Top 25 Profitable Micro SaaS Ideas to Explore in 2022

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Nov 25, 2022 8 min read
Top 25 Profitable Micro SaaS Ideas to Explore in 2022

Software as a Service or SaaS is a cloud-based software authorizing model, that licenses software to users through the internet. The services are centrally hosted and require no installation or maintenance from the end user. It can be easily accessed through a web browser with an internet connection.

SaaS comes with the advantage of an on-demand subscription basis, which eliminates the risks of long-term commitment for users. They come at absolutely lower costs with no requirement for any operating expenses. SaaS is one of the fastest-growing services in the market. Their growth rate is rising by 18% every year.

What is Micro SaaS?

Top 25 Profitable Micro SaaS Ideas

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Resume Builder
  3. Accounting Services
  4. Video/Photo Editing Services
  5. Human Resource Management (HRM)
  6. Content Management
  7. Learning Management System (LRM)
  8. Survey Compilation
  9. Team Management
  10. Customer Resources Management (CRM)
  11. Invoicing
  12. Healthcare Services
  13. Fitness manager
  14. Journaling
  15. Web Analytics
  16. Pharmaceutical Service
  17. Software Solutions
  18. Form Generator
  19. Cookery
  20. KPI Tracking
  21. Tea/Coffee Round
  22. Personal Goal Tracker
  23. Time Manager
  24. Habit Tracker
  25. Grocery/Essentials

Micro SaaS – Features and Advantages

Micro SaaS – Limitations

What is Micro SaaS?

Micro SaaS shows promising growth in the Software as a Service market. They are started and operated as a small business as their name describes. Investments are required in a lesser number compared to other SaaS operations. Micro SaaS is considered to be focusing on a narrow market that is Niche Market with a small team and limited customers.

With their recurring profits, fewer capital needs, low risk, dedicated customers and minimal operating expenses, Micro SaaS has started attracting many entrepreneurs towards them in recent years.

Top 25 Profitable Micro SaaS Ideas

The top 25 Micro Most profitable SaaS Ideas for your startup that definitely help you make money. The micro saas ideas to make money in 2022 are discussed below

Email Marketing

As digital marketing is growing at a rapid pace, email marketing has become one of the most profitable micro SaaS ideas. It is an essential service that helps an organisation to maintain regular follow-ups for their emails.

E-mail marketing Revenue forecast

Even the clients and customers can be kept in close contact through consistent email campaigning and marketing system. It can also save time, by segregating important mail from spam through colours or folders. It is necessary for an organisation that deals with too many emails.

Resume Builder

It is a significant tool that is necessary for youngsters and adults, who’re seeking jobs. Teaching them about creating an interesting resume and providing them with examples or templates could prove to be a promising startup. Demand for Resume Builders remains consistent over time.

Accounting Services

The always ‘in-demand’ services like accounting and basic tax calculations can be integrated into simple software. It helps the users manage their businesses and know the basic tax details they are supposed to pay.

Video/Photo Editing Services

The growing social media and e-commerce trend has only increased the need for photo or video editing tools. Developing an editing tool with good features according to the social media and e-marketer’s requirements can be a good choice.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

This is software that is used to track, manage and plan the requirements of the workforce deployed in an organisation.

Global Human Resource Management Market

It is expected that about 90% of workforce management by 2023, would be handled by SaaS. There is a huge need for these types of management software.

Content Management

There has been an enormous growth in the number of bloggers and social media users in recent times. Therefore, a need for content management software becomes essential. A SaaS tool to create and manage content with advanced facilities to auto-post and manage them will have more demand.

Learning Management System (LRM)

This has a great scope in the present online world. Educating students and elders on basic, professional and personal life through online lectures and study materials, will have a great demand in future. It is high time to start a SaaS platform for educational services.

Survey Compilation

Customer surveys and feedbacks are the most essential elements for the growth of a business. But, when plenty of them pile up, it might be difficult to keep track of everything. A SaaS tool can solve this by providing features, that can pick up important feedback, and merge repeated ones and others. It can save time and help to provide efficient solutions to the matter.

Team Management

Managing teams in projects and discussions when working remotely could be challenging. Particularly, when the meeting includes PPTs and much information, that is to be noted, it becomes difficult for a follow-up. A SaaS software to handle this can be of great advantage to the user and as an income generator to the service provider.

Customer Resources Management (CRM)

Freelancers and companies need to do multiple activities or work for different clients at the same time. Managing all these works on their own can be a time-consuming process. Hence, this type of management can be done by Micro SaaS tools, effectively and reliably, for freelancers.


Software that can generate bills and invoices automatically after every sale stands to be useful. Bills should be easily exported to PDF or any other Tax calculation software as per needs. It should be able to generate periodic bills with good presentation. Auto billing and Invoicing software can increase the productivity of an organisation.

Healthcare Services

Tracking clients’ healthcare schedules, fixing and reminding them of their appointments, providing remote health support through professionals, online consultations with doctors, etc., can be done through the healthcare SaaS service. The demand for such services is going to be higher in the future.

Fitness manager

Developing a fitness/wellness program during these pandemic times, when most of us are working from home, is one of the best ideas. You can teach people simple exercises or yoga that are needed for their day-to-day wellness. If you’re a fitness professional, then you can do it as a proper online program through a SaaS tool.


