List of Top 10 Content Curation Tools

Marlene Ann Anthony Marlene Ann Anthony
Jun 20, 2022 8 min read
List of Top 10 Content Curation Tools

Creating content is very important for big brands or even for small-scale businesses. So, you need to make sure that you put the right content out there for your audience.

With the development of technology, there is a lot of content out there. Be it articles, posts, pictures, or videos, content is everywhere. Everyone is trying to write as much content as they can to drive traffic to their websites and businesses.

But content writing isn’t very easy. Just because there are a lot of articles out there that doesn’t mean all of them are good or correct. It takes a lot of effort to come up with great content and in today's fast-paced time you cannot do that without some kind of help.

This is when content curation tools help you and your customers. These tools are super helpful in curating good-quality content for you. With these, you get to have the best content on your website and therefore better chances of increased traffic.

In this article, we have listed a number of tools that will help you in content curation. You can check them out and make your pick! Before we get acquainted with the tools, let us understand the meaning of content curation.

What is Content Curation?
List of Popular Content Curation Tools

What is Content Curation?

Content curation is simple. It is the process of finding, studying, and collecting content from different online sources and present in a more structured and better manner. How do you curate content? Well, there are steps to it.

You analyze articles and other forms of online content. Yes, even videos, posts, and pictures on the internet. Then you pick the best points from them. Also, you filter out irrelevant information that will not help you much. Now, you have got the best content that needs to be incorporated into your own articles. In this way, you have a better-structured article for your website and soon you will have the best traffic. People will be more inclined to do business with you and buy from you as well.

Not only websites, content curation, can be done for social media as well. In today's world, social media is a very important factor affecting the sales of a business. Everyone judges a business on the basis of its posts and the content of the posts. The success and popularity of a business also depend upon its social media engagement. So, content curation is necessary and extremely relevant to a social media platform as well.

But doing all this by yourself can be very hectic. It is a waste of time, effort, and money. This is why you need certain tools or software to get this work done for you.

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Content Marketing Revenue Worldwide from 2018 to 2025

The following are some of the most popular content curation tools that will make your content creation journey smooth and more effective:


Starting price- Free

Flipboard - Best Content Curation Tool
Flipboard - Best Content Curation Tool

Flipboard is a mobile and web-based application. It collects relevant information about your target audience and then, flips the information or article into a magazine post for your website.

A convenient way to use Flipboard is to have their web extension on your device. This helps you to add whatever relevant articles you read to your Flipboard and the software will do the work of turning it into a professional magazine post.

Besides, you’re not the only one that can contribute to your Flipboard. The software allows multiple contributors as well. You can also ask your team members to add relevant information to the Flipboard too.


Starting price- Free

Pocket - Best Content Curation Tool
Pocket - Best Content Curation Tool

Another popular name on the list is Pocket. It is a great place to find content, save it and then read it later. It stores all your content like articles, links, images, or videos, in one single place. You do not have to search about a single topic multiple times to find the correct information.

This software lets you categorize your articles with tags. Thus, making them easier to be found. It also integrates with various other apps like Evernote.


Starting price- Free

Quuu - Best Content Curation Tool
Quuu - Best Content Curation Tool

Quuu provides you with an excellent quality of content and also allows you to share the curated content on auto-pilot mode. The content that Quuu curates are best for social media as it helps in the growth of your following. This software works with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Hence, making the content very relevant.

Starting price- Free - Best Content Curation Tool - Best Content Curation Tool lets you curate topics yourself. It is kind of an online diary. The user has to enter the topic and then look for the keywords. One can also apply any filters to remove irrelevant information so that one can only focus on the required content. The keywords will then give you access to relevant information from every possible source.

One can also share the curated data from the software to social media platforms as well. not only brings you well-curated content but also suggests articles and blogs based on the keywords.

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Starting price- Free

BuzzSumo - Best Content Curation Tool
BuzzSumo - Best Content Curation Tool

This software can be used to find the most engaging content on social media. It also provides you with the best headlines and brings you content from the most influential posts and accounts.

Its analysis tab is one of the best. Through this tab, the software shows you the most successful content formats and also gives you great tips about content distribution. Besides, BuzzSumo analyses the information by comparing it with other top sites and then tells you which parts need improvements.


Starting price- Free

Triberr - Best Content Curation Tool
Triberr - Best Content Curation Tool

Triberr helps you to organize all your content sources. This is an essential tool as it saves your time and effort. Imagine spending hours trying to organize all your sources into different groups. That doesn't sound good, right? This is why a lot of businesses choose Triberr. It helps you to boost content, build online communities and promote content all in one place.

The tool also allows you to review and identify content that is worth sharing with your audience.


Starting price- $6

Feedly - Best Content Curation Tool
Feedly - Best Content Curation Tool

This software collects relevant information about your brand. It not only collects information from websites but from everywhere like blogs, social media posts, etc. Feedly presents all of this to you on a single page and thus, saves your time.

It has an AI assistant, Leo that collects data for you and arranges it accordingly. You just have to select your needs and preferences. Leo, the AI assistant, will bring you the information that is accurate, up-to-date and well-organized.

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Starting price- $49 + creator's fee

Storify - Best Content Curation Tool
Storify - Best Content Curation Tool

It is a popular content curation tool that curates content from social networks and helps you in marketing. Storify makes the content reach the consumers through influencers.

It makes influencers promote your content, which is different from marketing them directly to the potential customers. This has proven to be a very clever tactic, as the youth is more moved by social media promotions than the usual advertising.

Even if your business isn’t about selling products, Storify can still help. The software helps you curate the most updated and accurate content from various sites. This enables you to turn it into an informative article for your website.


Starting Price- $29

Sniply - Best Content Curation Tool
Sniply - Best Content Curation Tool

Sniply another curates content for you that has a click-through. Now, this click-through ensures that anyone reading content relevant to your brand is redirected to your preferred website. Now, that can be your own website or the site where you sell your products. It is a great tool as it will enable you to place CTA (Call-to-Action) on the page you are linking to.

If your content is just there to be read without any real financial benefit following it, there’s no point in it. This software enables you to be a click away from consumers every time they read content relevant to your brand.


Starting price- $94

Flockler - Best Content Curation Tool
Flockler - Best Content Curation Tool

This software has a lot of benefits. With Flockler, you can create multiple walls, grids, carousels, and slideshows. Hence, their customization tools are great for content curation. You can also create new content with information collected from various sources.

You can change your preferences at any time since this is a content aggregator software that curates your content. You can have a new page of relevant content anytime you want.

Flockler doesn’t limit the page views or the number of posts you can create through it. It lets you have unlimited exposure and is easy to use as it does not require any technical skills.


We have come to the end of this article. And we hope you have understood why content curation is necessary. It is something that helps you get the best content for your articles. Besides, it helps drive traffic to your business website and social media pages. The above-mentioned tools are some of the best and most effective content curation tools. Some of the tools are free to use and other comes with paid versions with more benefits. Thus, you can select any tool from above as per your need and preferences.


What are content curation tools?

Content curation tools are tools or applications that allow you to find, save, and share relevant content as per your preferences.

What is the most powerful free tool for content curation?

Flipboard is considered the most powerful free tool for content curation.

Which are the best content curation tools?

The following are some of the best content curation tools:

  • Flipboard
  • BuzzSumo
  • Feedly
  • Quuu
  • Triberr
  • Pocket

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