Breezy HR Review: End-to-end recruiting software

Charudath K Nair Charudath K Nair
Aug 21, 2021 6 min read
Breezy HR Review: End-to-end recruiting software

Employees make or break your company. Hiring the right employee for a position is a constructive process. As a recruiter for an esteemed position, you may only hope that you can sort through the hundreds of employees through traditional means.

Breezy HR is an end-to-end recruiting software that has been built to make the employee hiring process less tedious. Breezy is a platform complete with the necessary tools to advertise, interact, sort, and hire employees.

Breezy with its automation tools, make sure you have the chance to assess all your candidates before making a decision. The platform was built to simplify the recruiting process while also making it better.

Features of Breezy HR
Pricing of Breezy HR

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Features of Breezy HR

The UI of any software service has to be pleasing especially if it's in production. Breezy HR has a fine UI with easy and configurable options. It's meant to be a platform to help ease the recruiting process and it's built with tools that reflect the same. It's clear why some of the biggest businesses like Loreal, docebo and Opera rely on Breezy. Some of the excellent features of the platform include:

One-click Advertising

Breezy HR Advertising
Breezy HR Advertising

Breezy HR allows you to advertise to multiple boards with a single click. That's right, Make an impressive job title and description once and Breezy does the work for you.

Breezy will automatically post the job on more than 50+ free job boards at the same time. Breezy also supports posting to regional sites that support your job title. This means your targeted candidates can be local as well as international. This ensures that recruiters won’t have to hop from site to site to advertise positions.

Breezy also lets you post to premium job boards while saving you 40% off. This is sure to be a pleasant feature for recruiters looking for the best candidates.

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Analytics Dashboard

The analytics dashboard shows you stats that matter
The analytics dashboard shows you stats that matter

The analytics dashboard gives recruiters precise information, allowing them to make better decisions for the hiring process. The dates for scheduling interviews with the candidates can be obtained based on the analytics.

The panel enables you to track your sources, ad clicks, candidate profiles, and more. Besides statistics on incoming candidates, you can also view the full details of how a candidate is performing including their obtained scores.

Performance metrics are an easy way of analyzing the eligibility of a candidate. The panel maintains a record of information such as:

  • Candidates applied
  • Candidates sourced
  • Candidates referred
  • Candidates disqualified
  • Candidates hired

Built-in Site Creator

Breezy has a built-in page creator so that you have a webpage with your own branding to be used as a career or referral page. A simple and beautiful page that lets candidates directly apply for your listed jobs.

The webpage is fully optimized for mobile and supports customization. The website is embeddable and an API is provided for those who wish to further enhance its functionality. Employee referral pages are a great way to hire fresh, trusted employees that get referred.

Breezy lets you fire up an employee referral page in a few seconds. The site also serves as a place to put up your EEO compliance surveys.

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Bulk Management Options

When you’re dealing with hundreds of candidates to sort, some automation is definitely appreciated. Breezy has options that allow you to manage candidates in groups. That means you can hire, disqualify and promote employees.

Processing qualified candidates quickly really speed up the hiring. Next thing you’ll know Breezy will set up interviews and then the final call will be up to you. Breezy also allows bulk management for sending emails and notifications so candidates remain updated and keep track of the recruiting chain.


Breezy allows all members of your team to share their opinion
Breezy allows all members of your team to share their opinion

The best decisions are made together and recruiting your next employee is one of them. Breezy has features to help you collaborate in real-time with your team through the entire hiring process. You can stay connected with your team and follow along even if you’re away with push notifications.

Breezy lets everyone assess candidates through a custom scorecard. Scorecard ratings leave less room for bias and heighten your chance of making a long-term hire. Breezy also supports integration with Slack, a popular business communication platform.

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Pricing of Breezy HR

Although Breezy HR includes a free plan to their pricing, it's more like a trial. You only get the option to use the platform for one single position or pool. When it comes to businesses this doesn’t cover many needs.

The monthly prices might be a bit higher than your SaaS tools demand starting at $171 a month for the Startup plan. The Growth Plan is priced at $299/month and the business plan at $479/month.

You have the choice to pay annually as well which grants 2 free months on all the paid plans. The platform also offers paid add-ons such as Talent search, which is a custom search engine for candidate profiles across various platforms. Further details on pricing as follows:

Breezy HR Pricing
Breezy HR Pricing
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As a recruiter, you may already have the means to find, rate, and hire employees. Whether it's through traditional means or through the use of modern-day software stacks, it’s probably worked for you in the past.

Although Breezy HR has a Startup plan, the platform is more likely targeted at businesses with a bigger scale with its pricing. It’s fully up to you and the affordability at your disposal to decide if Breezy is right for you. As with any new tool, you may try out the platform and decide if it's worth making the switch or sticking to what you’re used to.


What is Breezy HR?

Breezy HR is an end to end recruitment software that is designed for recruiters and HR mangers to streamline the hiring process.

Which Companies use Breezy HR

Scribe media, Pet Palace Resort, Pedalheads Bike Camps and MSI Credit Solution are some of the companies that use Breezy HR.

What is the pricing of Breezy HR?

The monthly prices of Breezy HR is $171 a month for the Startup plan. The Growth Plan is priced at $299/month and the business plan at $479/month.

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