Is Landomus Group really Investing $500 Billion in India?

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May 26, 2021 3 min read
Is Landomus Group really Investing $500 Billion in India?

Landomous Group which is a lesser-known US firm has announced that it would like to invest an amount in India. The firm has said that it would want to invest USD 500 billion by making an appeal to PM Narendra Modi. Let’s look at whether the company really wants to invest the amount.

Landomus Realty Investment – Latest News
Which Sectors Landomus Group is planning to Invest?
Further Details about Landomus Group Investment in India
About the Landomus Group

Landomus Realty Investment – Latest News

Landomous Realty Ventures has announced that they would want to invest an amount of USD 500 billion in the form of equity into India’s National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP). The announcement was made in the form of an advertisement in a newspaper where the company made an appeal to the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi.

Pradeep Kumar Satyaprakash who is the chairman of Landomous Group had conveyed through the advertisement that the company Landomous Realty Ventures inc., USA, would like to invest in the First Phase of the USD 2 trillion investment under build India with a USD 500 billion in equity into the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) and also the Non-NIP projects that are listed under the India Investment Grid for Invest India initiative by the Government of India.

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Which Sectors Landomus Group is planning to Invest?

Landomus has conveyed that they are aiming towards completing the NIP and non-Nip projects along with the investors and developers. They have announced that they would like to support projects in the sectors such as energy, manufacturing, social infrastructure, food processing, transportation, agriculture, sanitation and water.

Landomus Group has also made the announcement on their website.

Landomus Group Website
Landomus Group Website

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Further Details about Landomus Group Investment in India

In the advertisement on the newspaper, it was mentioned that the company is aiming towards assisting the government in achieving the USD 5 trillion GDP target and would also like to assist the government in rebuilding India.

The Chairman of the company had communicated through the ad that the company is requesting the Prime Minister of India to provide them with an opportunity to contribute to the vision of New India.

At the end of the advertisement, they had mentioned that they would require a chance to present their plan and that they had a proper plan to make India pandemic free.

About the Landomus Group

There is not much information available about the company as their website is just one page. As per the received information the company has around 19 employees and a revenue of USD 5 million. It has been found that the website of the company was created in the year 2015 by United Land Bank which has its headquarters in Sivan Chetty Gardens Karnataka, India.

The website had provided the address of Landomus Realty Ventures Inc and their location as Secaucus, New Jersey, USA.


Where is Landomus Group based?

Landomus group is a US based company.

Is Landomus Group a Govt Company

No. It is a Non-govt company and but a company with same name is registered at Registrar of Companies, Bangalore.

Who is the CEO of Company?

There is no information available about the CEO of Company.


NIP was announced in the year 2019 during the month of December by the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. A total infrastructure investment of around INR 111 lakh crore has been projected during the Financial Year – 2020 – 2025 by the centre under the NIP.

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