5 Bizarre Lies That Entrepreneurs Implies in Startups

Bed of lies that Startup founders made for themselves

A lie is a state of denial, a delusion that one creates in the mind and believes in it. The lie makes your present easy but the future got some issues with it, as a life of a lie is very short. Every person has designed some lies in the life and after one time they start to believe in them. The startup founders have also established a few misconceptions in their life’s, which leads to the path of their destruction. A lie will cost a huge loss to the new startup owners and the journey of their dreams will crash to the ground before even it begins. The truth is hard, but it’s better than the soft bed of lies.

The startup owners who are tired of failure and cursing their fate for the failure, they need to step back and ask one question, “Why I’m failing and where I have gone wrong?” Trust me, in the end, you will automatically get the reason behind the failure. The answer to these two questions will reveal the lies that you have been telling yourself. But not anymore because to get the success you need to face some harsh reality.

The list of lies is very huge that startup owners follow. Today we will try to understand some common lies that one tell themselves. So the lies of entrepreneurs life are as:

#lie1. I’m self-sufficient and can achieve anything with my hard work

Hard work is good, bulls also work hard all day but they don’t work as a CEO of some multinational company. The element here is to work smartly and plan every move in advance. Strick on the right time and in the right spot.

The business owners lie to themselves that they can handle all the work efficiently and they don’t need any help. They assume that making a million dollar project presentation and cleaning the toilet of the offices, they can do anything. Nobody is perfect and we all need help at some point in life.

#lie2.  A positive attitude will make me successful

Staying optimistic in life is good, but assuming that a positive attitude will lead you to success is the biggest delusion of all time. It can be better explained with the example of Stockdale Paradox.  His story is inspirational and throws light upon the true meaning of optimistic realism.

He is the highest-ranking American POW held during the Vietnam War and he thought that his life will end in the prison. He was severely tortured in the prison, but he still didn’t give up. The key to his survival is that he didn’t think any delusion like other prisoners. Instead, he chooses to be real.

He said that “I never doubted not only that I would get out, but also that I would prevail in the end and turn the experience into the defining event of my life, which, in retrospect, I would not trade.”

Jim Collins famously wrote about in his classic book, Good to Great:

“You must retain faith that you will prevail in the end, regardless of the difficulties.

AND at the same time…

You must confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”

#lie3. My team is the best.

Having trust in your team is a good thing but blind trust will cause you to trap. The companies make numerous assumptions on this like

  1. We are hiring more means, we are running successfully.
  2. We have employees that worked for Google and Apple.
  3. I have the smartest team and my team has unique ideas.

These are few sweet little lies that every entrepreneur have about their team and these lies lead the future of business into the dark.

#lie4. Finance is never an issue.

Getting investors is the biggest issue, even for the successful running organizations. For the new startups, it’s like finding water in the Sahara desert. Getting the investors are easy, but making them understand the project is the hard nail to crack.

One of the young CEO shared his experience telling that, he and his co-founders got rejected by the investors numerous times. One of his teammates always says that “Don’t worry we will get success, next time for sure”. But in the end, he was the one who left the team because he can’t able to handle more of his own lie and one day lie crushes his dreams. As he focuses on a lie instead of evaluating the problem in the startup plan.

#lie5. My product is the best

Customer will automatically come towards my enterprise to buy my product or service.  This is the most unethical thought of an entrepreneur’s mind. The overconfidence on your product and assumption that whatever you offer, the public will buy, then my friend you are in the biggest delusion of the century.  Only offer those products which have already run through the market.

These are five lies that startup owners believe in mainly. But there are various other delusions presents. Like a startup mentor based from Dallas shared few interesting lies which he hears on daily basis from startup founders

  1. We will get tremendous followers after the launch.
  2. Once we have a cool website and a logo, we are all set to rock.
  3. Money is the biggest issue and it can solve all other issues.
  4. A mention in a major publication is enough for the initial traction.
  5. One social media manager can change my whole startup plan and can give it wings.
  6. One startup failure means my whole future is finish.

These are the truckload of crap that entrepreneurs usually believes in. The startup owners have built a web of lies around them and they lead their life accordingly. You guys need to shake the fog of lies and start to think clearly. Get a grip and self-evaluate your startup plan, and then remove all lies from it. Because if Mark Zuckerberg has built lies around him, then we didn’t have Facebook today. So take an oath to stay away from lies, doesn’t matter how harsh they are.

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