How Brands Can Leverage Clubhouse - An Emerging Social Media Platform

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Mar 6, 2021 4 min read
How Brands Can Leverage Clubhouse - An Emerging Social Media Platform

The Clubhouse is a social media app that is dependent on audio. It has rooms similar to Facebook groups where people can join and get into conversations with people. The only difference would be that this platform would be more like a group voice call.

Users need to get an invite from their friends to sign up into clubhouse and their friends should already have an account on the platform. The platform is in its initial stages and works on an invite-only basis.

You can join any group according to your preference and each group would have different conversations. You can raise your hand and get involved in the conversations by expressing your viewpoints and asking queries. This social media platform has a valuation of about $1 billion.

The platform has created a lot of hype in the market as each user would get only 5 invites and people have gone crazy for it that they started selling their invites on eBay. This social media platform has helped the brands leverage a lot of opportunities to increase their growth. Below are the ways through which the brands leverage this platform.

To connect with their customers
Building brand affinity
Carrying out product placements
Educating the customers
Gathering feedback

To connect with their customers

Since clubhouse is an audio platform it helps the brands to connect with their customers. If you are a customer and part of the clubhouse room of a specific brand, you can get into the conversations and listen to the person representing the brand. This will develop a professional and personal relationship with the customers.

Brands can connect with their audiences by speaking about a specific topic or controversial topics, getting into discussions with the customers and creating an inter-personal relationship. The choice of the topic depends on the brand or their campaign. Clubhouse helps the brands to maintain a good relationship with their customers.

Building brand affinity

Once the brands are able to connect with their customers, they will be able to maintain them. During the process of connecting, they can offer extra services where the customers can address their problems and brands being able to give a solution to those.

It will make the customers feel like they are a part of a community and helps to maintain loyalty and the customers would return back to the same brand for their services. They would have a personal connection towards the brand. It helps in building the brand affinity.

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Carrying out product placements

Brands conduct product placements through clubhouse. They can again initiate the conversations between their customers. The head of the company can ask the customers about the issues they are facing on a topic which can be related to the services provided by the company.

Once the customers start expressing their view points and problems, the company can mention their services and how they can help them in solving their problems. In this way brands can conduct product placements and it’s not necessary that product placements are supposed to be visual.

This can create a situation where the customers feel that as an advice or suggestion given by a person more than advertising a product.

Clubhouse User Growth Over Time
Clubhouse User Growth Over Time

Educating the customers

Brands are using this as a tool to educate the customers about their products. The brands can provide information about their services and how their services can be helpful to the customers.

They can provide information about the company, create a story line and make it more interesting or they can come up with creative ways to communicate about their brands to their customers.

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Gathering feedback

Clubhouse are used by brands to gather feedbacks. The customers get an advantage of expressing their grievances and feedbacks directly to the important person of the company rather than trying to contact the telecallers and waiting for them to respond. This makes the tedious task much easier and more effective for the customers as well as the brands.

The brands would get an idea about the problems faced by the customers and how much is it affecting them. This again creates a personal relationship.


What is Clubhouse app used for?

Clubhouse is an audio-only social media app used for sharing constructive conversations.

What is the valuation of Clubhouse?

Clubhouse reached a valuation of $1billion.

Who is Clubhouse owned by?

Clubhouse was founded by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth and is owned by the Alpha Exploration Co.


However, the future of clubhouse is uncertain. The brands may find other ways to leverage the app and work on growing their business and maintaining their relationship with their customers.

Other social media apps can copy the idea of clubhouse and come up with a replica which would increase the competition. As of now clubhouse is still developing an app for android users. There is a huge potential for this app because of its valuation and high user base.

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