Jio to soon Enter Laptop Industry with its Reliance Jio Laptop - Jiobook

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Mar 12, 2021 5 min read
Jio to soon Enter Laptop Industry with its Reliance Jio Laptop - Jiobook

Jio is the largest telecom operator in India and is the third-largest operator in the world. During the year 2020, the company had raised an amount of INR 1,52,056 crores by selling their stake of around 32.97%. This helped the company in coming up with new products and making the services affordable to the consumers.

The company is said to launch its new product JioBook. After years of speculation, it is believed that the product is in the Engineering Validation test stage.

What is JioBook
Specs of JioBook laptop
Reason for Launch

What is JioBook

JioBook is a laptop going to be launched by Reliance Jio. Just like any other product of Jio, this laptop is said to be affordable and would attract a lot of customers. As per the speculations the price of the laptop would start from INR 10,000 onwards.

In order to make affordable JioBook laptops in India, the company had partnered with Bluebank Communication Technology which is based in China. Bluebank Communication technology is a well-known software company that develops software for third parties and creates mobile devices. Bluebank has also worked in developing the popular OS used on Jio Phones which is known as KaiOS.

The news of Jio launching the laptop came out in 2018, when Qualcomm announced that it was in talks with Reliance Jio to launch laptops in India that are affordable with cellular connectivity. After that, there were lot of speculations about the launch of the laptop. After years of wait, Jio finally announced that they will be launching their laptops soon in the market.

It has also been said that the price range of the JioBook laptop would differ according to their storage options and different models.

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Specs of JioBook laptop

According to the reports JioBook laptop is expected to be an android based laptop  by XDA developers. The android operating system UI will be called JioOS. The laptop will run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset with the support of Snapdragon X12.

JioBook laptop is said to support 4G LTE and would have a display of 720P HD. The laptop is said to have a screen resolution of 1366 x 768. It will run on the JioOS.

The JioBook laptop would come with a storage facility of 32/64 GB with an eMMC (embedded Multi-Media Card) 5.1 memory. It is an internal storage card used in portable devices. Apart from all these features, the laptop would have features that include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 GHz connectivity, and so on.

The laptop will come with all Jio-apps installed to ensure that JioBook is affordable to consumers.

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Why Jio is launching Jiobook

JioBook laptops would be the most affordable laptop ever introduced in the country. Earlier Jio had introduced JioPhones which disrupted the entire industry. Since the launch of Jio sim in 2016 the company has been trying to come up with affordable products.

In the beginning stages, Jio sims were given for free with free internet access and unlimited calls and now Jio sim has the greatest number of subscribers in the telecom industry. Reliance Jio has the majority market share in the telecom industry with over 35.7% and 404.12 million users.

Telecom Subscriber Market Share
Telecom Subscriber Market Share 

The low-cost JioPhone which was launched later on helped millions of users to shift to 4G from their 2G enabled phones. Reliance Jio provided JioPhones for INR 1,500 with an inbuilt OS system which helped the users use Facebook, Google and a lot of other apps.

According to the reports from Reliance Jio, in just a span of 2 years, they had sold around 70 million JioPhones.

One of the other reasons why consumers choose Jio is its offers provided such as subscriptions to OTT platforms, cashback, etc. Buyers who bought JioPhone early were provided free voice calls and 4G data for a year.

Jio is trying to use the same strategy used in JioPhones and Jio sims with the plans to launch JioBook. The company will try to capture the laptop industry with the launch of its JioBook laptop.


What will be the Specs of JioBook laptop?

JioBook laptop will come with a storage facility of 32/64 GB with an eMMC (embedded Multi-Media Card) 5.1 memory, with support of 4G LTE and a display of 720P HD.

What is the expected price of JioBook laptop?

The expected price of JioBook laptop is 10,000.

When will JioBook laptop be launched?

JioBook laptop will may be launched at the Reliance Annual General Meeting likely to be held in July 2021.


Jio has announced a lot of other products which include Jio Glass for video call with the support of holographic. Jio is also planning for an affordable android phones which will be priced at the range of INR 4,000. The android phone will be manufactured with the partnership with Google.

The company has received a lot of funding last year from the biggest companies around the world. This has led Jio to overcome the major hurdles in the Industry making it the leading company in India. JioBook laptops are expected to launch soon. However, there have not been any official announcements regarding the launch of the laptops. The announcement is expected to be during the next Annual General Meeting of the company.

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