Micky Jagtiani: Chairman & Owner of Landmark Group

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Apr 16, 2021 5 min read
Micky Jagtiani: Chairman & Owner of Landmark Group

Mukesh Wadhumal "Micky" Jagtiani, popularly known as Micky Jagtiani is an Indian businessman, who is the Owner and Chairman of the UAE-based venture, Landmark Group. The company has a global presence and is classified into retail, hospitality and healthcare sectors. He lead the company with more than 27 diverse brands concepts. Forbes ranked him #52 Β in the India's richest man 2020 list and #945 in the Billionaires 2020 list with a net worth of $2.8 billion, as of April 2021. As a philanthropist, he established a philanthropic firm named LIFE Foundation.

Micky Jagtiani- Biography

Name Mukesh Wadhumal Jagtiani
Born 15 August, 1952
Birthplace Kuwait City, Kuwait
Age 69 (2021)
Nationality Indian
Current city Dubai, UAE
Education Brummana High School; University of Mumbai
Profession Businessman
Position Chairman & Owner, Landmark Group
Net worth $2.8 billion (April 2021)
Spouse Renuka Jagtiani
Daughters 2
Son 1

Micky Jagtiani - Personal Life
Micky Jagtiani - Education
Micky Jagtiani - Professional Life
Micky Jagtiani - startup
Micky Jagtiani - Founder of Landmark Group
Micky Jagtiani - Success story
Micky Jagtiani - Philanthropy
Micky Jagtiani - Controversies
Micky Jagtiani - Honors & Awards
Micky Jagtiani - FAQs

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Micky Jagtiani - Personal Life

Mukesh Jagtiani was born in Kuwait and he comes from a Sindhi heritage. He is married to Renuka Jagtiani , who also assists him in coping up with professional responsibilities of his company. The couple has three children and the family currently lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Micky Jagtiani - Education

Micky completed his elementary education by studying in different cities of India including, Chennai, Mumbai, and Beirut. He studied from Brummana High School in Lebanon.

He completed his bachelor's degree in accounting and business management from the University of Mumbai. He was further admitted in an accounting school in London, from where he dropped out.

Micky Jagtiani - Professional Life

Micky started his career as a taxi-driver and hotel cleaner in London. He then returned to Gulf and found that he lost his family within a year, due to an illness.

After dropping out of the college, Micky returned to Bahrain and took his deceased brother's shop and the $6000 left by his family for him, and turned it into a baby products shop and named it Babyshop. He worked for 10 years in the shop and expanded the business by opening 6 new shops.

Micky Jagtiani - startup

With the significance of the Gulf War struck, he migrated to Dubai and founded the Landmark Group. The company gradually expanded into fashion, furniture, and budget hotels in Middle East and Southeast Asia. It variably employs about 50000+ people and has more than 2,300 stores across 22 countries including, the Persian Gulf region, Middle East and India.

Micky Jagtiani - Founder of Landmark Group

Landmark Group Logo

In July 1973, Micky founded Landmark Group based in Dubai, UAE. It is a privately-held firm and comes under the category of retail, hospitality and healthcare. As of 2016, the company raised a revenue of $7 billion.

Under the leadership of Micky, the company has established its services across diverse sectors like, apparel, footwear, consumer electronics, cosmetics & beauty products, baby products, and home improvement. In addition to hospitality & leisure, healthcare and mall management.

Micky Jagtiani - Success story

He became a billionaire businessman, mall developer and the Chairman of the Dubai-based retail group, Landmark International in 2008. He acquired a 6% stake in the UK high-street retailer Debenhams and Forbes named the 16th richest Indian with a net worth of $2 billion. He launched his family office with assets of worth $5 billion. He further wants to expand his business from Gulf to China.

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Micky Jagtiani - Philanthropy

Micky established LIFE (Landmark International Foundation of Empowerment) to help underprivileged children in India. He worked to built schools, healthcare development programs, shelter for impoverished children, vocational and non-formal schools, community clinics and medical camps for slum-dwellers and an old age home as well.

He also started a Beat Diabetes Initiative, which is an awareness campaign with 60,000 participants across 7 countries including, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, KSA and India.

Micky Jagtiani - Controversies

A controversy was raised against Landmark, when Micky suspended the sales of all Trump-branded products in its stores owing to the anti-muslim remarks by the U.S president during the election campaigns.

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Micky Jagtiani - Honors & Awards

  • He was awarded the Retail Personality of the Year at the third Annual Retail Middle East 2007 Awards.
  • In 2008, Forbes regarded him as the 16th richest Indian businessman.
  • He was ranked #52 Β in the India's richest man 2020 list by Forbes.

Micky Jagtiani - FAQs

Who is the Landmark Group owner?

Micky Jagtiani is the owner of the Landmark Group.

What is Micky Jagtiani net worth?

Micky Jagtiani net worth is $2.8 Billion as of April 2021.

Who is Micky Jagtiani son?

Rahul Jagtiani is the son of Micky Jagtiani.

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