Navin Tewari: CEO of Capital Foods

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Navin Tewari: CEO of Capital Foods

Navin Tewari is an Indian Businessman who will be serving as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Capital Foods Private Limited from 1 January 2021. He succeeded the Capital Foods Founder, Ajay Gupta, who will thereafter serve as the Non-Executive Chairman.

Capital Foods pvt ltd is regarded as one of India's fastest-growing food companies, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. He joined the company in early 2019 and secured the prestigious position of CEO. Under his leadership, the company elevated with a 50 % growth and also increased the capital foods share price. The venture is backed by marquee private equity firms, Invus Group and General Atlantic.

Name Navin Tewari
Nationality Indian
Current city Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Qualification Bachelor in Commerce; Chartered Accountant
Profession Businessman
Position Managing Director & CEO, Capital Foods Private Limited

Navin Tewari- Personal Life
Navin Tewari- Education
Navin Tewari- Professional Life
Navin Tewari- Executive President at UltraTech Cement
Navin Tewari- Capital Foods
Navin Tewari- History of Capital Foods
Navin Tewari- Business Idea
Daughter companies- Ching's Secret & Smith & Jones
Navin Tewari – Leadership Skills

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Navin Tewari - Capital Foods CEO
Navin Tewari - Capital Foods CEO

Navin tewari is known for his vicarious and people-oriented approach. Besides being Capital Foods pvt ltd owner, he is also is highly skilled in Mutual Funds, Insurance, Investment Advisory, Business Relationship Management. He loves to be called an explorer as he is always in search of implementing new ideas to bring disruption in the industry and thereafter build a sustainable scale.

Navin Tewari education includes him being a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce. He also did some online professional courses like EPGC 2018 Executive Program for Growing Companies Stanford Graduate School of Business and learnt management roles through the P&L Leadership Program INSEAD 2013.

Navin Tewari started his professional career as a Merchant Banker in 1995. Later, in 2004, he was appointed as the Head of North & East Zone of ICICI Prudential AMC Limited. After working for around 4 years, he left the job in 2008. Post that, he joined Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company Limited (BSLAMCL) and worked as Co-Head Sales in 2008.

In the same company, he was promoted further as Head Customer Engagement in July 2010. He sought a new way to look at the customer where Marketing, Products Management/development & client relations worked together. He got another promotion as the Head of Sales and Marketing in August 2011 at Birla Sun Life. He reformed the entire team for transformation from product sellers to solution providers, disproportionate and profitable growth.

This strategy helped in creating new categories and revamping client servicing architecture and the brand. He assiduously worked with several industries ranging from cement, food, mutual funds to varied aspects of financial services.

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Before being capital foods owner, Navin served as the Executive President of UltraTech Cement from July 2013 to December 2018. He examined the Cement sales and marketing business for North India. He was responsible to expedite the business engine to grow and scale the elevating heights in the already established and successful cement business.

Capital Foods pvt ltd logo
Capital Foods pvt ltd logo

Navin started working with Capital Foods as the CEO in January 2019. However, he got a promotion recently and secured his position as the Managing Director and Capital Foods CEO, these changes are effective from 1st January 2021.

Capital Foods private limited is the maker of the famous Ching's Secret and Smith & Jones brands. The company was founded in 1996. The current capital foods pvt ltd owner is Navin Tewari, while company has over 1001-5000 employees in the company. The company is headquartered in Bangalore.

It has its expansion beyond the western region to a pan-India presence across sectors, with a significant audience base in Karnataka, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh.

Capital Foods is a venture that manufactures and distributes packaged food products. The company sells a variety of ethnic cuisines like Chinese, Thai, Italian, Indian and European and letting customers enjoy the flavour and taste of good food. Capital Foods pvt ltd also manufactures processed foods for various international brands.

Ajay Gupta is the founder of capital foods in 1996. He then launched the daughter company Ching's Secret followed by Smith & Jones. He handed over the CEO position to Navin Tewari by seeing his potential and capability to excel as a mentor, managing director and the capital foods pvt ltd owner.

The success story of Capital foods

The primary idea behind the changes happening in Capital Foods private limited comes at a time when there is a high demand for packaged foods sector. This significantly raised the interest of investors and surge in sales, ignited by a rapid increase in home consumption or homemade foods.

The product franchise of Capital Foods includes frozen foods, ready-made snacks, spices, and condiments. Under the portfolio of Capital Foods, the Ching's Secret brand sells eatable items like soups, noodles, and sauces and Smith & Jones sells pastes and mixes.

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Mumbai-based Ching's Secret was launched through the parent company, Capital Foods. Ajay gupta is the ching's owner as he brought forth the idea of debuting the staple trilogy of Chinese sauces followed by noodles. He thought of selling products that would solely look like a product of Chinese origin. However, in 2015, Ajay launched the category of Desi Chinese, an Indo-Chinese or fusion cuisine. Smith & Jones is a brand that sells noodles & sauces manufactured and distributed by Capital Foods Limited India.

According to many of the employees at Capital food private limited, the company has performed exceptionally well under the leadership of Navin Tewari as CEO. The entrepreneur is known to have the ability to drive growth, which is not limited to only financial performance. His expertise has helped different areas of the company like of capacity expansion, market strategy, product offerings and people management.

His focus on building and strengthening relationships across consumers, distribution partners, retailers, and employees successfully created a pathway for future growth of the company. Navin tewari capital foods was rapidly built and it scale of the company also increased while preserving the culture and strengthening partner relationships.

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Who is Navin Tewari?

Navin Tewari is an Indian Businessman who will be serving as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Capital Foods Private Limited from 1 January 2021.

Where is from Navin Tewari?

Navin Tewari is from Mumbai.

When was capital foods founded?

Capital foods were founded in 1996.

Who is the Capital foods founder

The capital foods owner and founder was Ajay Gupta.

Who is the chings owner?

Chings was first started by Ajay Gupta and is now under Capiatal foods pvt ltd.

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