Meesho Marketing Strategy: How it Became Customers’ New Best Friend

Meesho Marketing Strategy: How it Became Customers’ New Best Friend
Meesho Marketing Strategy

The e-commerce industry has flourished well in recent years. The platforms have been a blessing for the consumers. People are now keener towards online shopping. They get to have a wide variety of discounts and easy exchange and returns.

Online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra are super popular. Now, another platform, Meesho, has entered the market. It is a social e-commerce platform that provides a wide range of products.

Meesho, apart from selling, allows the customers to resell the products in their social network. In recent times, the platform has become extremely popular. This has been possible because of the eye-catching marketing strategies of Meesho.

About Meesho - India’s Leading Social E-Commerce Platform
Foundation of Meesho
How does Meesho Works?
Marketing Mix of Meesho
Marketing Strategy of Meesho

Covid-19 Marketing Strategy of Meesho
Prominent Marketing Campaigns of Meesho

About Meesho - India’s Leading Social E-Commerce Platform

Meesho Logo
Meesho Logo

The name Meesho is short for ‘Meri e-Shop’. It is India’s first social e-commerce company. It provides a platform for various small businesses to enter and flourish in the online market.

Meesho allows a person to buy things from the platform. Along with this, it enables a person to resell the products from home. One can trade through their social media networks like WhatsApp or Facebook. The best part here is that a person does not have to bear any extra expense for trading.

Foundation of Meesho

Sanjeev Barnwal and Vidit Aatrey
Sanjeev Barnwal and Vidit Aatrey

Meesho came into existence in the year 2015. Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal are the co-founders of the company. They were batchmates in IIT Delhi. The headquarters of the company lies in Bengaluru.

They started the company with the idea of establishing small and medium enterprises online. Their initial idea was quite like Zomato and Blinkit (ex-Grofers). This was to bring the local retailers online.

Later on, they came up with an extensive idea for the company. It was to enable the people to resell the products using the platform.

How does Meesho Works?

Meesho helps people to resell the products with no investment. A person can go to the app and select any product that they like to resell. Then, one can add up their commission on top of the product and shipping charge. With this final price, one can share the products over WhatsApp or Facebook groups.

If a customer makes an order, then you can place it on the app. Meesho will get the payment, and you will get your cut. In this process, Meesho also takes a fixed percentage of commission from the sellers for itself.

Meesho Products List | List of Items you can Sell on Meesho
If you are planning to become a Meesho supplier but confused about products to sell on Meesho, here are the products that you can sell on Meesho.

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Marketing Mix of Meesho

The marketing mix of Meesho refers to the 4Ps of marketing: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Meesho uses a variety of marketing strategies and tactics to reach its target audience and to promote its products and services:

Product: Meesho has a diverse product line that includes apparel, home and kitchen, technology, and accessories. The company obtains its products from a range of providers and charges reasonable pricing. Meesho also provides a number of unique products that are only available on its marketplace.

Price: Meesho does not directly set product prices because individual resellers have pricing discretion. Sellers usually determine their own prices, taking into account aspects including cost, competition, and profit margins.
To attract both merchants and consumers, the portal periodically offers discounts or promotions.

Place: Meesho is primarily an online marketplace and mobile application that connects vendors and customers across India. Sellers can use the Meesho app to display their products and sell to clients in their immediate vicinity or over larger networks. Meesho covers money processing and logistics, making transactions and deliveries easier.

Promotion: Meesho uses a variety of promotional channels to reach its target audience and to promote its products and services. The company uses social media marketing, digital marketing, and offline partnerships to reach its target audience. Meesho also runs contests and promotions to generate excitement and buzz around its brand.

Marketing Strategy of Meesho

Meesho has more than 11 lakh suppliers. The platform has gained huge popularity. Meesho has become the Unicorn in 2022. This became possible because of its proper planning and insane marketing strategies.

