Best SEMRush Alternatives in 2020 | Free and Paid Tools

Semrush is the best SEO tool. It has all in one SEO solution. It also has great PPC research integration. It is the time tested any pack of SEO tools out there in 2020. But despite its impressive lineup of features, it’s clear that SEMrush isn’t for everyone. It has some drawbacks such as pricing and functionalities limitations.

This is a list of SEO tools that will be the best SEMrush alternatives. These tools are great as well as are similar to SEMrush. The given tools are cheaper or similarly priced. These tools aim at different audiences than SEMrush.

SEMrush Alternative Pricing Comparison

This is a quick price comparison of all the SEMRush alternative tools that will be mentioned in this post:

Tool Price
Google Keyword Planner Free
Ubersuggest Free
SEO Powersuite Free, $269/year, or $629/year
Searchmetrics Starting from €890/year
Advanced Web Ranking Starting from $49/month
Serpstat Starting from $69/month
Raven Tools Starting from $39/month
Surfer Starting from $59/month
WebCEO Starting from $39/month
Woorank Starting from $60/month
Spyfu Starting from $39/month

Free SEMRush Alternatives

We all like free things, and these free options are great for small bloggers just starting out, small businesses with a tight budget, and some of them are even good enough for big companies that don’t really need the advanced features of SEMRush, Ahrefs, or other premium keyword research tools.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to find an alternative that can match everything SEMrush has to offer. The best you can do is identify the aspects of SEMrush that are important to you and find individual tools to replace them.

Google Keyword Planner Reviews

The very first and free alternative for SEMrush is the Google keyword planner. This is a simple tool to use. Also, this is a part of your Google Ads account. Yet this software is not as robust as the SEMrush. Its metrics gives unclear ranges but not the precise values. So it can be perplexing for your SEO team.

Since most of us are aiming our SEO efforts to rank on Google, it would only make sense that Google’s own Keyword Planner is one of the best keyword research tools available.

Google Keyword Planner Dashboard
Google Keyword Planner Dashboard

Features Of Google Keyword Planner

  • You can find keywords using domain, services, or products. It also suggests SEO campaign ideas to rotate it around the keywords.
  • You will get historical data. Such as monthly searches and analyzed keywords.
  • It provides an idea of any keyword’s performance. It is calculated according to the predicted clicks and conversions.
  • It offers advanced sorting features. Such as clicks, average CPC’s, CTR, and filter search results.

Google Keyword Planner Pricing

It is available free to use.

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Ubersuggest Reviews

Ubersuggest is another free tool with similar core features to Google Keyword Planner. Coming from Neil Patel, one of the most prominent thought leaders in the world of digital marketing, and it’s absolutely free.

Contrary to Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggests is pretty accurate with its metrics. It only displays 3 metrics: search volume, PPC cost (CPC), and SEO difficulty, but all 3 are pretty accurate, comparable to SEMRush.

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel
Ubersuggest by Neil Patel

Features Of Ubersuggest

  • The keyword research is broken down into 3 main sections: overview, keyword ideas, and SERP analysis.
  • It breaks down the cost per click, the SEO difficulty, and the paid difficulty.
  • The keywords are pulled using both Google Suggest and AdWords recommendations. This way you can get a comprehensive list of potential keywords you may want to rank for.
  • It recently launched a new “Content Ideas” feature, where it will suggest topic ideas, along with useful metrics like number of backlinks generated by similar content and estimated monthly visits.

Ubersuggest Pricing

It is available free to use.

SEO Powersuite Reviews

It is the one in all SEO solutions, but not cloud-based. This comes of course with its own difficulties. This software has been split into 4 apps. That is keyword research, rank tracking, backlink research, building link, on-page SEO, and website audit.

You have only pay for the functions you require. You will get paid plans that offer you limitless experience. Also, there will be restrictions on the number of researched competitors. And this is what makes it a cheaper alternative and an all in one solution for marketers.

Website Auditor for SEO power suite
Website Auditor for SEO Powersuite

There will be some limitations on competitor and keyword research. You can use it for running lower-volume campaigns.

Features Of SEO Powersuite

  • This tool offers you 19 keyword suggestion tools. These tools outline the bounce rate and traffic rate of keywords.
  • It weighs backlinks to 50+ factors and creates reports. Also gives link building suggestions.
  • You will get optimization recommendations for improving page ranking and indexing.
  • You will crack competitors’ backlinks, keywords, and content strategy.

SEO Powersuite Pricing

Plans Pricing
Free Version (1 month) $0/year
Professional Plan $269/year
Enterprise Plan $629/year

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While as mentioned, the most common issue people have with SEMRush is its hefty price tag, some of us are probably looking for SEMRush alternatives due to other reasons. Below are some paid alternatives for SEMRush, along with a brief discussion for each on how they’ll compare to SEMRush.

Searchmetrics Reviews

Searchmetrics is an all in one software. This includes keyword analysis, SEM & PPC, site, and backlink audit. This tool provides marketing insights and integration of the cloud. This can be a great option as a SEMrush alternative with a broad range of capabilities.

Searchmetrics reviews
Searchmetrics reviews

Features Of Searchmetrics

  • Its global SEO features with historical searched data. It covers five years, 130 domain names, and 30 countries.
  • It also helps you in monitoring SEO trends in 14 countries.
  • You can use the power of backlink analysis to manage off-page performance.
  • You get deep website evaluation reports that help you uncover your website architecture. Visibility guard feature guards your converting pages 24 hours from traffic loss.
  • It provides comparisons of PPC and organic activities. And also intelligent suggestions to manage both.

