UBON Brand VingaJoy offers Mobile & Lifestyle Accessories

UBON Brand VingaJoy offers Mobile & Lifestyle Accessories

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The world is going wireless. The once-popular landline phone is now almost on the verge of becoming extinct. Reports have shown that the number of landline phones in India is shrinking fast. With the advent of mobile phones and wireless technology, people now prefer to do everything from talking to entertainment and work all on the go. Owing to this trend the demand for mobile and wireless accessories is also growing exponentially.

Indian mobile accessories market is likely to grow at a CAGR of over 10% by 2023, due to increasing inclination of customers towards modern, safe and secure accessories. Additionally, rapid penetration of smart devices across the country, increasing demand for advanced mobile accessories, along with increasing R&D investments in wireless connectivity is expected to further boost India mobile accessories market in the coming five years. To meet this growing demand for wireless accessories VingaJoy - A New Delhi based startup has come up with a wide variety of wireless electronic products that keep you connected and entertained anytime and anywhere. VingaJoy is a brand under UBON Company.

StartupTalky interviewed VingaJoy (Ubon) co-founder Mandeep Arora to know more about the startup.

Vingajoy - Company Highlights

StartupName VingaJoy (Brand under UBON)
Headquarter Delhi
Founders Om Parkash, Mandeep Arora, Lalit Arora
Sector Mobile Accessories
Founded 2015
Funding Bootstrapped
Parent Organization Ram Ram Ji Peripherals Pvt. Ltd.
Website Vingajoy.com

Lets go through the Amazing Journey of UBON Brand - Vingajoy along with knowing Vingajoy Company Details:

About VingaJoy and How it Works
Vingajoy - An Ubon Brand
VingaJoy - Founders/Owners
How was VingaJoy Started
VingaJoy - Revenue Model
VingaJoy - Funding and Investors
VingaJoy - User Acquisition
VingaJoy - Startup Challenges
VingaJoy - Competitors
VingaJoy - Future Plans
VingaJoy - FAQs

About VingaJoy And How It Works

VingaJoy provides a wide perspective to enlarge in mobile & lifestyle accessories products, mainly focused on wireless products like wireless earphones, speakers, wireless headphones, wireless mobile chargers, power banks, etc using QI Technology. Its products are recognized for style and engineered for performance, providing a seamless integration of hardware, software and design. The company believes in the world of being wireless, hence they came up with accessories which don’t bind you.

VingaJoy Lifestyle accessories

VingaJoy envisions to become the Numero Uno brand in the Indian market by being unique and sharing knowledge through continuous improvement driven by the creativity. Its philosophy of keeping innovation at the heart of manufacturing helps it create products that are world class yet affordable at the same time.

VingaJoy Logo

VingaJoy’s slogan- ‘BE LOUD BE PROUD” defines that they are fully optimistic with their vision to grow loudly in the market.

Vingajoy - An Ubon Brand

VingaJoy is a brand under UBON. With its origin in Delhi, India, Ubon is owned and founded by Mandeep Arora Om Prakash Arora, and Lalit Arora. It is a lifestyle brand that deals in consumer electronics like Bluetooth Speakers & Headphones, Chargers, Cables, Surge Protectors & other gadget accessories.

VingaJoy - Founders/Owners

VingaJoy was founded by Mandeep Arora, Om Prakash and Lalit Arora in 2015.

Mandeep Arora, Om Prakash and Lalit Arora
VingaJoy founders and team

The idea was to bring new technology to the customers in economical rates. Of the founders, Mr Mandeep Arora, who is a law graduate is currently working as Joint Legal Advisor, Delhi Mobile Trader Association. he felt so strong about this idea that wanted to build a mobile accessory brand which can deliver quality products with an affordable price tags.

How Was VingaJoy Started

Mandeep Arora came up with the idea of staring 'VingaJoy' as a brand that bring new technology to the customers in economical rates. VingaJoy delivers quality products at affordable price tags.

VingaJoy was launched in New Delhi in 2015, and it was a humble launch. A few media people and fellow fashion & tech. bloggers from New Delhi were invited. They visited the corporate office to have a look and took a note of the product offerings, so that they can share VingaJoy's story on their respective media platforms.

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VingaJoy - Revenue Model

Being a consumer brand, VingaJoy earns revenue by selling its products across various online and offline channels.

VingaJoy - Funding And Investors

VingaJoy is bootstrapped yet (2021).

VingaJoy - User Acquisition

To make VingaJoy available everywhere, the startup is putting their faith in offline channels more than online channels. They have a robust supply chain network which enables them to distribute its products all over India with the different distribution levels available in every state. One thing VingaJoy team found out while doing their research was that people prefer to try and physically feel the product prior to taking a buying decision. This forced them to develop products that are eye catchy and premium as well. They have also collaborated with leading online marketplaces such as Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart to reach the masses. VingaJoy has mastered the retail chain network across India and can be found at majority of the shops & showrooms in the country.

Ayushmann khurrana- VingaJoy
Ayushmann khurrana- VingaJoy

From the beginning itself, VingaJoy saw a great demand from customers for wireless sound equipment like speakers and headphones. As a result, they worked upon to strengthen their audio profile. Additionally, VingaJoy collaborated with Ayushmann Khurrana which got them a lot of recognition with their target audience through TV commercials and social media campaigns.

VingaJoy - Startup Challenges

In a business like tech accessory keeping up with the innovations is a major task. A tech revolution can take place overnight and you would not know it. VingaJoy felt the same when wired gadgets were receiving flak because of portability issues. So to cater to this need, VingaJoy decided to dive into wireless products and come up with an ecosystem of wireless audio products.

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VingaJoy - Competitors

To name a few competitors, Zaap & Leaf are some of the primary competitors of VingaJoy.

VingaJoy is providing quality with an affordable price tag, so keeping their products under an affordable range is their sure shot to steer ahead of competition while serving growing customers.

VingaJoy - Future Plans

VingaJoy’s products are receiving positive feedback from customers and tech influencers alike. Recently, they on boarded Mr. Ayushmann Khurana as their brand ambassador, which is a good start for their marketing goals. In the future, VingaJoy is looking to tap into IoT and AI based products to serve dynamic needs of tech-savvy consumers.

VingaJoy - FAQs

What is Vingajoy?

VingaJoy provides a wide perspective to enlarge in mobile & lifestyle accessories products, mainly focused on wireless products like wireless earphones, speakers, wireless headphones, wireless mobile chargers, power banks, etc using QI Technology.

Is Vingajoy a brand under Ubon Company?

Yes. VingaJoy is a brand under UBON, a lifestyle brand that deals in fashionable consumer electronics like Bluetooth Speakers & Headphones, Chargers, Cables, Car Accessories, Surge Protectors & other gadget accessories.

Who is Ubon Company Owner?

Mandeep Arora, Om Prakash and Lalit Arora are owners of Ubon Company.

What is Vingajoy Origin Country?

Vingajoy is an Indian origin Company with headquarters in Delhi.

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