Here are some of the marketing strategies followed by Meesho:

Niche Based Strategy

The foremost marketing strategy of Meesho is based on a niche to empower women. Meesho aims to build the idea of independence among women. Women who are homemakers and lack financial independence are the most benefited from it.

Meesho's strategy was to develop a niche around its company. It is to empower women with business opportunities at home. It enables them to be an entrepreneur without investment and too much hassle.

This woman-empowering strategy by Meesho gained huge popularity. It created an entrepreneurial hope among homemakers.

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Social Media Marketing

The world is digitizing at a rapid rate. People spend a lot of time on their social media. Meesho also engages in social media marketing.

Meesho Social Media Marketing
Meesho Social Media Marketing

This helps to develop a connection with the audience. It engages in collaborations, campaigns, graphics, and videos to promote its brand. It makes sure to build its online popularity.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Meesho's SEO approach focuses on optimizing its website and content for relevant keywords so that it appears high in search results when people search for those phrases. Meesho also employs a range of SEO strategies to increase the authority and ranking of its website in search results.
Meesho has become the most popular retail business in the country, with over 30.3 million visits each month and an annual revenue of over 200 million dollars. It is ranked 103rd in the country in terms of site visitors and 11th in its domain. It has gradually gained popularity and boosted engagement, with viewers interacting for an average of 3.59 minutes and a bounce rate of 51.69%.

Target Marketing

Meesho's first and foremost marketing approach is to launch a focused campaign for women. Meesho carved out a niche for their company. It strives to empower women by providing them with business opportunities at home. They can establish their own business without spending much money or time. Meesho's feminist strategy is much admired. Meesho's target marketing strategy has helped the company reach its target population and develop its business. Meesho is currently one of India's largest e-commerce enterprises and is well-positioned to expand further in the future.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers hold great potential and an audience with them. When a brand gets associated with an influencer, it gains the customers’ trust. Meesho's marketing strategy is dependent on the influencer program.

Meesho has also opted for the strategy of influencer marketing. Various influencers like Abhinav Singh, Garima Chaurasia, Khushi Chaudhary, and Anisha Dixit promote Meesho. This helps Meesho gain more audience for the company.

Meme Marketing

Memes Posted by RVCJ Collaborating with Meesho
Memes Posted by RVCJ Collaborating with Meesho

Meme marketing is the latest trend in the market. Everyone loves to see and share them. So, strategizing a company’s promotion in these memes is a successful marketing technique.

Meesho's marketing strategy has taken a plunge into meme marketing. Meesho shares its new offers and discounts in memes. For example- They have used a dialogue from Jab We Met movie to convey its affordable prices. This strategy helps the company to attract more audiences and gain customers.

YouTube and Facebook Ads

Advertisements are the best way to market any business. Keeping up with the trend of digital marketing, Meesho uses YouTube and Facebook ads.

These ads help Meesho to build a strong presence. YouTube has a huge demographic audience. Thus, this strategy helps Meesho get seen by more viewers. Whenever a person clicks on these ads, they are redirected to the company's site or app. In this way, it helps the company to earn traffic. This strategy has boosted Messho's marketing.

Here's one of the popular ad campaigns - "Sahi Price" by Meesho.

Other prominent marketing strategies of Meesho are email marketing, television commercials, sponsorships, and SMS marketing to build its brand presence.

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Meesho’s Traffic Sources

Meesho’s marketing strategy is mainly focused on Direct traffic, which is 52.03% on average. It gets an organic search of 37.71%. Apart from these, it generates traffic of 3.73% from social media, 1.07% from emails, 0.18% from referrals, and 0.09% from the display. The generation of traffic helps them in online marketing.

Social Media traffic on Meesho:

Social Media Channels Traffic Distribution
YouTube 52.70%
Facebook 32.13%
Instagram 5.87%
Whatsapp 5.74%
Pinterest 1.13%
Others 2.43%

Meesho Business Model | Revenue Model | How Meesho Works?
Meesho is an Ecommerce platform for retailers to start their online store. Know how does Meesho work, Meesho Business Model and Revenue model.

