gojek is an Indonesia-based SuperApp which originated its operation in 2010 by Nadiem Makraim, Kevin Aluwi and Michaelangelo Moran with an idea of transport service, where 20 motorbikers joined the crew of Gojek.

Within the subsequent 2 years, the company intensified its services to the next level and launched Gojek App in 2015 with nearly 30 million downloads. In 2017, Gojek succeeded to get 17th rank and made the first South-East Asia company appear in the list of ‘Forbes’s 50 companies that changed the world’.

Apart from that, the company gained national attention in receiving- Best Indonesia Mobile Application 2015 and Best Startup, in 2017 the company received Indonesia’s Most Admired CEO and Most Creative in Solving Economic Challenges 2017. Later In 2019,  It received BrandZ Top 15 Most Valuable Indonesian Brands.

The company obtained its heyday by starting a call centre for transportation services named- Goride, GoCar, Gobox and more in Indonesia and now became an on-demand multi-service platform in seven Cosmo political countries- Vietnam, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand.

Key Marketing Strategies of Gojek
Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning Strategy of Gojek
Gojek Prominent Marketing Campaign
Gojek Marketing Strategy in Covid 19

Key Marketing Strategies of Gojek

Gojek Logo
Gojek Logo

Gojek marketing strategy includes the following strategies:

Product Strategy

Vikrama Dhiman, head of Product, Gojek interviewed about the progress of an on-demand company- Gojek with the help of Product strategy. As said, Every business exists for a reason- Profit, which is merited only when the business renders products & services to people.

Hereby, Gojek implemented a product strategy in the right way- Releasing product at the time of high demand, ameliorate the product’s features in order to compete in the market, track user flow & design the product according to their preferences.

Besides, Gojek highly underscores on developing technical specifications as the company relies 90 percent on the online platform for its services, especially during this ongoing pandemic.

Pricing Strategy

Business should be very chary in pricing the product & services in order to survive in the market. If the company plans to lower its price in the services which will reflect augmenting in customers but challenging to accomplish the purpose of business- Profit.

On the other hand, pricing the products higher brings fewer customers and ultimately leads to no services and profit. Gojek repudiated the price war in their business, as they have lost a hefty amount of funds to establish stable finances. Since its incorporation, Gojek initiates its services at an affordable price especially in GoRide and sometimes renders service without expecting any returns.

Distribution Strategy

Gojek burgeoned its distribution channel in more than 167 cities in Indonesia. The company has become a pioneer of omnichannel applications that connects customers to access various products & services via the online and offline platform. Moreover, the company implemented omnichannel by setting up offline booths, drop-offs sites in the supermarkets, collaboration with other e-commerce and availability to order from Gojek websites.

Promotion Strategy

Producing and selling the products is a predicament task for a business, for that they should be cognizant about the upcoming product to the targeted audiences, notably, promoting is the only way to entice customers as well as make them acquire the products.

Promotion subsumes- advertising, sale promotion, selling, direct marketing and publicity. Therefore, Gojek created brand awareness by customizing & personalising the products and services, Providing bolsters to other brands to build an affiliate relationship, social sharing to attract netizens, and improving products & services by analysing feedback.

Social media strategy

Gojek on Instagram
Gojek on Instagram

Gojek has indeed been active in all social media by managing and creating content related to daily posts and the proclaiming of larger campaigns. They are involved in various online events by utilizing current trends of the digital world.

Furthermore, the company constantly observes & tracks new social media tools, engage with other brands ambassadors, gathering insights that will hype the content and brainstorming the targeted audience to persuade them to make a purchase.

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Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning Strategy of Gojek

Monthly Active Users of Gojek
Monthly Active Users of Gojek

Gokej always aims to set their geographical segmentation in the most populated urban areas to entice potential customers, for example in islands of Java, Bali etc. Additionally, the company set up various offline shops for multiple needs and varied retailers & service providers engaged at each shop.

Gojek targets citizens who have the potential to earn Gojek services, mostly they attenuate on urban people as they seek transport, shopping services, payment services and so on.

Gojek Positioning helped the company to grow even more high heights, by developing essential products for particular segments. For instance, the company currently operates in seven countries, and they attenuate more transport services in Indonesia.

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Gojek Prominent Marketing Campaign

There is always space for improvement and Gojek is making sure that they are filled properly. And the only and important way to get to know the issues is by directly getting suggestions from the customers.

The company's current campaign took place in Singapore, their first international campaign was a huge success and the people loved their idea of creating frictionless rides. During their campaign, the company has also revealed the logo of their new brand through a visual conceit of a city.

Gojek Marketing Strategy in Covid 19

Gojek's 3 step strategies have come into use in recent times. And has been helpful for the people and partners during the enforcement of PSBB in Jakarta until April 23, 2020.

Their first step is they have broadened the service for food, staples and other daily urgencies. They are delivering food to an utmost distance of 25Km.

Secondly, they are providing services to the “COVID-19 prevention points” also, to help the people who have to travel for work or other important things.

The final one is to help the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to reap during these pandemics.


Who is the founder of Gojek?

Nadiem Makraim, Kevin Aluwi, and Michaelangelo Moran founded Gojek in 2010.

What is the revenue of Gojek?

The estimated annual revenue of Gojek is $1 billion.

Which is the parent company of Gojek?

GoTo is the Gojek's parent organization.

Where is Gojek headquarters?

Gojek is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.

What services does Gojek offer?

Gojek offers services like:

  • Transport
  • Payments
  • Food delivery
  • Logistics

What is the target market of Gojek?

Gojek target market includes people of the age group -18 to 34 years old.

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