Best Platforms To Hire Freelancers: A New Way Of Hiring

Damini Bhandary Damini Bhandary
Sep 23, 2021 7 min read
Best Platforms To Hire Freelancers: A New Way Of Hiring

We are living at a time where people now instead of preferring 9 to 5 jobs are looking for something interesting and work that pays more than a regular job. This has led to a great increase in freelance jobs in the market.  To be put simply, freelancing is all about being self-employed rather than being devoted to a single employer for a long time.

With passing time the market of every industry is changing, the companies now preferred freelancers as well. There are times, where it can be seen that adults aren’t able to secure a job according to their skills and completely going out of tune. This is the time when freelancing comes in handy. While freelancing a person can fully utilize their skill and get paid according to their work.

With Covid-19 showing its worst face, there are people who have lost their regular jobs and after that, they have opt for freelancing for a source of income. Freelancing is growing between College and University students as well. The time is comparatively flexible in freelancing than what a full-fledged job provides. It helps the students to earn while prepping for their Universities.

There are numerous benefits while working as a freelancer. Here, one can choose, with whoever they want to work with. While freelancing, there is no limit, one can just work on more than one project and get paid for it. While working on different projects, skills are developed, connections are built and the best part is that the work can come from any corner of the world.

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

— Jim Rohn

Factors To Look Out For While Hiring Freelancers in India

While hiring freelancers, clients need to be cautious. From the payment they are charging to their skills, everything is important.

  • If they have prior work experience and a great portfolio. It is almost on the top of the demand list of a business.
  • If the freelancer is well versed with their work and understands clearly what the present client wants from them.
  • Professionalism to a certain extent. Just because it’s freelancing, doesn’t mean that the responsibility is any less.
  • If the independent employer would be able to finish up the work on time.
  • One of the most important factors that clients pay heed to, is the payment, and if it is relevant to the work of what the freelancer is providing the business with.

Some of the best freelance platforms that are used to hire freelancers in India are the following.



Review - 4.2

Freelancer Website
Freelancer Website

Freelancer works as a place where employers and employees can unite to cater to both of their needs. It was founded in the year 2009 by Matt Barie and Cody Busby. The headquarters is situated in Sydney, Australia. It gives, employers the option to choose from 50 million freelancers.

Features Of Freelancer

  • The platform gives an option to the employers to recruit freelancers for their projects from all over the world.
  • It provides the client with a Robust search option and introduces them to the best level workers for the projects.
  • A tool is provided to the employers and they set a goal of the said project for which the selected worker has to complete to receive their payment.
  • It has a feature of time tracking, through which the employers can find out about what the assigned person for the project is up to.
  • It provides great consumer support.

Why Employers Should Choose Freelancer

  • It provides portfolios of freelancers that employers can browse before selecting them for the job.
  • The fastest platform to get freelancers, 80% of workers bid for the project within 60 seconds of the posting.

The Not So Good Traits of Freelancer

  • Compared to other platforms, the price is a bit higher.
  • A lot of flaws in the system.

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Review - 4

Upwork Website
Upwork Website

The company was founded in 1999 by Odysseas Tsatalos, even after changing its names, the goal of the company remains unchanged. With its headquarters in California, USA, the main aim is to connect businesses with remote workers to fulfill the projects.

Features Of Upwork

  • The platform provides great communication support to both employers and freelancers. It has the option to send text and video messages.
  • A form of work diary is provided, that helps the employer to realize the hours the freelancers have spent on their work and can pay them accordingly.
  • There is freedom for employers to make the payment in multiple currencies.
  • An automatic Payment system helps in paying the freelancer, immediately after the work is done.

Why Employers Should Choose Upwork

  • Upwork provides an option of multiple payment methods to employers.
  • Provides attractive templates to the employers so that they can create proposals for the said job.

The Not So Good Traits of Upwork

  • Sometimes syncing with different time zone becomes difficult.
  • The platform is costly to use for employers.
Try Upwork


Review - 4.5

Fiverr Website
Fiverr Website

Famous for offering over 300 plus digital services, Fiverr was founded in the year 2010 by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. The headquarters is situated Tel Aviv, Israel. The company reportedly generated $189.5 million in 2020.

Features Of Fiverr

  • Financial transactions are done within the platform of Fiverr. Special care is taken so that financial details remain confidential.
  • Clients have the freedom to provide feedback in the freelancer’s profile.
  • Clients get to see the important details of the freelancers and can decide if they are acceptable for the job.
  • There are multiple categories of jobs from which the client can choose a freelancer according to their project’s needs.

Why Employers Should Choose Fiverr

  • It is cheaper than other platforms for the clients.
  • It is user friendly and easy to navigate

The Not So Good Traits of Fiverr

  • Freelancers sometimes delay their work and it becomes annoying for the clients.
  • Sometimes freelancers turn out to be frauds.

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Review - 4.4

Truelancer Website
Truelancer Website

This online Freelance market platform is made in India. Founded in the year 2014 by Dipesh Garg, it has been providing freelancers a platform to get their favoured job and the clients to get their projects done for seven years. The headquarters are situated in New Delhi, India.

Features Of Truelancer

  • The payments of the freelancer's work are collected from the employers firsthand. It is kept in a safe deposit and is paid to the sellers only after the works are done and approved by the clients.
  • Easier to use and anything can be found just like while using Google.
  • Numerous contests where one can participate and prize money.
  • Freelancers get informed about new projects through email.

Why Employers Should Choose Truelancer

  • It guarantees full satisfaction and if not, then they refund the full money.
  • Check the work samples provided by the freelancers.

The Not So Good Traits of Truelancer

  • There is no live communicating support is provided by the platform.
  • Sellers turn out to be fake in few cases.


Review - 4

Guru Website
Guru Website

This company was founded in 1998 by Al Yau, Bjoern Lasse Herrmann, Inder Guglani, and James Slavet and now has become a great platform for freelancers. This platform is famous for establishing long-term business relationships between clients and freelancers.

Features Of Guru

  • For the payment processing, it charges a minimal amount and for basic communication, between the client and the freelancer, it doesn’t ask for extra charges.
  • It provides loads of options for payment methods to the clients.
  • The support system is available 24/7 and ready to assist both sides.
  • Feedback methods are provided to both the client and the freelancer.

Why Employers Should Choose Guru

  • The hiring process is simple.
  • Short-term as well as long-term contracts can be created between clients and freelancers.

The Not So Good Traits of Guru

  • There are no live chat facilities to communicate with the seller.
  • The site is a bit unorganized.

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The world is changing, with the outbreak of Covid-19, the business market has also changed. People started preferring being freelancers and employers also are in favor of hiring them. These freelance sites serve the clients the best of the best workers to choose from, for their said projects and barred them from setting for the ordinary. Freelancing is the new future and the future is already here.


Which Skill are best for Freelancing?

The top eight skills that are best for freelancing are:

  •  Social Media Management
  •  Web and Mobile Development
  •  Data Entry
  •  Web Designing
  •  Accounting
  •  Graphics Designing
  • · Internet Research
  •  Consultancy

Who is the Richest Freelancer?

James Knight is the richest freelance, who left his job of a programmer at Google. He is now earning $1000 per hour.

Do Freelancers get Paid?

Yes, Freelancers do get paid according to their skills.

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