How to get a Rising Talent Badge on Fiverr

Manav Makhija Manav Makhija
Feb 19, 2021 7 min read
How to get a Rising Talent Badge on Fiverr

Freelancing is very trendy these days. If you have a special skill or a talent that might be useful for others, then Fiverr is a platform from where you can earn money from your skills and talent. If you are good at graphic designing, or content writing, or know how to make a website, all your efforts and skills could be rewarded through this platform. Fiverr is a platform that will offer you ideal opportunities for sharing your ideas and competencies with the world through online means.

There are tons of clients out there who are willing to pay you a good amount of money if you fulfill their needs. Read this article to know more about how to earn good money from Fiverr and how to get the Rising Talent badge on the portal.

How does Fiverr work?
But First, Create a Fiverr Account for Gigs!
Creating an out-of-the-box Profile
Creating Gigs
Fiverr Rising Talent Badge
Ways to Optimize your Gig to the Fullest

How does Fiverr work?

There are two main parties involved on this platform which are Buyers and Sellers. This platform is beneficial to both parties which makes it a two-way freelancing platform. As a Buyer, you can browse through profiles and see if any matches with your needs, or as a seller, you can see through the customers’ requests and see if you can make a match. If you are a freelancer then this platform considers you as a seller. You can list down the services that you can deliver and mention how much you want to be paid for them. It is very important for you to build a reputed profile on the platform and show your relevant experience on it because that is what will help you in cracking good deals.

How Fiverr Works
How Fiverr Works

But First, Create a Fiverr Account for Gigs!

If you want to start earning money through Fiverr the first thing you would need to do is to become a registered user. Creating an account is very easy on this platform and wouldn’t have to pay anything to browse through on the portal. Once you verify your email you can start working anytime.

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Join Fiverr For Free[]

Creating an out-of-the-box Profile

Finding work on Fiverr might not be a very challenging task, but probably the most compelling task is to create an out of the box profile on this platform. The way in which you show your skills, expertise and your past work experiences on the website is what will help you sell yourself to prospective clients. Making a first impressing and standing out of the crowd is very important to get a job on Fiverr.

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Creating Gigs

To make an appeal to the customers, it is important on Fiverr that you make an attractive gig. It is a simple record of details such as proof of your work experience, your requirements, your charges, etc. The only reason why making an attractive gig is important is that the buyers will look through it and then decide whether you are a good fit for their needs or not. If your gigs are proactive, there are chances that your customers request you for your service. You can send your gigs to the customers when they request you for your services or what they want or the amount which they are willing to pay.

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Fiverr Rising Talent Badge

The platform Fiverr offers a prime designation known as Fiverr Rising Talent Badge. This accolade is awarded to very few people based on their gigs. The editorial team of this portal has set criteria for the qualification of a gig after which few gigs are handpicked based on the potential and quality.

Whenever a person is titled with the Rising Talent Badge, s/he receives a congratulatory mail and a message on the website. There are a few benefits that people (sellers) with Rising Talent Badge get like diverse exposure to the market, their profile becomes more credible and of high quality, can get featured on various projects of Fiverr, etc.

Ways to Optimize your Gig to the Fullest

When you make your gig on Fiverr, there are certain things that need to stand out so that you get picked to get the Rising Talent badge. Also, this attracts customers to give you work and take services from you. It is very crucial to optimize your Fiverr gig and promote it, in order to earn the Rising Talent Badge.

Here are some ways in which you can promote your gig:

  • Use Quora for the promotion of your gig: Quora is a platform where people ask questions to each other and find the answers to their questions too. It is one of the best ways to generate traffic to the posts.
  • Use Social Media for the promotion of your gig: Today people are extensively using social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. These platforms are often used for marketing and advertising too. If you want your gigs to be popular, and you want to get more reliable clients on Fiverr, then this can happen if more and more people like, share and comment on your Fiverr Gig.
  • Use Public Forums for the promotion of your gig: There are many public forums where people discuss various things on a variety of topics. If the discussion forum is famous and is highly optimized for search engines, then there are chances that people click on your gig and they get to know about the services you offer.
  • Take the help of keywords: In order to increase traffic on your Fiverr gig, keywords can play a very vital role. Include the keywords in your gig that people will assuredly search.

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Final Words

Do not be disheartened if you do not get the badge in the matter of a couple of weeks or so as it can take a longer amount to time to get noticed by the Fiverr Team. But rest be assured that you will still get proposals without the badge as long as you are consistent with your work and excel in it. We use you all the best in your freelancing endeavour!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Is Fiverr good for beginners?

Yes, Fiverr has a market for beginners as well as professionals. There are people willing to pay for all sorts of skills. As long as you are consistent with your work and can invest your time in it, you will get proposals on Fiverr.

How do I get my first job on Fiverr?

The hardest part of joining Fiverr is getting your first job on it as there are thousands of freelancers on the platform with a varied number of skills. What you can do to get your first job is to make a very compeling profile and keep your work timings, rates and skills flexible. Use the correct keywords, be consistent and utilize social media marketing!

What kind of jobs are on Fiverr?

Honestly, whatever job you can think of which can be done with a laptop and internet connection, it exists on fiverr. Anything fromvideo editing to virtual assistent to creating a linkedin profile on your behalf.

Does Fiverr charge a commission?

Yes, Fiverr charges the seller aka the freelancer 20% commission on the total they earn per job.

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