The pace of the growing world has made people isolated. Accompanying those people by letting them share their thoughts and making them reflect on their lives could be useful. Just design software with a good user interface and writing formats and this might be your next best Micro SaaS startup. Journaling is indeed good for mental health.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics Software helps you track your website’s traffic and analyze your performance over time. They provide solutions to improve the performance of websites, thus saving time and increasing the income for an organisation.

Pharmaceutical Service

This could be an essential service required by older people. They may lose track of their medicine’s availability and suffer at the last minute. A SaaS platform to address this issue and deliver the medicines to their doorstep on time can make a good startup.

Software Solutions

In a world that is revolving around more technical devices than humans, there’s no drought for doubts regarding software and its functions. Addressing these doubts by providing solutions in an easy and simple way, either through videos or blogs, can be a good option for a Micro SaaS business.

Form Generator

The usage of online forms, like Google forms, has become an essential tool in recent times. So, developing a SaaS tool for creating forms, will have a good market demand. Presenting it in such a way that, even people with no coding knowledge can create their own forms, will certainly possess a higher advantage for this service.


Cookery has gained a huge reception among people around the world. The lockdown, which arrested people in their homes, made them look for new ways to enjoy their meals. Hence, online cooking demos and sharing of recipes by chefs and professionals could be a good idea for starting a business.

KPI Tracking

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) a tool used to measure the company’s performance and displays the result as charts and tables for easy understanding. It helps the organisation to monitor sales and other performance-related activities. The demand for such tools is always higher.

Tea/Coffee Round

It may sound weird, but this type of service proves to be of great importance to employees in an organisation. There is a need for an app that keeps track of rounds of who should make tea for the day. A perfectly crafted Micro SaaS tool could do that.

Personal Goal Tracker

This should track anything from personal goals, maintaining diet, achievements, milestones, etc., This can be made into a graph for easy viewing and analyzing one’s performance. The personal tracker can have a good reach among audiences.

Time Manager

Organizing and planning time, to make optimum utilization, might demand most of our energy. If a small software could assist us with that, then it’ll be of great support. Developing a time management tool, that could help us keep track of our time and remind us of what and when things should be done, can have a good deal of demand in future.

Habit Tracker

With people getting more conscious of their habits, a habit tracker can be a great tool and a profitable Micro SaaS idea. It is a simple tool that helps one to look into and manage their own habits. One can maintain a record of their habits in this software to analyze and self-assess themselves whenever one wants. This modest tool helps one to progress towards their goals. This SaaS idea can be of great value to the users.

25. Grocery/Essentials

People are getting more attracted to online shopping, and groceries are getting added to that list. Developing a SaaS-based model for grocery service would make it more efficient and successful in future.

Micro SaaS – Features and Advantages

  • Development of Micro SaaS can be easier and simpler. You don’t require much coding knowledge or technical skills to start one.
  • You can develop a one-to-one interaction with customers, which helps to build a dedicated customer base.
  • Even though, Micro SaaS mostly concentrates on Niche Markets, its geographical boundaries are limitless. It can have customers from any part of the world.
  • Recurring income is undoubtedly the best revenue model in the world today. There’re plenty of opportunities in Micro SaaS, to create a good recurring revenue model.
  • Though you’ve stable customers, their numbers will be limited due to a narrow focus on a particular niche.
  • Since the capital and investments are limited, you may have to depend on other hosting platforms like Shopify, to start your Micro SaaS. This makes you stick to their rules and regulations and you may be less independent.
  • Operating with a small team means, fewer ideas for improvements and innovations and more responsibilities on few persons. Failing to notice market changes and adapting to them quickly, could be risky for business.

Micro SaaS – Limitations

Though there’re a few disadvantages, they could be eradicated easily by improper planning and if not having proper market awareness. Any good idea with a knowledgeable team can bring out the most successful Micro SaaS business but without planning it could fail.


Ideas are boundless and every new day blooms with some new ideas, innovations and entrepreneurs, and Micro SaaS is the best way to create and give shape to such ideas. The best 25 Micro SaaS Startup ideas that are mentioned above is one that could start now, as it is the right time to do so. I hope, one of these ideas either benefits you or strikes you with some new concepts that could be further enhanced to make profitable saas companies.


What is a Micro SaaS?

Micro SaaS is a business targeting a niche market, run by a small team, with small costs and has a small but dedicated user base and no outside funding.

How can you make SaaS profitable?

Develop a solution for a problem, Write up a lean plan, Explore pricing models and Financing and funding and Build your product.

What is a SaaS example?

Some of the SaaS examples are BigCommerce, Google Apps, Salesforce, Dropbox, MailChimp, ZenDesk, DocuSign, Slack, and HubSpot.

How do I find a good micro saas idea?

We have packed this article with the best micro saas ideas but you can brainstorm by analysing the market for more such ideas.

Are micro SaaS startups really profitable?

Yes, they are profitable and usually revenue ranges between $1,000 - $10,000 per month.

How do I build a micro SaaS product?

You may look up to a team of developers and designers or you can use tools like no-code tools to build your micro saas.

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