Covid-19 Marketing Strategy of Meesho

Meesho took a high road and gained huge popularity during the pandemic. At a time when people were losing their jobs and looking for business opportunities, Meesho came as a ray of hope.

It not only provides products at an affordable rate but also helps individuals to resell them. They made campaigns like #MyStoreMyStory. The ad shows how a woman carries many roles in her life for her loved ones. It promotes itself by showing how Meesho helps women earn their entrepreneurial identity with no investment.

During the pandemic, Meesho, through its marketing strategies, encouraged people to engage in its business opportunities.

Prominent Marketing Campaigns of Meesho

Arrey Wah!

Marketing Campaigns of Meesho - Arrey Wah!
Marketing Campaigns of Meesho - Arrey Wah!

The "Arrey Wah!" marketing campaign by Meesho emphasizes the value and simplicity of buying on Meesho. The campaign includes a series of advertisements depicting people from many walks of life discovering excellent things at low prices on Meesho.

The advertisements were frequently amusing and relatable, emphasizing the significance of value and ease in today's environment. This advertising has been extremely successful in reaching out to Indian customers. The advertisements are relatable and entertaining, emphasizing the significance of value and convenience in today's environment.

Meesho Pe Hai Sab Kuch

Marketing Campaigns of Meesho - Meesho Pe Hai Sab Kuch
Marketing Campaigns of Meesho - Meesho Pe Hai Sab Kuch

The "Meesho pe hai sab kuch taaki aap kar payein bahut kuch" campaign seeks to promote Meesho as a one-stop shop for all of your requirements, regardless of price or lifestyle.

The campaign includes a series of advertisements depicting people from different walks of life using Meesho to achieve their objectives. A young woman in one advertisement uses Meesho to buy a new dress for a job interview.
Meesho's price and convenience are also highlighted in the campaign. People are shown saving money on Meesho and obtaining their items fast and simply in the advertisements. Through this campaign, Meesho's strategy was to increase its traffic and retain its customers.


Marketing Campaigns of Meesho - #MyStoreMyStory
Marketing Campaigns of Meesho - #MyStoreMyStory

Meesho's #MyStoreMyStory marketing campaign is a social media promotion that highlights Indian women's business drive. The campaign tells the tales of women who used Meesho to launch their own enterprises and attain financial independence.

The campaign is founded on the observation that many Indian women want to work and support their families, but they may face obstacles such as a lack of capital, knowledge, and resources. Meesho is a platform that enables women to launch their own businesses with no upfront investment or experience.

Sahi Sahi customer, Toh Business Ek Number

Marketing Campaigns of Meesho - Sahi Sahi customer, Toh Business Ek Number
Marketing Campaigns of Meesho - Sahi Sahi customer, Toh Business Ek Number

The campaign is built on the realization that customer quality is more essential than customer quantity. The campaign also emphasizes Meesho's tools and services, which assist sellers in finding the proper clients. The advertisements depict retailers utilizing Meesho's product recommendations, targeting, and analytics solutions to reach the proper buyers. This campaign shows the creativity of Meeho's marketing.


Meesho is one of the startups that made great progress in less time. In eight years, it has proved to be a great blessing for tier 2 and 3 cities. They have gained a huge customer base from these cities.

The company has helped various small businesses to establish themselves online. It started from helping the local shops and now has become a social e-commerce platform, helping various individuals. The unique idea and marketing strategies have helped Meesho grow well with further growth potential in its pocket.

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Who is the CEO of Meesho?

Vidit Aatrey is the co-founder and CEO of Meesho.

How does Meesho's marketing strategy work so effectively?

Meesho's marketing strategy is particularly effective because it targets its niche audience and reaches them through various channels and tactics.

How many resellers are on Meesho?

Meesho has more than 15 million resellers on its platform, of which 15 million are women.

What is the business model of Meesho?

Meesho earns from the 10% to 20% commission they charge sellers when they sell a product.

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