Searchmetrics Pricing

Plans Pricing
Research Cloud National €890/year
Research Cloud International €1,590/year
Suite (3 Versions) Contact for Demo

Advanced Web Ranking Reviews

Advanced web ranking works great with some other tools. It does not brag about its index of features with any kind of degree proficiency. Advanced web ranking is the best tool to boost Google analytics research. This is an all in one SEO solution because of the integration of Google’s free tools.

It can help you with a rank tracker. However, it does not have absolutely everything in one app.

Advanced Web Ranking Dashboard
Advanced Web Ranking Dashboard

Features Of Advanced Web Ranking

  • This tool gives white-label reports. It can be on-demand or daily or can be weekly too.
  • You will get ranking reports with all SERP features and for all search engines.
  • It has localization which enables drilling down on location-specific data.
  • This tool builds custom SEO reports in top templates.
  • It also has a developer API. this offers to integrate your SERP statistics into tools.

Advanced Web Ranking Pricing

This tool offers four packages:

Plans Pricing
Starter Plan $49/month
Pro Plan $99/month
Agency Plan $199/month
Enterprise Plan $499/month

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Serpstat Reviews

This software aims for people who need to run their SEO campaign run from a single HQ. you can compare this though the price to SEMrush. It provides a higher allowance for researched keywords and crawled pages.

Serpstat domain data
Serpstat domain data

It provides you convenient extensions for opera, firefox, and chrome also. After installing, you will get all the SEO information easily. You will be provided the insights of page speed, CPC information, keywords research.

Features Of Serpstat

  • You can find top-performing keywords for ads and pages.
  • It analyzes search suggestions and international SEO data. Also, you will get keywords trends and variations wit no extra cost.
  • You can point out domain visibility using SERP analytics. Also, it offers relative positioning and the best performing content or pages.
  • You will be provided with the AdWords of competitors. Also, you will know their budgets and keywords that are targeted.
  • It offers you suggestions for content creation. And relate databases for keywords.

Serpstat Pricing

Plans Pricing
Lite Plan $69/month
Standard Plan $149/month
Advanced Plan $299/month
Enterprise Plan $499/month

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Raven Tools Reviews

Raven is an almost similar tool to SEMrush according to the features. This software has a different approach to data. SEMrush uses the original index. Raven tool brings all the data together using different APIs. APIs such as Moz and Majestic and provide the results.

Review of raven tools

It offers perfect HQ for all the sales operation. It gives smooth email automation and a calls tracking facility. You can import data easily from the MailChimp. So that SEO campaigns run side by side with email campaigns.

Features Of Raven Tool

  • Branded reports can be pulled up from 30+ data modules. You can add notes and observations.
  • It identifies discrepancies in HTML code and site structure. It shows issues that generate health score of the site.
  • You will get to uncover toxic competitors and backlinks. They provide 50,000 backlinks for any URLs.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly rack reports will be shown. This will be for all Bing, Google, Yahoo, Baidu, and Yandex.

Raven tool Pricing

Plans Pricing
Small Biz Plan $39/month
Start Plan $79/month
Grow Plan $139/month
Thrive Plan $249/month
Lead Plan $399/month

Surfer Reviews

Surfer targets a slightly different audience than SEMrush. Its functions revolve around real-time SERPs analyzation. This software analyzes SERPs. And provides best recommendations relying on ranking keywords.

Surfer SEO - Optimize pages, write new content, and rank as #1
Surfer SEO - Optimize pages, write new content, and rank as #1

Features Of Surfer

  • It is cheaper.
  • Offers unlimited keyword research.
  • Provides free chrome extensions containing SEO data.

Surfer Pricing

Plans Pricing
Basic Plan $59/month
Pro Plan $99/month
Business Plan $199/month

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WebCEO Reviews

WebCEO is definitely not SEMrush’s cheaper alternative. As this provides the same features as SEMrush. Such as social media management, keyword research, and backlink. This is B2B oriented. Also, it has a generation tool designed for sales departments.

WebCEO Dashboard
WebCEO Dashboard

Features Of WebCEO

  • Emphasis on sales tasks.
  • Lots of users having higher-priced plans.
  • White label SEO functions.

WebCEO Pricing

Plans Pricing
Solo Plan $39/month
Startup Plan $99/month
Corporate Plan $299/month
Agency Unlimited Plan Pay as you grow model

Also, you get more projects, backlink research, and an extended keyword for an extra price.

Woorank Reviews

This software targets a few fractions of SEMrush’s users. Those who are running low to medium SEO campaigns will get help a lot from this tool. For the website, owners provide convenient keywords. Also, website audit tools that cover all features of SEMrush.

Woorank SEO Audit Tool
Woorank SEO Audit Tool

There will be no backlink research in this software. It has lead generation tools and features for handling links.

Features Of Woorank

  • This is cheaper.
  • Provides fewer features overall.
  • Offers sales-oriented tools.

Woorank Pricing

Plans Pricing
Pro Plan $59.99/month
Premium Plan $179.99/month
Enterprise Plan Negotiable as per agreement

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SpyFu Reviews

SpyFu is an all-round SEO tool that offers cheaper. This is the competition-oriented software. It provides SEO features from the backlink to keyword research.

SpyFu PPC Keywords
SpyFu PPC Keywords

You will also get your competitor’s Google Ads history. Also, you will get organic keywords that were ranked in the last 10 years.

Features Of SpyFu

  • This tool is cheaper.
  • Attention on competitor research.
  • There is no on-page SEO.
  • You get unlimited backlinks and keyword research.

SpyFu Pricing

Plans Pricing
Basic Plan $39/month
Professional Plan $78/month
Team Plan $299/month

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That’s a Wrap

We all have different needs to fulfill different SEO goals. For some people, SEMrush still is the best option after knowing all these alternatives. Yet, there are various tools that are made with certain specific features. This is what makes it a better alternative for SEMrush. These tools would be sufficient for your current needs.

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