Mastering Multi-Location SEO

Himangi Khare Himangi Khare Atish Ranjan Das Atish Ranjan Das
Dec 17, 2020 7 min read
Mastering Multi-Location SEO

Tell me the best place to hide a dead body?

On the second page of Google.

A famous SEO joke opening eyes for ages!

Namaste, wish to improve the traffic on your website? Wish to slide into your target audience’s search results.. whispers.. like we did in yours. Well, if the answer is yes, you’re in the correct place.

To understand multiple location SEO let’s take you to your dream business, owning a pizza shop with a crazy variety of pizzas. You wish to serve pizzas all over the world through your website but people in several areas are unable to access your website as it doesn’t appear in their search results. This is where you learn the Multi-location SEO Magic.

To improve the traffic on your website from several locations so that it ranks higher in search results, your business website has to target keywords and phrases related to the same. So, if pizza is your business, then mouth-watering words like ‘Pizza’, ‘Cheese burst’,’ Double Cheeseburst’ ‘Thin Crust’ etc would be preferable. Any keyword which helps you define your business and allows people to search for the products and services that you offer is the best.

What’s The Point Of Multi-Location SEO?

Would you like to sell pizza to someone who doesn’t like pizza? Or maybe someone who’d prefer tacos over pizza? Let’s consider, the best-case scenario, Would you like to sell pizza to someone who’s craving for pizza ? Someone who wishes to throw a birthday bash and wants to throw a Pizza party that too in your city?The point is, your store is available in several locations and you have to pop up in all the search results of all the places pizza lovers are drolling about pizza.

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Now, how will your business pop up before these potential customers? Multi-location SEO will help your business show up in the searches of relevant audiences online.

Reaching your intended audience by catering to the demographics of various locations will help you streamline your efforts. Creating engaging content for your audience and turning them into potential customers will eventually benefit your business.

Ideal Onpage SEO Guidelines
Ideal Onpage SEO Guidelines

How To Rank Higher In Search Results

Google and several other search engines available on the internet work on location data while exhibiting search results. Let’s say you’re in Mumbai craving for Biryani. Now, your hungry tummy cannot have Google show you results for ordering biryani from Kolkata. It has to be from a shop nearby your location, situated in Mumbai. Google takes this into consideration.

Using Multi-location SEO and Online marketing you can enhance the ranking of your business website in the search engine result pages to attract local audiences and convert them into potential customers. One hack to do this is to add location in the website's content since people tend to search location while looking for a particular topic.

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Using this hack will help improve your local SEO.Do a quick search for keywords related to your business and use them on your website. Eg: Biryani in Mumbai, Best handbags in Hyderabad, Comic-con Ahmedabad.

Create Location-Specific Pages

People love spoon-fed content, it's the truth. Optimize your website in a way where your user doesn’t have to scratch his head to search for products and services provided by your business. Optimize your website’s pages as per locations and create relatable content. Create a single landing page but several location-specific pages as per your customer’s convenience.

Eg: You’re a Shwarma company selling all over India. The business has branches in major cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad etc. Now, you can create a landing page for your website and multi-location pages for each city. You could add images and reviews of the Mumbai branch, Pune branch etc on their respective location pages.

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By doing so, optimize your on-page elements by revamping your page titles, H1’s, and the overall content for each area you wish to target. Make sure that you add unique details such as the opening hours, payment modes as well as directions to your shop or store.

Google My Business

Create a business account on Google My Business and get it claimed. This easy process allows you to improve your ranking in organic search results and now you can connect, share, and manage several locations with a number of users.

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You can manually add additional location details, or if your business has more than 10, Google my business will allow you to use bulk location management thus importing and managing new locations. Through this, you can easily verify all of your locations. Make sure your business appears on Google Maps with directions and contact details. Check this for all locations of your store.

Customer Actions As Per Google My Business
Customer Actions As Per Google My Business

Focus On Credibility

Having quantitative and qualitative backlinks to your website sends signals to Google about your website’s credibility. To demonstrate this credibility, you could connect with local bloggers and collaborate with them to make content. This will help you earn quality backlinks from local sites thus boosting your rankings in search results.

Create activity on your pages that helps you increase the backlinks on your page. Host events and get people writing about them, let journalists know if something noteworthy happens at your place, launch new products, post reviews, etc. By doing so, you’re demonstrating credibility and sending good signals to Google that will render your website on the first page of Google.

This management is looked after by bots. If your page has quality content and credible content that is being liked and preferred by many, nobody can stop you from being unstoppable.

Power Of Local Reviews

No matter how beautifully you portray your website or do chest beat the glory of your business, people will focus on local reviews of your past customers. By constantly reviewing your business you can attract a number of audiences from various locations.

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Reviews create an amazing social presence for your website and the more positive reviews about your store in a specific location, the more locals and tourists you attract. Your customers will attract other customers eventually. Ask for feedback to gain valuable insights and improve your business accordingly.

Don’t forget, for a flourishing business do what your customers like more than what you like. Always keep trying out various strategies to level up more and more. Your business is your baby and you have to nurture it and nurturing takes time.

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